Facing the Ocean

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After seeing the excitement Liu Mingyu had, Yang Chen got rather nervous. Is she trying to do something more illegal and ridiculous? he thought.

When a person who had constrained their craziness for a very long time, they would be more frightening than a lunatic should they unleash themselves.

“What are you trying to do?” Yang Chen asked, perturbed.

“We’ll watch the sunrise here tomorrow. I’ve never seen sunrise by the beach before,” Liu Mingyu said joyfully.

Yang Chen finally relieved. If they wanted to watch the sunrise next morning, they had to get out of bed really early. However, he didn’t want to disappoint Liu Mingyu’s naive little wish. “Alright, we’ll have to stay at a hotel here then.”

When Yang Chen talked about hotel, it was the exact same one where he couldn’t enter with Tang Wan, Maple Hotel. If Tang Wan knew that this fellow couldn’t go there with her after she left, and brought another woman there, Tang Wan would get so pissed that she’d crush her steering wheel.

At the 23rd floor of the hotel, the balcony of the room faced the ocean.

Upon entering the room, Liu Mingyu quickly opened the glass door and walked to the balcony. She looked at the endless ocean which looked like a black mirror quietly.

Yang Chen hugged her warm and soft waist from behind and laid his head on her shoulder. He said, “Don’t look at it anymore. Why would you want to stare at the ocean at night? We can watch the sunrise tomorrow morning.

As Liu Mingyu felt that Yang Chen’s hands crawled up from her belly to her cleavage, she turned numb and got stimulated. She angrily turned around and rolled her eyes. “Why are you so impatient? I even came here with you. Do you think I won’t give it to you?”

Of course I’m impatient! I didn’t just hold myself back for a short while, I have been resisting ever since Tang Wan left! he thought.

“Little Yu, be a good girl. Go and have a bath.”

“No, I want to sit here for a while more…”

“You’d catch a cold like this. Be obedient and have a bath…”

“I don’t want to. Looking at your perverted and impatient attitude, I’ll do the complete opposite and not give it to you.”

Looking at the mischievous Liu Mingyu, he finally knew what to do. “Alright, I won’t take a bath as well.”

“Yes, that’s right. Accompany me to watch the ocean,” Liu Mingyu said happily.

Yang Chen let out an evil smile. “I said that I won’t take a bath, but we still have to do the stuff that we need to do…”

Without waiting for Liu Mingyu to respond, Yang Chen flipped her around. Her hands were holding onto the rails of the balcony. Surprised, she suddenly felt coldness up her backside.

Because she was wearing a dress, and only had black stockings within, Yang Chen instantly lifted her skirt up and exposed the pair of chubby and alluring buttocks through the grids and into the air!

“Yang Chen… You… What are you doing…” Liu Mingyu got so anxious that she almost cried. Does this fellow want to do it at the balcony?! she thought.

“Hehe, we’re facing the ocean. I guess we can’t do anything when the flowers bloom in spring. Since autumn is here, you may recite the lyrics from the ‘Spring Song’ while you face the sea. Haha!” Yang Chen said and laughed. He used one hand to press onto Liu Mingyu’s body to prevent her from moving, and used the other to remove her last layer of clothing until her knee…

At this moment, there were balconies of different designs on both sides, quite a lot of which were still lit. It wasn’t certain when the other people from the hotel would come out to enjoy the seascape.

As wind blew and the sea waves whistled, Liu Mingyu’s moans were concealed while Yang Chen’s laughter spread out into the air.

Liu Mingyu who had a considerable amount of alcohol at night, felt that a hand was comforting her sensitive position intimately, making her exquisite hips to shake lightly. Her face turned red like she was dripping blood, she felt that her small area instantly soaked. As she tried her best to resist the itch, she felt particularly empty…

Her entire body felt like it collapsed. Deep down her heart, she probably liked a special environment like this, liked Yang Chen’s rough movements…

Although she just had a one night stand with Yang Chen not long ago, she had been craving for another experience already. At the age where her sexual desire was at its highest, her pattern slowly became more and more evident as she got teased by Yang Chen, and combated the blow of cold wind.

“Please… Please stop playing around…” Liu Mingyu begged.

As Yang Chen admired the view of the elder woman who was got so soft that she could barely move, he pinched and played with Liu Mingyu’s pink, powdery flesh. “What do you think? Is it romantic to do something you love at the balcony, facing the cold wind and watching the broad sky?”

“You’re such a naughty boy…” Liu Mingyu held onto the rails of the balcony with both her hands before extending her elegant and thin waist and raising her firm and nicely shaped buttocks. This posture caused her much disgrace. However, under the teasing and touching of Yang Chen, she couldn’t help but get impatient as he refused to conduct the practical activity.

Yang Chen felt like it was time. He extended both her arms up her both before groping her sinking and squishy papayas. “Don’t soften your legs afterwards…” he said.

“Mmh…” Liu Mingyu couldn’t speak anymore, but could only open her bright red lips slightly.

As heat entered her cold and vacant space in her body, Liu Mingyu trembled as she felt that she was running out of breath.

As happiness hit like tides, Liu Mingyu immediately forgot where she was. The alcohol she consumed earlier dazed her. She fully expressed herself as she catered Yang Chen.

The night of lingering passed really quickly.

The next morning, the sky got slightly lit.

When Yang Chen woke up from bed shirtless, Liu Mingyu was inside the white blanket completely, only some of her hair could be seen.

“Wake up, Lazy Pig. It’s time to watch the sunrise,” Yang Chen said happily as he slapped Liu Mingyu’s butt.

