Nothing to Lose

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Huang Hai was either candid in his heart, or had long prepared for this moment. He didn’t look abnormal in any way. “This is how it happened, Director Yang, we just calculated the budget in detail yesterday. Previously, we underestimated the price of special effects, which is why this problem arose. However, I hope Director Yang doesn’t mind it too much, since both the theme and design of this movie is rather decent. You may look at it in detail, I believe you’ll be satisfied.”

After he finished speaking, he received the glass of grape wine delivered by his wife Elle before passing it into Yang Chen’s hands. “Come, I’ll do it first to thank Director Yang for personally coming over.”

Yang Chen received the wine glass and clinked it against Huang Hai’s and Luo Changan’s glasses before downing the liquid in one go.

He ridiculed in his heart, Special effects? Do these two think I’m a layman or an idiot? Letting aside the fact that such a small budget movie doesn’t even need special effects, why did the price suddenly go up in three million bucks? Do they think us investors are all stupid?

“Director Huang, I feel like your estimation is a huge problem. It’s a matter of principle. If it’s eight million, I might not be sitting here today anymore.” Yang Chen put the file in his hand aside.

Huang Hai smiled awkwardly before pulling Elle hurriedly. “Elle, quickly pour some wine for Director Yang to calm him down.”

Elle blushed as she felt shy, but went leaned her body against Yang Chen in a very practised manner. It felt intentional and unintentional at the same time when she pushed her bosom onto Yang Chen’s arm and delicate thigh against Yang Chen’s thigh. Her body was really soft and exuded the classic fragrance of Chanel No.5.

She filled up half of Yang Chen’s glass and some for herself. Softly, she leaned forward to Yang Chen’s side and said, “Director, don’t get angry. Let’s talk about it slowly. Please allow this girl to drink a glass with you.”

This girl?!

Yang Chen almost burst into laughter. This woman is in her thirties already, but dressed herself like a teenage girl and referred herself as ‘this girl’. If she does this to other men, I bet they can’t take it anymore and their legs would soften.

No wonder he picked a place like this. So he’s trying to maximize the use of his mini celebrity wife.

When he inhaled the smell exerted by female hormones on Elle’s body, Yang Chen suddenly felt that his blood was boiling, especially his dantian. There was a flow of hot current.

[TL note: Dantian (丹田 dāntián) – literally translates as “Cinnabar Field” or “Elixir Field”. Refers to the region in the body where a person’s Qi is concentrated. There are technically three dantians, but these novels simplify the concept and only use the lower dantian (located three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel).]

After that, Yang Chen finally understood why the server wasn’t in charge of serving wine, but was Elle instead. She drugged him through his glass of wine!

Unfortunately, due to his special physique, such a drug could only make him a little excited at most, even if it could cause him a physiological reaction. The expected effect couldn’t take place.

However, all of these made Yang Chen feel interested.

Back then when he watched entertainment news on the television, he heard about terms like ‘unspoken rules’, which meant people were willing to pay a high price to achieve something. Unexpectedly, he himself could receive the ‘unspoken rules’ one day as well.

However, this was considered ‘forced unspoken rules’.

Elle’s bosom rubbed against Yang Chen’s chest. She winked at him seductively before saying, “Brother Director, are you feeling hot? I feel that the room is a bit too warm. Do you want to remove your coat?”

Yang Chen smiled disdainfully in his heart, but put up a semi-conscious act. After drinking the wine Elle poured for him, he nodded and said, “It’s really a bit warm. I feel like my head is quite dizzy. Help me remove it.” When he finished speaking, he turned around and to face his back at Elle.

Elle and Huang Hai looked at each other and smiled coldly.

Luo Changan secretly used his phone at his back to make a phone call. After a short moment, Huang Hai’s phone rang. Huang Hai picked up the call and shouted a few lines before standing up apologetically. He said, “Director Yang, I suddenly have something urgent to discuss with Changan outside. We’ll be back really soon, please sit here for a while.”

Yang Chen waved his hand. “It’s fine, go and do your things. I’ll eat something here while waiting.”

