Banquet of Liu Family

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Time passed really quickly in the car. An hour’s time flew by in the blink of an eye.

Tired, Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes slowly. As she regained consciousness, she immediately noticed that she was lying on Yang Chen’s shoulder.

It felt rather weird. The man beside her who had remained still to act as her pillow unexpectedly gave her an unprecedented sense of security and peace of mind.

I must be too worn out. I wouldn’t have this absurd thought otherwise.

Lin Ruoxi silently moved away her head from Yang Chen’s shoulder. Arranging the hair on her temples to make sure it was still in shape, she asked, “How long did I sleep for?”

“Around five hours. The banquet ended already,” Yang Chen replied with a smile.

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi looked at the built-in exquisite clock in the car. After making sure she slept for almost an hour only, she gave Yang Chen a stare. “Can you stop smiling all day and be this carefree? Jokes like this aren’t funny at all.”

“Since I’m not allowed to smile, I can’t possibly cry right?” Yang Chen said shamelessly.

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and sat at her seat quietly.

Yang Chen looked at her for quite a while before asking, “Did you rest well? You look much better than before.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t reply a single word. It was obvious that she didn’t want to entertain Yang Chen.

Yang Chen could only give up. The two quietly waited until the car was driven into the resort of Jade Clouds Corporation. The surroundings were lit with different colors of brilliant lights.

Cold wind blew through the trees in the dark. On the roadside, bodyguards dressed in black who were patrolling the area would pass by. Evidently, Liu family paid much attention to the banquet tonight.

After passing through the wide roads in the resort, the car stopped at a parking slot after five or six minutes. The road was long filled with various world-class luxury cars. Cars Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class looked oddly obscure and insignificant when they appeared at such a place.

Yang Chen could clearly feel that Lin Ruoxi’s body was rather stiff. However, she managed to calm down after taking a deep breath. Apparently, Lin Ruoxi was rather unfamiliar with such an occasion.

“Don’t simply open your mouth or walk around after going down, do you understand?” Lin Ruoxi informed him strictly once again.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly as he said, “I’m not a child anymore.”

“You’re more troublesome than a child,” Lin Ruoxi said mercilessly.

Yang Chen pouted as he got speechless. He was indeed looked down upon this time.

At this moment, the similarly anxious Li Ming solemnly walked to the back to open the rear door before bowing at the side.

Smiling, Yang Chen offered his left arm to Lin Ruoxi.

After pondering for a while, Lin Ruoxi knew that it was inevitable. She reached out her slim and jade-like arm to hook onto Yang Chen’s forearm.

Since she had decided to accept this man, she couldn’t back off repeatedly.

The phantom of the black Rolls-Royce, even under the eyes of these celebrities and highly influential businessmen, was considered a remarkable first-grade luxury car. As a result, when the owner of the car came down, many guests who were still outside subconsciously turned to look over in an organized manner.

Yang Chen was the first who came down the car. This completely unknown face distracted numerous guests as they looked at each other coincidentally, asking each other with their eyes regarding which family this young master was from, or was he a highly ranked young officer invited over by Liu clan?

Soon, Lin Ruoxi who walked out holding Yang Chen’s arm acted like a powerful magnet, attracting almost everyone’s attention on the spot. The various complex expressions brought by the obsessed men and the envious and jealous women were indescribable. However, Lin Ruoxi’s face was considered unfamiliar as well, having attended almost none of these parties of the upper class.

The chilly winter air wouldn’t back off just because the women were wearing sleeveless and revealing gowns. However, the women still had to hold a smile on their face while resisting themselves from shivering, like they weren’t affected at all.

Yang Chen felt that being a woman wasn’t easy. When cold wind blew, he felt that Lin Ruoxi unintentionally leaned towards him. The ice mountain would feel cold after all, he thought.

Following the greetings of the servers, the two walked towards the entrance of the hall. It was a three-storey building with the style of Baroque architecture. The tall and tidy Athens-style stone pillars displayed the strong financial capability of Liu family.

When they were walking towards the entrance, a middle-aged man dressed in a black tuxedo walked towards them from afar. With neatly arranged hair and moustache extended to two sides, he looked energetic and rosy.

“I’m flattered, definitely flattered! I didn’t expect Boss Lin to personally attend the event organized by this one. Haha, have my warmest welcome!”

Lin Ruoxi said beside Yang Chen softly, “This is the master of Liu clan, also the organizer of the banquet tonight, Liu Kangbai.”