Liu Mingyu slowly drilled out of the blanket as she made some weird sounds out of blurriness. At this moment, this mature woman looked like a little girl asking for candies.

“It’s all because of you… that I couldn’t wake up…” Liu Mingyu complained. She really went all out yesterday night. She could faintly feel that her lower body hadn’t recovered from the numbness.

Smiling, Yang Chen inserted both his hands into Liu Mingyu’s blanket before exerting upward force to lift her up.

“Ah!” Liu Mingyu shouted out of surprise. Yang Chen carried her up together the blanket.

Yang Chen carried Liu Mingyu who was in the blanket horizontally before kissing her on her tender cheek. “It’s cold outside, I’ll carry you out like this to enjoy the sunrise,” he said.

As soon as he finished speaking, he brought Liu Mingyu to the balcony. Cold wind hit on his solid and firm body, which didn’t seem to have the slightest effect.

“Go and wear clothes. You’ll catch a cold like this…” Liu Mingyu said, worried. She could feel the chill even when she was in the blanket.

“I know very clearly of how strong my body is. I’ll be fine,” Yang Chen said before winking.

Liu Mingyu blushed as she blushed. Looking at Yang Chen’s eyes which brought gentleness and depth, Liu Mingyu felt a complicated feeling which passed one by one.

As dawn slowly appeared in the sky, Liu Mingyu finally turned her sight away from Yang Chen and looked at the direction of sunrise quietly.

“Yang Chen…”


“Have you brought any woman to watch sunrise with you before?”

“... No.”

“I’m really glad that I can be your first time as well.”

Yang Chen got surprised. He lowered his head to look at the incredibly peaceful Liu Mingyu. Her face got shone by the dawn, making her look particularly brilliant.

Guilt suddenly arose in Yang Chen’s heart. I’m indeed too greedy. The women around me are all unhappy, he thought.

“Little Yu… I’m sorry. I’m very stubborn when it comes to this… I’ve always thought that the best way to handle a relationship is to treat everyone I like with sincerity, instead of letting go. This may seem like an excuse for my irresponsibility, but I’ll still do it,” Yang Chen said as he let out a self-depreciating smile. “I’ll treat you well.”

Liu Mingyu kept quiet as she lowered her body before squeezing his head into Yang Chen’s chest.

The quiet but romantic time suddenly got cut off by a phone call.

Yang Chen looked at Liu Mingyu apologetically and carried her back to bed before reaching for her phone.

It was a phone call by Rose, which made Yang Chen surprised.

“Babe Rose, why are you calling me this early in the morning?”

Rose didn’t sound too relaxed. “Hubby, is it that you weren’t home last night?”

“Yeah, I passed my night outside,” Yang Chen said. He felt that something bad had happened.

“Sigh, I knew it…” Rose said.

“What happened? Did anything happen at home?” Yang Chen face turned gloomy.

“You asked me to send some people to protect your family members. I sent four highly cautious men there to secretly provide protection, and let them report to me every day. This morning, I suddenly lost contact with them. I sent someone to check on them immediately, only to find out that they… got unconscious as a result of getting poisoned.”

“Then how about the situation inside the house?” That was what Yang Chen was most worried about.

“The door of the bungalow was wide open the entire night. There was… no one inside.”

“Understood,” Yang Chen said before ending the call. Taking a deep breath, he turned around to look at Liu Mingyu who looked confused. “I have something urgent to deal with. I can’t have breakfast with you anymore. I paid the fee for this room already. You may check out later and get a car to send you to the company.”

Looking at Yang Chen who wanted to leave nervously, Liu Mingyu asked nervously, “Yang Chen, did anything happen? Do you need me to go with you?”

“It’s fine Babe,” Yang Chen said as he smiled relaxedly before quickly exiting the room.

Yang Chen ran all the way to the parking slot. After starting his car, he sped up to the bungalow at Dragon Garden.

During the journey, Yang Chen called Rose once again and asked her to check on the location of Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma through underground networks. Although the success rate was slim, he still had to try.

Being able to poison Rose’s highly skilled men and bring two adults away only proved that the culprit wasn’t an ordinary robber. Yang Chen’s eyes were burning with killing intent.

Fortunately, the other side kidnapped Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma. It seemed like they wanted to have some sort of negotiation with him. If this was the case, the two women should be safe for now. Yang Chen very urgently wanted to know who the culprit was.

Regardless of who the other side was, Yang Chen didn’t plan to leave mercy as they laid their hands on his woman when he wasn’t at home.

When he reached the bungalow at Dragon Garden, the door was indeed wide open.

Yang Chen quickly got out of the car and ran to the hall. It didn’t seem to have any apparent change, not even signs of searching for stuff.

Yang Chen frowned and ran to the second floor into his own room. It had indeed been searched before. His clothes and other stuff got thrown all over the place.

At the same time, there was a piece of white paper with blank writing placed neatly on Yang Chen’s bed!

Yang Chen walked forward and picked up the note.

“Your Mightiness Pluto, the place you stay in is overly huge. Finding God’s Stone isn’t an easy task. We’ll wait for your arrival patiently at Xinglin of South Botanical Garden in Zhonghai. We’ll use the treasured family members of Your Mightiness in exchange for God’s Stone—Tengu.”

The paper got torn into pieces by Yang Chen. After contemplating for a short moment, he made a phone call to Rose.

“Babe Rose, ask your people to stop the search. The enemy this time isn’t someone they can deal with.”

When Rose heard how dull Yang Chen’s voice was, she didn’t say much except, “Be careful,” before ending the call.

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