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Flower Rain’s sudden move destroyed Mobses’s and the other’s intention to escape, in addition to the fact that they got locked on by the muzzles of Water Dragon members. The members of Second Dragon Group surrounded them as well.

Yong Ye looked at Flower Rain pitifully before saying, “Ning’er, stand behind me. I’ll protect you.”

Displeased, Flower Rain stared at Yong Ye, saying, “Do you think I need your protection?”

“Hehe, although you’re proficient in using hidden weapons, you’re a lady after all. These fellows aren’t humans. I’m worried that you’d get into trouble,” Yong Ye explained.

Feeling rather helpless, Flower Rain decided to ignore him.

The battle between Archimonde and Gabriel was on track, which apparently came out to be a draw. However, when analyzed carefully, Gabriel hadn’t gone all out yet while Archimonde was hard-pressed. He shouldn’t be able to last for long.

Mobses and Charlie led the remaining eight blood servants to gather closely as the situation turned precarious.

Judging by the material used for Flower Rain’s silver needles, they could imagine the guns of Water Dragon probably held bullets made of silver as well, which would undoubtedly be highly harmful to the blood race.

Under normal circumstances, the blood race could easily dodge these attacks due to their inborn terrifying speed. However, under the light of Mass Silver Cross from the Vatican, the ability advantage of the blood race was completely dismissed. It even affected the release of their power levels.

When Thomas and Arthur worked together with the members of Dragon Group to besiege them, the laughter of a woman suddenly resounded from afar, coming from the west of the dark forest.

Almost everyone stopped moving, as the emergence of such a character under this situation was unusual.

Flower Rain raised her brows. She recognized this laughter, it came from the woman whom she disturbed during the auction when buying the Holy Grail.

As expected, having changed to a female suit and a white shirt, Lilith, elegant as ever, walked out from the forest with 13 white men who wore black suits and held no expression.

Looking at the appearance of Lilith, Charlie licked his red lips as evil light appeared in his eyes. “Lilith, you really came at the right moment.”

Lilith smiled joyfully as she glanced at everyone present. Using a seductive voice, she said, “Cousin Charlie, has the injury of your arm recovered yet?”

Smiling, Charlie answered, “Thanks to your Massacre Blade, my hand hasn’t grown back yet. My adorable Cousin Lilith, your love to me is indeed deep.”

“Tch… My dear Cousin Charlie, I said that I wasn’t the slightest interested in doing that kind of stuff for now. Furthermore, you joined the Savath while my parents and I are loyal Camarilla members. I’d naturally resist if you try to force me,” Lilith said with a smile as she felt rather apologetic.

“Stop talking nonsense with this woman. Charlie, aren’t you humiliated enough? Lilith, Zobo, although your Camarilla believes in different dogmas than ours, similarly being people of the blood race, you wouldn’t push us to a more difficult situation than now, would you?” Mobses asked.

The man called Zobo said frankly, “My respected Elder Mobses, we definitely wouldn’t help the Vatican and Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to go against you guys, but we’ll certainly take the Holy Grail back.”

“You…” Mobses panted.

The already impatient Yong Ye shouted angrily, “Stop being this arrogant! Do you really think we’d be afraid of you, having a few more bats?! This is China, we, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, will have the final say regarding whether you stay or leave!”

The smile on Lilith’s face slowly disappeared. Insted, it was replaced with arrogance and coldness. “Little Guy, although I’m not too huge of a fan of the people from Savath, I hate the ones who insult the blood race even more. Even Chief Gabriel hasn’t spoken yet, who do you think you are?”

Gabriel suddenly opened his mouth. “Do it quick if you want to fight,” he said a simple sentence.

Archimonde seized the opportunity to rest as he backed off to the side of Lilith. Looking serious, he said, “Tell us your request.”

“As expected, Uncle Archimonde understands the situation best,” Lilith said as she smiled happily. “Very simple. Make a ‘blood oath’. After we help you escape, pass the Holy Grail to us Camarilla.”

“You’re straight up threatening us! It’s a blackmail! Lilith, wouldn’t your behaviour bring shame to your noble descent, Witch of the Night?!”

“That’s none of your business. Furthermore, we at Witch of the Night are fans of malice and mercilessness, Elder Mobses…” Lilith said coldly.

Archimonde looked extremely gloomy. After staring at Lilith’s flawless and elegant face, he nodded and said, “I accept your offer. Holy Grail being in your hands is much better than belonging to the Vatican.”

“Archimonde! You don’t have permission to do this!” Mobses shouted loudly.

“Do you possibly want all of us to die to the mosquitos before losing the Holy Grail to them at last?” Archimonde asked.

Charlie stopped Mobses from speaking. He said, “Archimonde is right. If we partner up tonight, we can at least deal with the dogs from the Vatican and the group of fellows from Yellow Flame Iron Brigade. We can still vent our anger this way.”

Mobses snorted but didn’t continue objecting.

Without saying anything extra, Archimonde extended his hands to draw blood-colored rune in the air. Sighing, he said, “The blood oath is done. Lilith, take action now.”

“Stop being delusional. Since all of you want to die together, bring it on,” Yong Ye said as he smiled coldly. Waving his hand, he ordered, “Team Water Dragon, feed these smelly bats the blessed silver bullets!”

The row of special agents from Water Dragon immediately raised their guns before pulling the triggers!

“Spread out!”

