How About Shortening It

Chapter 3/5 of the week

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After Lin Ruoxi finished speaking, the two once again fell into long silence.

After a long time, Yang Chen smiled sadly and raised his head, asking, “Dear, how much time do we have until the contract expires?”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes became clear and bright. She said, “One and a half years.”

“How about shortening it? Make it six months,” Yang Chen said. “Let the two of us scorpions stay for six months more. At that time, even if we’re one of the same kind, we should be tired already, since there’s a gap between our levels after all.”

Lin Ruoxi said calmly, “I accept.”

Yang Chen nodded smilingly. “I’ll go upstairs to bathe. I’ll clean the blood on the ground later, you may take care of Wang Ma and give her consolation.”


After looking at Yang Chen walk upstairs, Lin Ruoxi felt immensely exhausted and walked back to the sofa. The conversation earlier made her feel weak.

In her mind, she recalled various scenes in the past. Finally, Lin Ruoxi could calmly analyze and solve the mysteries.

Back then at the balcony of the cafe, when she wanted to jump down from the building, why he was able to appear behind her back instantly and hug her from behind.

When he faced the gangsters hired by Lin Kun, how he could easily beat them off.

When she and Mo Qianni was kidnapped, how he could smilingly talk the bandits out and save the two away from them alone.

Also, the time where he went on the business trip in Hong Kong, how he could bring Mo Qianni back safely after going through so many dangerous incidents.

Recently, she and Wang Ma got kidnapped and got tied up at a hidden place, the police managed to rescue them using coordinates provided by an anonymous source…

Everything that she hadn’t carefully thought through was apparently related to this man!

Has he always been silently protecting me and shielding this small family?

Lin Ruoxi felt afraid. Luckily, she managed to think of the story of the scorpion earlier and keep Yang Chen from immediately leaving, even if it was only six months. Maybe, after six months, I can calmly accept everything. Since… I may just be not used to his sudden departure. I won’t truly like him, this must be the case, Lin Ruoxi told herself in her mind.

After the terrifying and bloody battle, a bunch of professionals quickly rushed over to clean up the scene.

On the lawn of the bungalow, the corpses and blood got carefully concealed. After half an hour, the outside of the house looked as clear as usual.

Wang Ma got severly frightened. She woke up an hour later since she fainted. After she woke up, cold sweat got her body moist.

When she saw Lin Ruoxi sitting beside her undamaged, Wang Ma got happy and sad at the same time. When Lin Ruoxi smiled at her, she hugged her and cried away once again.

When Wang Ma asked what happened earlier, Lin Ruoxi didn’t tell the truth. She merely said that someone came to their rescue while Yang Chen only killed Hairy Ball, but due to righteous self defense, the police didn’t ask too many questions when they came.

Although Wang Ma had many doubts, she didn’t ask further questions since she knew that Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were fine. She was a wise elder after all, she didn’t have to understand everything too clearly. The thing Wang Ma was most concerned with was the safety of her juniors.

After Yang Chen cleaned the blood from his body, he changed into clean clothing and walked downstairs. Seeing Wang Ma who regained consciousness, he said with a smile, “Wang Ma, you must be frightened earlier. I won’t do it next time.”

Regretfully, Wang Ma said, “It’s nothing major that I’m terrified. Luckily Miss and Young Master are both fine, these people are too daring to rush here in broad daylight. Miss, why don’t we move to a safer place? I heard that Huarong Residence is the east is much safer than this place. Although the houses there aren’t as good, the security guards are very diligent. They’re all retired special agents.”

Lin Ruoxi advised, “We’ll be fine, Wang Ma. This only happened because of Xu Zhihong. He’s dead now, we can live in peace like before from now on. We’ve stayed here for this long already, haven’t we been fine all this time?”

Wang Ma sighed a few times before finally saying, “I knew that we needed a man in the house. If it wasn’t for Young Master today, we wouldn’t have lasted until someone came to our rescue. Sigh…”

Lin Ruoxi recalled the times where Yang Chen saved her. She subconsciously turned to look at Yang Chen with a complicated expression.