“Elle, see to it that Director Yang is taken care of properly ,” Huang Hai said strictly before going out the room with Luo Changan.

After the door closed, only Yang Chen and Elle were left in the room.

Elle helped Yang Chen remove his coat, leaving only a sweater and a thermal vest within.

A cold and white palm suddenly slid across Yang Chen’s face. Sounding infatuated, Elle said softly, “Brother Yang, you’re really handsome, even your body looks very good…”

As she spoke, Elle touched Yang Chen’s chest as she stuck her tongue out slightly through her lips, to reveal a kind of thirst and hunger exclusive to women under Yang Chen’s eyes.

Regrettably, Yang Chen actually noticed the thick layer of power and the ‘potholes’ on Elle’s face since they were too near to each other. Apparently, time had eaten up quite big portion of this woman’s youth. Although she intentionally acted young and pure, she was still a woman in her thirties after all. If it wasn’t for her ‘free labor’, Huang Hai would’ve replaced her with a younger lady long ago.

When Yang Chen thought about just how many times this woman lost her chastity and emotion of a woman just to push Huang Hai to a higher position, he didn’t have the slightest interest to touch her. He had sympathy for her, but felt it was boring at the same time.

At this moment, one of Elle’s hands unknowingly reached Yang Chen’s pants. Although Yang Chen wasn’t affected by the drug, that body part of his still had a reaction after getting teased by a woman.

When Elle felt Yang Chen’s weapon, her body got stiff for a while. Even to someone like her with a lot of experience, the thing’s ferocity still went far beyond her imagination.

However, this was exactly why Elle got more and more excited. She could get satisfaction while working. To Elle, this was really a blessing.

Unfortunately, Elle couldn’t further her seduction to Yang Chen. She suddenly felt really dizzy in her mind and fainted.

Yang Chen withdrew his hand from the back of Elle’s neck and pushed the woman who wouldn’t wake up for a short moment to the side. He stood up and put on his coat before turning all the lights in the room off, causing the room to be in complete darkness. Although it was still daytime, one wouldn’t be able to see their five fingers perfectly.

After that, he walked to the entrance before quietly waiting for Huang Hai and Luo Changan to return to check on the result.

After around fifteen minutes, the door got carefully pushed open. Huang Hai and Luo Changan noticed that the room was covered in darkness, but they thought they succeeded since they could barely see someone lying on the sofa.

“Damn it, this bitch didn’t even bother reporting to us after completing her task. She must’ve felt addicted doing it with this young man!” Huang Hai scolded.

Luo Changan let out a malicious smile. He said, “Don’t you know that this bitch wasn’t satisfied when the both of us banged her together? Women in their thirties are all like wolves. This woman is more energetic the older she gets.”

“Damn, even the lights are off. Were their movements so large that they did it in every corner of the room? Weird, there should be a smell here logically speaking…”

“How long has it been? He must’ve opened fire for only once at most, what smell are you expecting? Eh? Why is this woman still lying still?” Luo Changan asked out of curiosity.

“Why would you want her to move? Just maintain that position, it’d be more convenient for us to take pictures…” As Huang Hai murmured, he relied on his memory to walk to the nearest floor lamp. When he wanted to switch it on…

Suddenly! The lamp turned on!

Huang Hai got frightened immensely. He flurried three steps back and almost fell down.

There stood Yang Chen beside the lamp smiling weirdly and teasingly at the two.

Although they didn’t know why Yang Chen wasn’t affected by the drug within the grape wine, Huang Hai and Luo Changan understood that their scheme got exposed! Elle who was lying on the sofa didn’t even get the chance to take action!

“Director Yang… you… you are…” Huang Hai didn’t know what to say. His face paled as he panicked.

Yang Chen slowly walked towards the two people. “What about me? Aren’t I waiting for you guys to come take pictures of me?”

Huang Hai’s and Luo Changan’s turned ashen and looked at each other. Apparently, Yang Chen understood everything completely.

