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Tang Wan seemed like she was done eating as well. She withdrew a piece of poor-quality tissue which was roughly rough to wipe the oil around her lips. Under the light, her flourishing red lips looked like rose petals.

Looking at Yang Chen who was waiting for her questions, Tang Wan opened her mouth. She asked, “First question, you have a wife, right?”

The first question was enough to make Yang Chen take a deep breath. Nodding, he said, “Yes.”

Tang Wan didn’t feel particularly surprised. “I have a daughter. So it cancels out. Second question, do you have more than one lover?”

Clenching his teeth, Yang Chen answered, “Yes.”

“Ahh… but I don’t have any man. I’m losing out this time. I knew that you were a bad guy. Third one, you came to see me, hoping to bring me to bed,” Tang Wan said straightforwardly.

Yang Chen felt that this woman wanted him to feel inferior to an animal. Letting out a bitter smile, he replied, “Yes.”

Tang Wan started laughing. She laughed until tears almost dropped out from her eyes. Looking at this beautiful lady laugh, she looked much different from the usually dignified and charming woman of high status. Instead, she was laughing like a teenaged lady getting teased by guys.

“What are you laughing about? You came up with the questions yourself. All I did was answering you honestly. I have never said that I’m any noble or righteous,” Yang Chen said before pouting.

“Yang Chen, I notice that you have one good point. I’m wondering why you’re always so honest. I wouldn’t get angry if you lie to me, or say anything ridiculous,” Tang Wan said as she tried her best to hold back laughing. “I’m only doing this for fun, you don’t have to be so serious.”

Frowning, Yang Chen said, “Back then, I was indeed good at joking with women. However, I don’t plan to play games when it comes to relationships between a guy and a lady.”

“Is this a testimonial given by a perverted, married man?” Tang Wan asked jokingly.

“I admit that you indeed wield endless glamour towards me. But the previous conversations made me have some wrong impressions. If you’re only fooling around, I guess I shall take my leave now,” Yang Chen said, dissatisfied. Tang Wan’s attitude made him feel that he was looked down on.

Suddenly, Tang Wan grabbed Yang Chen’s arm.

The exquisite and warm touch shocked Yang Chen. He turned his body around again to look at Tang Wan with a doubtful expression.

“Follow me to a place,” Tang Wan said.

Yang Chen suddenly felt that the arm that Tang Wan used to grab him was trembling. It was an oppressive feeling that would cause trouble.

Yang Chen wanted to ask if she wanted to bring him to a hotel, but eventually forwent the thought. If that was really the case, he would feel awkward since he said that he was going to leave a moment ago, but immediately stayed because he heard of opening a room at the hotal. Just imagine how embarrassing that would be.

After saying goodbye to Uncle Qiao, the two left the ancient street. Because Tang Wan drove her black Land Rover, Yang Chen drove his car and followed behind. After around half an hour, they stopped near a seaside in Zhonghai.

Getting out of the car, Yang Chen looked at somewhere not far away. They were at a beach that stretched out long. The cold sea breeze brushed over their ears. The resounding echo which sea waves and reefs collided could be heard.

The crescent moon hung high up in the sky of the east, lying down on the sea surface together with other stars. Looking at the endless ocean and the moon that was momentarily blocked by the clouds, Yang Chen felt amazed. He had returned to Zhonghai for almost a year already, but he hadn’t seen such a scenery before.

“So beautiful,” Tang Wan said as she stared at the night view together.

Yang Chen nodded silently. He was unwilling to open his mouth to spoil the peaceful moment. Following Tang Wan through a meandering ramp, Yang Chen arrived at the beach as they slowly approached the sea.

Since it was nighttime already, there wasn’t a lot of people there. There were a few stalls selling barbecued seafood. Except the salty scent of the sea, there was also the smell of barbecued meat.

Tang Wan removed her red high heels and held them in her hands. Her white legs which looked like newly polished jade stepped on the wet and soft sandy beach gracefully. Extending her arms, she raised her head and took a deep breath, to enjoy the fresh air.

