You're Lying to Yourself

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Lying beside Rose on the huge bed, Yang Chen kept Rose company as they watched TV series for the entire afternoon. Rose yawned lazily and blinked her eyes as she looked at Yang Chen. “Hubby, when are you going back tonight?”

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. He asked, “Why are you asking me this? I’m not necessarily going back tonight.”

“You don’t want to go home tonight?” Rose felt rather surprised. “But that happened in the morning, if you still don’t go home…”

“So? Six months’ time will pass in the blink of an eye. I bet she mustn’t hope to see me now. We’re not meant to walk on the same path, we’ll part ways sooner or later.” Yang Chen ruthlessly made a call to the house number and told Wang Ma that he wasn’t going back at night without giving an explanation.

Rose held a complex facial expression. Sighing, she said, “To be honest, for my own sake, I actually hope that you leave her. Even if I’ve never thought of becoming your wife, I still think it’s inappropriate that you do something like this so suddenly.”

Yang Chen reached his arm out to pinch on Rose’s cheek. “Don’t overthink. I’ve walked onto this journey wrongly since the start, haven’t I?”

Rose didn’t reply to him, but her face expressed sorrow. She also didn’t know if it was for Yang Chen or Lin Ruoxi, or even herself.

“Today when you met her, although it was rather awkward, it was still an opportunity for her to give up,” Yang Chen said. He didn’t know why his heart felt so heavy at this moment. He shook his head to try to forget that matter. Tapping Rose’s cheek, he said, “Babe, get up. We’ll have dinner first before doing something serious again.”

“Something serious?”

Rose was slightly stunned. When she understood what ‘something serious’ was, she immediately blushed and hit Yang Chen on the chest, causing her to drop some of her anxiety.

The winter night came especially early.

Lin Ruoxi drove home. Looking pale, she exit the car in a way that clearly displayed her exhaustion.

Seeing the warm lights at home, her facial expression looked rather complex.

Is that guy back? After what happened in the morning, why do I still want to meet him? Should I ignore him? Scold him? Or act like usual?

Troubled, Lin Ruoxi tightly frowned as she pondered, but couldn’t think of anything.

At the start, wasn’t I the one who wanted solely a fake marriage? Why do I feel more and more insecure, for his departure from me in the future?!

Although she still had half a year left, and only one day had passed, she felt an immense heartache.

Is the damned man trying to demonstrate his power, and tell me just how impressive he is?!

Muddle-headed, she walked into the house and immediately smelled a sharp scent of freshly cooked dishes. Wang Ma had finished preparing the meal, but the figure of the man was nowhere to be seen.

“Miss, you’re back. Young Master has something to do and won’t return today. It’s just the two of us eating, so I didn’t prepare too much food,” Wang Ma said smilingly.

Lin Ruoxi stunned. “He’s not coming back?”

“Yeah, I got a call from him just now,” Wang Ma said.

“Oh…” Lin Ruoxi felt really wronged, as if her heart was crushed. He’s not even willing to call me. Is he openly telling me that he’s passing the night with another woman, so he’s not coming home?

There are six more months to go, has he gotten this impatient already?!

Lin Ruoxi looked more wan once again. Silently, she sat down and started eating with Wang Ma.

Under the bright yellow light, the scene where the two women ate together seemed like it returned to the cold and lonely times back then.

They finished the meal within half an hour. When Wang Ma was keeping the bowls and chopsticks herself, she saw that Lin Ruoxi wanted to help. Quickly, she said, “Miss, you don’t look too good now. You must be tired from work. You better bathe yourself and rest upstairs, don’t help me anymore.”

“It’s fine, Wang Ma. I’ll lend you a hand,” Lin Ruoxi said and shook her head.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

As joy appeared in her eyes slightly, Lin Ruoxi put down the bowls and chopsticks in hand and trotted to the door before opening it.

The person she was expecting didn’t come, but the visitor was someone she was familiar with as well. It was Cai Yan who was dressed in casual clothing.

Lin Ruoxi felt rather disappointed, but still smiled to greet the visitor. “Yanyan, why did you come so late at night? Quickly, come in.”

Cai Yan wore a creamy-white down jacket. Her heroic, attractive, V-shaped face looked particularly white and beautiful under her black, shiny, short hair.

She could tell that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t in a good mood. Walking into the house, Cai Yan sighed lightly and said, “I heard from Elder Sister already. You know a lot of things now, right?”

After Cai Ning returned home that day, she told Cai Yan about the alliance Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong formed. Until this day, she didn’t have to hide too many things, since they were all involved. She might’ve hoped that Cai Yan could console Lin Ruoxi as well, since they were really close friends.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and forced a smile. “I’m fine, you don’t have to purposely come for me.”