They only had two paths to pick. The first route was Yang Chen let them go and acted like nothing happened. Naturally, the partnership would sink as well. The second route was to pressure Yang Chen. Since he had looked through everything, they had to end what they started and think of a way to shut Yang Chen’s mouth up!

Almost instantly, Huang Hai and Luo Changan made a resolute decision. Luo Changan closed the door and locked it before rushing up to Yang Chen together with Huang Hai!

To them, facing one man with two wasn’t a difficult task at all! They only had to remove Yang Chen’s clothes and pants and let Elle cooperate before taking a picture. It could still be used in a blackmail!

They had nothing to lose. One wouldn’t consider the consequences calmly once they got indignant.

The attack launched by the two was naturally useless. Yang Chen simply swung his hands to block them before grasping their collars and throwing them across the room, hitting onto the wall behind the sofa!

Bam! Bam! Huang and Luo banged onto the wall forcefully before falling onto Elle’s body.

Elle got awakened. Blurrily opening her eyes, she had no clue what just happened.

Huang and Luo got dumbfounded. They didn’t understand why the man standing in front of them had such strength. They knew that they couldn’t defeat Yang Chen nor could they run away. They could only endure the intense pain and kneel on the carpet before begging Yang Chen for mercy.

“Director Yang! We’re wrong! Please… please let us go this time! We really don’t want to do such a thing, but there’s a downturn in the market… We… we…”

“Oh, so you guys are in a dilemma? What should I do then… You guys have locked the door and brought all the equipment with you. I really can’t disappoint you guys today,” Yang Chen said regretfully as he shook his head.

Huang Hai smiled in a way that looked uglier than crying. “Director Yang, I’ll learn from my lesson. Please give me a chance. After working hard for so long, it’s really difficult for me to achieve what I have today. The three of us just want to earn our living. Who doesn’t have a bit of gray background in this industry? There are lots of people doing more filthy things than us. Director, please let us go this time. We don’t dare to do this anymore…”

Yang Chen knew that Huang Hai was being honest, but drugging him and wasting his precious gaming time was unforgivable. He had to earn some interest at the end of the day, so he reached an arm out at Huang Hai.

Huang Hai stunned. He immediately understood something and took out his leather wallet from his pocket and plugging it into Yang Chen’s hand. “Director, I’ll give you all my cash and credit cards. Please… please don’t call the cops, can you?”

“What do I want your money for? I want you to pass your camera to me,” Yang Chen said with a weird smile.

“Ah…” Huang Hai was distressed. “Director, what do you want the camera for…”

“Since you didn’t manage to record me, I’ll record you then,” Yang Chen said teasingly. “Didn’t you guys say that the three of you played together before? I’m really interested in seeing your show. Come, put up a performance for me and allow me to record it down. I won’t call the cops after that.”

Luo Changan’s facial expression looked like every inch of his organs snapped. “Director Yang, isn’t this equivalent to asking for our lives…”

Yang Chen’s look turned cold. “Do you want to pass your lives to me, or the cops?”

This time, the three got speechless. Huang Hai took his bag resentfully and took out a digital camera from within before passing it to Yang Chen.

After half an hour, Yang Chen went out of the club and entered his car, with a small SD card in his hand. Yang Chen felt that his little junior below still had its head pointing upwards. He couldn’t help it, he hadn’t seen such a realistic three-man war in a long time.

Yang Chen suddenly remembered that he recorded a similar thing before when he saved Liu Mingyu out from a hotel back then. However, Department Head Ma was too old and didn’t have much energy. The clip this time was much more exciting than the one before.

It had been a long time since he last spent time with Liu Mingyu. She was a woman who wouldn’t contact you if you didn’t do so yourself. Even if she had a lover in her heart, she still remained her pride and arrogance.

Yang Chen thought of the night by the ocean. It was crazily enjoyable when he hugged Liu Mingyu’s perfectly mature body in a tall body. A fire ignited in his heart, especially the fluid that was still left in his body. Yang Chen had to think of a way to vent his flame.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen turned on the car engine and pressed on the accelerator forcefully as he headed to the direction of Yu Lei International! Copyright 2016 - 2024