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Listening to the call price of the sexy lady, many people present took a deep breath.

With a starting price of 2 million, she directly called for five times the amount. Is this westerner crazy or does her family print money?

However, people soon understood her logic. Since it was a western antique, westerners would naturally hope to bring it home. It was the same principle when Chinese bought the antiques which ended up in other countries back to China.

Thus, after listening to this western chick who so casually shouted five times the starting price, everyone remained quiet.

The people there weren’t stupid. Although the unknown item looked strange and rare, the value wouldn’t be too high when it finally got identified.

However, a lot of people felt weird towards the sudden appearance of these foreign guests. They were all unfamiliar faces, no one knew why they attended Liu family’s banquet.

Such a scene made it hard for the auctioneer, as the table of this western woman didn’t have a number sign. This meant that the guests on this table weren’t originally invited, and could merely watch the auction. After the woman shouted her price, the auctioneer didn’t know what to do next.

Liu Kangbai who was sitting at one corner of the hall got shocked as well. He turned to an assistant beside.

“Isn’t that lady representing British Chambers of Commerce to inspect us? Why did she join the auction?”

Nervously, the assistant answered, “Yes, according to the data submitted by the people below, Miss Lilith is indeed one of the core members of British Chambers of Commerce. She seems to also have a noble bloodline of some British royal family. Regarding why she suddenly joined the auction, I feel very surprised as well.”

“Humph, did you let the guests in before properly checking their backgrounds?” Liu Kangbai said in contempt. He continued saying, “Since she joined in, immediately send her a number sign. We’ll discuss other things after the auction ends.”

“Yes,” the assistant said as cold sweat wet his forehead. He then ordered someone to send a number sign to the table of foreigners.

Seeing that someone rescued him, the auctioneer felt relieved. He said, “10 million by guest number 137, going once…”

When everyone thought that no one would compete with those westerners, on the silent table of the Cai sisters, Cai Ning suddenly raised her number sign.

“12 million,” Cai Ning said solemnly without any expression.

Quite a number of guests felt shocked as they looked at Cai Ning who created some confusion. Why did the unrelated Cai family get involved? Does the cup possibly have any special meaning?

The white lady called Lilith smiled, her seductive look made a lot of men to instantly feel heat in their eyes.

“15 million.”

After Lilith called for a price, Cai Ning immediately bid again.

“18 million.”

Under everyone’s attention, the small and normal-looking cup almost exceeded 20 million under the shouts of these two women!

A lot of collectors started wondering. Did they misjudge the cup? Or were these women crazy?

Yang Chen frowned lightly. I can understand if the foreigner is willing to buy the cup at a high price, but why did Cai Ning join in?

Is Yellow Flame Iron Brigade possibly interested in Holy Grail? Even if they are, obtaining it isn’t very easy. he thought.

To the bunch of fellows in Europe, Holy Grail was something that would give them a stable base. Regardless of who owned the item, it’d definitely affect their strengths. Why would they simply hand it to the people in the east?!

If it wasn’t handled properly, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would only be seen as an enemy by many for owning the item.

However, Yang Chen knew that explaining it to them wouldn’t help. Although he didn’t know why Yellow Flame Iron Brigade wanted to step in and compete with the few white people, it could at least be seen that they were prepared to go against those people.

How worrying… Yang Chen thought gloomily.

At this moment, price shouting turned white-hot.

After Lilith called a sky high price of 25 million, Cai Ning immediately followed with 27 million without hesitating!

Lilith finally lost her calmness. Together with her partners on the table, she stared at Cai Ning who sat in front coldly.

Cai Ning seemed to have noticed the gazes of Lilith and the others. Turning around, she stared at them as she declared her fearlessness.

Lilith suddenly let out a smile full of meaning as she stood up. Soon, the other foreigners stood up as well.

They left the hall directly one after another, like they had given up competing under many people’s surprise.

The auctioneer wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He couldn’t think rationally anymore. He shouted, “27 million going once! 27 million going twice! Sold! Congratulations, guest number five!”

After the auctioneer finished shouting his lines, a deafening voice entered everyone’s ears!

Boom! Boom!

The violent vibration shocked the guests in the hall. It was obviously the sound of an explosion. It even felt like a missle attack!

After the entire hall shook fiercely, all of the lights turned off. The hall entered complete darkness!

The yelling of men and women mixed together while many bodyguards nervously started to seal each exit. Since it was too dark in the hall and the situation was too messy, the bodyguards panicked as well.

“Damn it! What’s going on?!” Liu Kangbai shouted angrily. Feeling the major shake of the hall, Liu Kangbai didn’t know what happened. He also didn’t which part of the place exploded!

The siren started ringing as warning lights lit up as well in the hall. Evidently, the backup electricity source was activated.

The situation was far worse than what Liu Kangbai and the guests thought. The auction that took place perfectly a while ago suddenly turned to such a terrifying scene.

“Chairman! Bad news!”

An assistant who just received a call said loudly, “I received a call from the security team. Our storage room of the auctioned items got exploded from the inside! Since many things got destroyed, it’s difficult to estimate our loss at the moment!”


Liu Kangbai got anxious. He quickly realized it was all planned, but he couldn’t think of why something like this happened.

“Call the police! Call the police! Quickly track the criminals down! Also, check on what went missing!” Liu Kangbai ordered loudly.

When the hall was a complete mess, Yang Chen felt rather energized.

Although the lights got extinguished, Yang Chen’s vision wasn’t affected. He relaxedly looked at Cai Ning who flew out of the hall using lightness skill when the others weren’t paying attention.

[TL note: Lightness Skill (轻功 qīnggōng) – often left untranslated as “Qinggong”. The ability to lighten the body and move with great agility & swiftness. At high proficiency, practitioners of this skill can run across water, leap to the top of trees, or even glide through the air.]

Yang Chen couldn’t confirm if the culprits were the bunch of foreigners earlier, but they were undoubtedly related one way or another. When he thought that Yellow Flame Iron Brigade may clash with the bunch of people tonight, Yang Chen felt a headache. Although the fight wasn’t his concern, the land of China would be defenseless if they died. It would mean his life wouldn’t be peaceful anymore, not to mention the people around him may get into danger.

Furthermore, quite a few people in Yellow Flame Iron Brigade were considered his friends. If Yang Chen were to see them give their lives away while he refused to offer help, he would be a bit too shameless if he wanted to continue living in this country.

No matter what, he couldn’t watch and stand by.

Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi who was beside him was rather anxious, but she didn’t shout like other women due to her inborn calmness. She was only looking at the surroundings cautiously.

Yang Chen walked closer to her and said, “I’ll take a look at the situation outside. Stay with the two from Yuan clan at the moment. If it gets too late, don’t wait for me anymore. Go back yourself.”

Lin Ruoxi was shocked as she didn’t understand why Yang Chen wanted to check on the situation outside. When she wanted to say something, she felt that Yang Chen was long gone.

The electrical system of the resort wasn’t working anymore. The crowd and the messy security teams were all over the place.

In the dark, Yang Chen quickly sped through the dark without any interference. His sharp and keen senses allowed him to catch the trace of cold aura which felt rather familiar and odd.

Looking at somewhere not too far away, it was a forest behind the resort. It was blocked with tall metal fences with acted as a blockage.

The sky at this moment didn’t have any stars. The entire forest was engulfed in darkness, feeling rather ghastly and mysterious.

Without hesitating, Yang Chen followed the trace of aura. When nobody was looking, his body started using an uncatchable speed as he leaped into the forest.

Just like shadow, he passed through the forest with ease. In the blink of an eye, he went deep into the forest. Copyright 2016 - 2023