“How would you be fine? Your face got slimmer and you look really weak,” Cai Yan said honestly and looked at the living hall. “Where’s the bad guy?”

Feeling a heartache, Lin Ruoxi said, “He has something to do tonight, and won’t return today.”

“What?!” Cai Yan got furious. “What’s he busy with?! How can he do this? He’s still staying outside even after such a horrifying thing has happened which made you this gaunt?!”

Lin Ruoxi pulled Cai Yan to the living hall and had her seated before making tea for her. As she was doing that, she said, “Don’t mind him, let him do whatever he wants. It actually feels peaceful when he’s not here.”

Cai Yan saw how indifferent Lin Ruoxi looked, but every sentence she said brought hardship. She couldn’t help but to hold Lin Ruoxi’s hand before asking her to sit beside her.

“Ruoxi, tell me honestly about what happened between you two. You don’t seem like the kind of person who would get frightened this heavily after witnessing corpses. Your current state makes me really afraid and worried. Just what happened to you?!” Cai Yan asked nervously. It could be seen that even she found it hard to accept Lin Ruoxi’s sudden change.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes slightly reddened. “I’m fine, I just need more sleep. We’re really fine.”

Cai Yan got anxious. “How are you fine? Since young, I’ve never seen you this lethargic since young! Even when Grandma Lin passed away, you weren’t this low-spirited, do you know that?! You’re now just like a soulless body shell. I almost didn’t recognize you when I saw you earlier! The gaze you gave me when you opened the door held disappointment, why is that so? It’s because the person who returned wasn’t Yang Chen, am I right?! You must be suffering a lot right now, but why aren’t you expressing your anguish?! Why do you have to endure alone to accept everything?! If you really want to accept or love him, why aren’t you telling him?!”

“So what if I want to accept him?!”

Lin Ruoxi suddenly raised her head and looked at Cai Yan with her teary eyes, as she found it hard to control her emotions.

“In another six months, he said to me that we’ll end everything in another six months. However, not only one day had passed, he was having a sweet date with another woman right in front of me! He even told me he wasn’t returning home tonight, to clearly stay out with another woman. He’s telling me that he’s made the decision to leave this house. He doesn’t want anything that has to do with me.” Lin Ruoxi smiled pitifully. “I don’t want to hide from you anymore, since you’ll know everything after six months.”

Cai Yan stunned. “What do you mean, what… six months?”

Lin Ruoxi wiped the tears in her eyes, and explained to Cai Yan about her marriage contract with Yang Chen back then. However, she didn’t tell her the night where she gave her first time to him, she only mentioned that they met accidentally.

“In other words, your marriage and everything are fake, am I right?” Cai Yan got dumbstruck. She felt like she was currently dreaming.

“Yes, but it doesn’t really matter anymore whether it’s fake or legit. Since he’s acting this way, I’ll have to cut everything off after six months and give everything an end,” Lin Ruoxi said codlly.

“You're lying to yourself.” Cai Yan looked at Lin Ruoxi with sympathy. “If you really don’t care anymore, you wouldn’t feel this suffering and wait for these six months to end before leaving. Ruoxi, why aren’t you fighting for yourself?”

“I just got rather confused.” Lin Ruoxi’s face turned cold. “Yanyan, do you know that he put on a pair of shoes for another woman in front of me? I wouldn’t fall for a guy like that even after I died. Rest assured, I’ll be fine these two days, stop worrying about me.”

Cai Yan’s facial expression changed slightly as she felt discomfort at her heart. When she saw Lin Ruoxi’s resolved look, she didn’t want to say much. Sighing, she didn’t know how she could consoler her.

After that, they talked a bit about their daily life before Cai Yan said she wanted to leave so that Lin Ruoxi could rest well.

After saying goodbye to Lin Ruoxi, Cai Yan walked out of the villa and entered her Audi car. She couldn’t calm her mind for a very long time.

Whenever she thought of the fact that Yang Chen’s marriage with Lin Ruoxi was merely a contract, Cai Yan found it hard to hold back her feelings which were suppressed because of friendship.

So, everything’s a fake. He has never been Ruoxi’s husband, everything is merely an empty shell. No wonder he’s still so intimate with other women. Cai Yan quickly understood the matters which didn’t make sense previously while her feelings for Yang Chen surged like a tide.

Even if she felt that she could still be sorry to Lin Ruoxi, people always had a selfish side, let alone women standing in front of love, correct?

However, when Cai Yan thought of how Yang Chen looked when he rejected her gift earlier, she got so mad that her teeth got itchy.

“Just wait, I won’t give up this easily,” Cai Yan murmured before driving away. Copyright 2016 - 2023