He must be the father of the fellow Liu Yun then. I bet he had scourged a lot of women as well when he was young, Yang Chen thought.

At the same time, the curious guests could vaguely guess Lin Ruoxi’s identity after how Liu Kangbai personally greeted her and addressed her by ‘Boss Lin’.

Having a net worth of tens of billions, this incredibly looking woman was surprisingly the owner of a major multinational company!

Very quickly, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi became the main focus of this event. Quite a number of people were guessing Yang Chen’s relationship with Lin Ruoxi, since it was known that Lin Ruoxi hadn’t gotten married yet, not to mention she wasn’t rumored to be together with any young masters from huge clans.

“Chairman Liu is being too humble. We’re only juniors, you don’t have to treat us this way,” Lin Ruoxi said with a faint smile.

Waving his hands, Liu Kangbai said, “A gentleman would never mistreat a lady. I have been saying this since Old CEO was still in charge of Yu Lei. Now that Yu Lei is in Boss Lin’s hands, it became the leader of Chinese fashion industry. We old folks are fully aware of the situation. Greeting you personally is merely the respect paid to a successful businessperson from a businessman.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded with a smile as she remained silent.

Turning to look at Yang Chen, Liu Kangbai said, “And this is…”

Before Yang Chen could speak, Lin Ruoxi answered, “He’s my husband Yang Chen.”

Surprised, Yang Chen turned his head to look at Lin Ruoxi. Although he knew that Lin Ruoxi was prepared to announce their relationship since she asked him to attend a public event together, he didn’t expect her to act this casual and direct, not to mention her unchanged facial expression.

Evidently, Liu Kangbai and the other guests who heard what Lin Ruoxi said got shocked. Suddenly, Yang Chen became the centre of attraction that caused endless envy.

Yang Chen scratched his nose awkwardly. Smiling, he said, “Although Chairman Liu doesn’t know who I am, I actually know your son.”

Liu Kangbai instantly recovered his calmness. Politely, he said, “Mr Yang knows the brat Liu Yun? Are you possibly his former schoolmate?”

“Nope, we’re not schoolmates. We’ve seen each other before and had a small misunderstanding,” Yang Chen said as he explained the situation very lightly. He thought, if grabbing your daughter-in-law is considered a small misunderstanding.

“Haha, people always say that you never truly know each other before getting into an argument. Every visitor is my guest, you’re both welcomed inside.” Liu Kangbai was naturally wise, having lived for many years. Before understanding Yang Chen’s background, he decided to not continue the topic.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen doubtfully. Although she didn’t know why Yang Chen knew Liu Yun and even had an argument with him, she chose to keep the questions to herself as it wasn’t appropriate to ask there.

After the two entered the hall, Liu Kangbai whispered to a man beside him, “Check on the man immediately.”

The man immediately left the place while Liu Kangbai put on his smile once again before greeting other guests.

Although the area of the hall was large, it was still rather crowded. Under the process of servers shuttling back and forth, the guests inside quickly got informed of the situation that happened outside.

The appearance of the unknown husband brought to the banquet by the secluded and mysterious young CEO of Yu Lei International swiftly swept through the hall like tornado. As a result, when Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi entered the place, they immediately noticed plenty of gazes, intentional or not.

Lin Ruoxi easily became the centre of attraction as well. Wearing a black gown made of silk and the set of cornflower blue jewelries, her clean and refined posture exhibited magnificence and charm, just like a tulip that bloomed in the dark. Regardless of gender, everyone found it hard to resist the sudden surge of glamor and charisma.

Yang Chen was extremely displeased. Earlier, he said that they shouldn’t attend the event. Expectedly, everyone stared at his wife.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t the slightest nervous. She seemed to have gotten used to being the brightest star amongst crowds. Receiving a glass of champagne presented by a humble server, she walked to the centre of the hall together with Yang Chen.

A lot of successful male entrepreneurs and highly ranked officials looked at Yang Chen with jealousy and hatred when they saw Lin Ruoxi holding his hand. To them, this average-looking and unfamiliar face was much inferior to their alleged elite class. Since Lin Ruoxi was still young and naive, it was possible for her to accidentally pick a wrong guy.

It had to be said that the male thinking ability could be crazy sometimes. At this moment, they weren’t willing to consider the fact that Lin Ruoxi could manage a business empire. It wasn’t possible for her to be so stupid to misjudge a man.

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