Following Archimonde’s shout, everyone of the blood race left their original spots with an incredible speed.

However, since firing of the submachine guns was overly dense, tens of blood servants still had silver bullets penetrated through their bodies, causing them to start burning as they turned black.

After successfully eliminating those blood servants, they hoped to look for more targets. However, Lilith at this moment appeared behind them already. She took out a curved blade from her back which looked like it contained moonlight. The blade seemed transparent, but brought loops of ripples, looking particularly impressive!

However, an overwhelming killing intent and a substantial aura of death exploded suddenly, after which sounds of shouting could be heard, just like countless spirits started spreading out into the forest!

“Dodge now!” the holy knight Thomas shouted, but he was too late.

Although the members of Water Dragon were elites among elites, they weren’t anywhere close to the experts from Group of Eight from Dragon Group. Most of them still relied on their equipment. Under such a condition, they couldn’t dodge the attack in time.

The glittering curved blade passed by, releasing some airflow. Before the tens of members of Water Dragon understood the situation, their skulls and necks separated entirely!

Blood splashed. The red strings seemed like they were attracted by a strong force, all of the got absorbed into the curved blade held by Lilith.

When the shining blade received blood, its body exerted bright-red light, appearing even more terrifying and ferocious!

The twenty or so holy knights immediately pulled out their swords and posed a fighting stance in front solemnly. A strong holy aura appeared and wiped out the evil spirits.

“The blade on Lilith’s hand is the Massacre Blade, one of the thirteen devil weapons. During its birth, it absorbed five million spirits. Used to deal with the prisoners of the blood race, it can seal the self recovery ability of the blood race. To other races, it absorbs blood and spirits, and strengthens as a battle goes on,” Thomas explained with a serious expression. “You mustn’t relax now, a small mistake can cost you your lives!”

Yong Ye and the others finally felt how serious the mission were. Aghast, they didn’t dare to move forward anymore.

Holding her blade, Lilith stood in front of the group of holy knights steadily. Smiling, her person looked like a flower while its blade appeared to be a devil.

“If she’s so terrifying, you’ll be fine as long as she doesn’t touch you,” Flower Rain announced to the others. She seemed to have made a decision. “Leave this Lilith to me. I’m fast, I can use long range attacks on her. I’ll leave the others to you guys.”

Yong Ye shouted, “How can you do that?! Ning’er, you can’t—”

“Then do you want to deal with her?” Flower Rain asked.

Yong Ye suddenly kept quiet. As the scene of how Lilith waved her unfathomable curved blade, he immediately stepped backwards. Stiffly, he said, “Alright, be careful then.”

Flower Rain didn’t mind him anymore. Taking a step forward, she stared at Lilith in front of her as both her hands were full of silver needles.

At the same time, the battle comprehensively started. Yong Ye led the members of Second Dragon Group while Gabriel gathered the power levels of the Vatican to fight the blood race led by Archimonde and Zobo.

Blood light and the milk-white divine light shone repeatedly in the forest. The low-grade blood servants fought each other violently as they quickly wore down.

Lilith giggled. “I wanted to fight you earlier during the auction. Do you know that I hate beautiful women? I hate women who are pretty and go against me even more…” Lilith said with a smile as she looked at Flower Rain who approached her.

“How unfortunate. I must be the type that you hate the most,” Flower Rain said coldly.

Lilith’s expression instantly turned gloomy. “Since you know that, you should understand that you must die.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lilith’s figure turned into a blur from her original position. When she appeared again, she was only one feet away from Flower Rain. As she extended her blade that looked like moonlight, it got so close that it almost cut open Flower Rain’s face!

Flower Rain’s body suddenly slid down at an incredible angle. After dodging the attack as she almost lay flat, she stepped onto a sky-high tree and leaped upwards before releasing ice-cold silver needles from her hands!

“Too slow!”

Lilith simply waved her Massacre Blade and blocked every single one of the silver needles outside the light of the sword!

Without waiting for Flower Rain to land, Lilith leaped upwards and waved her blade once again as she aimed for Flower Rain’s chest!

The corners of Flower Rain’s lips revealed a faint smile. A fallen leaf coincidentally ended up near her in the air. Suddenly, her toe lightly stepped on the leaf. As she appeared to have borrowed an enormous energy, her body suddenly exerted her strength, making her rapidly shoot towards the ground!

Lilith’s facial expression revealed astonishment and terror. She didn’t expect Flower Rain to be able to speed up her landing by solely stepping on a leaf in the air.

“You’re the one who’s too slow.” When the sound of Flower Rain echoed, her other hand shot out 27 Pear Flower Needles which rushed towards Lilith’s lower body!

Lilith’s body was in mid-air while her blade was on top. She wanted to block but everything was too late. As she widened her eyes, she expressed horror!

In a moment, the short but thrilling battle was immediately going to end, but a chill suddenly gushed out in Flower Rain’s heart!

This is bad!

When Flower Rain reacted to the situation, she immediately turned around, only to find Lilith standing behind her whose beautiful face held an evil smile, looking particularly brutal. Seizing the opportunity, she waved her Massacre Blade in her hand which brought a soaring blood light!

In midair, the ‘Lilith’ that got penetrated with multiple Pear Flower Needles turned into fog!

Blood image?

The legendary name of a blood technique appeared in Flower Rain’s mind like lightning. However, thinking about it at this moment was too late! Copyright 2016 - 2024