Yang Chen didn’t manage to think this much. He took Lin Ruoxi as she was, still frightened in a half-conscious state. He smiled apologetically and bitterly.

After Wang Ma went upstairs to rest, Lin Ruoxi didn’t follow her up. Although she was immensely tired, she still stayed downstairs and started asking questions to Yang Chen who was watching television like nothing ever happened.

“Yang Chen, regarding Jingjing, what happened specifically?”

Yang Chen felt rather surprised. Lin Ruoxi knew that he would confess his past, but she didn’t seem like she was going to ask anything about it, and unexpectedly asked about Li Jingjing instead.

Yang Chen didn’t plan to hide it as well. He told her everything from how he started knowing Li Jingjing and her family, to whatever happened afterwards, including his relationship with her and Zeng Xinlin’s scheme.

After Lin Ruoxi listened to him, she pondered for a while and said, “That means during the first time I met her in the orphanage, she had no idea who I was.”

“This should be the case. It was Zeng Xinlin who told her our relationship,” Yang Chen said.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly seemed elated. She said, “I knew that she was a kind lady.”

Confused, Yang Chen asked, “Don’t you hate her for using and lying to you?”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes. “Why should I hate her? She was forced after all. Furthermore, why should a young girl be punished for your flirty behaviour? Do you think I’d get jealous for you?”

Yang Chen pouted. Evidently, Lin Ruoxi was back to her own self. She started criticizing him again.

“Oh ya, how’s Jingjing’s father doing? No, since Zeng Xinlin is dead, she should be facing problems with her dad’s operation fee. I’ll have to check her out,” Lin Ruoxi said, worried.

Yang Chen got speechless. Li Jingjing should be very fitting to Lin Ruoxi’s appetite. Regardless of what happened earlier, she still cares about her family this much.

Lin Ruoxi immediately asked Yang Chen for Old Li’s hospital and room number before immediately making preparations to leave the house.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but to laugh. “Do you have to be this rushing? You newly walked on the circle of life and death this afternoon, and you’re getting worried for someone else’s life already?”

“Do you think I’m this heartless to let the girl suffer? Jingjing must be depressed already, she is kind in nature. I’ll go over now and tell her earlier that I don’t blame her. At least she can walk out of misery quicker. Things like this will only get more terrible as time passes,” Lin Ruoxi said. When she put on a pair of heels and wanted to leave, she turned around and asked, “Aren’t you coming with me?”

Smiling bitterly, Yang Chen replied, “The effect might be worse if I’m there.”

Lowering her head, Lin Ruoxi thought for a while. She said, “You’re right, although we’re not what she imagines, going there together will definitely sadden her.”

It was Yang Chen’s turn to roll his eyes. Really, she only cares about Li Jingjing. He said, “You should just get her as your sworn sister. I can see your brilliance of motherhood.”

Lin Ruoxi gave him a death stare. “I’m not coming back for dinner,” she said before running out of the house and ignoring him completely.

After Lin Ruoxi left, Yang Chen lay down on the sofa and stared at the ceiling stupidly. Countless thoughts surged up his mind. At last, he mocked himself. Lin Ruoxi as a woman has already jumped out this quickly, while I’m still holding onto what happened today. Life goes on as usual. I’ll say whatever I have to, and do whatever I want.

Don’t I still have six months left? I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it. Who knows what our future lies?

After watching the television for a while, Yang Chen felt that he was rather hungry. Waking Wang Ma up for that sounded absurd. As he contemplated on whether he should touch on his long-absent culinary skills, his phone vibrated.

When Yang Chen looked at his phone, he got pleased. It was Tangtang who was in love, it was rare for her to call over.

Since the kid realized her feelings for Yuan Ye, he had only talked to her a few times online before. She didn’t even call once. It wasn’t clear as to why she phoned Yang Chen this late at night. Copyright 2016 - 2023