Silently, Yang Chen followed her and walked a long way, leaving foot trails behind.

“Yang Chen.” Tang Wan suddenly stopped walking. Under the moonlight, her elegant face let out a smile. “Thank you, I haven’t relaxed myself this way for a very long time.”

“I haven’t done anything,” Yang Chen replied.

“Do you know why I asked you the questions earlier?” she asked.

Shaking his head, Yang Chen answered, “Is it that you really want to know more about me?”

“Actually… it doesn’t matter much to me anymore, regarding who you truly are. Men would like women for their beauty, gentleness, and aura. However, there’s often no reason for a woman to like a man. Recognizing one means accepting on. She wouldn’t dislike the man just because other people detest him, nor would she change her original intention. Regarding the questions I asked you earlier, instead of saying they were used to test you, you could say that they were to access myself,” Tang Wan said as she looked at the ocean’s direction. The sea breeze blew and messed up her hair.

Yang Chen quietly stood at a side. At this moment, the wind blew directly on Tang Wen’s clothing, revealing the curvy lines of her chest, making Yang Chen’s eyes to slowly heat up. It wasn’t important anymore for what Tang Wan was going to say next.

“You’re such a terrible man. Having a wife yourself, you’re still playing around outside. I didn’t just discover you once. For the times we’ve met, I’ve seen you with at least three different women. I have been wondering, on why I still have feelings for you when you’re so perverted, is it because I’m still not sure on who you really are? So… I decided to ask you and let you answer the questions yourself. If I still dream of you even after you answer them with your own mouth, then… I might’ve really met the person that I’ve been waiting for more than thirty years.”

Yang Chen got back to the situation. He asked, “What happened next?”

“Didn’t I bring you here?” Tang Wan turned around and looked at him. Smiling, she said, “I grabbed onto you and brought you to my favorite seaside. This is the place where my mom would always bring me to when I was young. I promised her that if I happen to find someone I like, I will bring the man here to see her…”

Taking a deep breath, Tang Wan continued saying, “It happened when I was seventeen. I poured my mom’s bone ash into the sea with my own hands.”

Yang Chen got astonished. He didn’t expect that Tang Wan’s mother was already gone.

“Hug me.” Tang Wan suddenly looked at Yang Chen in the eyes. “You like me, don’t you?”

Yang Chen’s body got stiff. Tang Wan changed too quickly, making him to lack mental preparation.

It was just like a fairy from heaven suddenly came down to the human world, and said, “Hug me,” to a farmer. Even if the farmer had the bravery of a tiger, he would still have to stay for a short moment.

When Yang Chen finally decided to step forward and hug Tang Wan, she suddenly leaned forward and fell into Yang Chen’s arms!

Tang Wan’s soft body rushed into Yang Chen’s hug!

Tang Wan used both her hands to hook on Yang Chen’s neck. Yang Chen hesitated for a moment before finally wrapping his hands around Tang Wan’s slim and fine waist. In front of his chest, he could feel Tang Wan’s pair of firmness and delicacy. The fragrance that was exclusive to women filled his nose, fused with the scent of the ocean.

Tang Wan’s body was really soft, so soft that Yang Chen could feel fullness, it was like the woman’s body could totally melt into his.

The thought of possibly hugging a woman like her into sleep made Yang Chen feel a burst of blood gushing up his head.

“Yang Chen…” Tang Wan murmured as she raised her head. Her alluring cheeks reddened and her eyes looked at Yang Chen as they twinkled.

Yang Chen felt that he was in a dream. It was unexpected that their first date developed to this stage. He got so startled that he couldn’t speak a word.

“Yang Chen, have you tried drinking seawater?” Tang Wan asked softly.

Without waiting for his reply, Tang Wan continued speaking, “The feeling of falling in love is just like drinking seawater. The first drink is always tasty and refreshing. However, after drinking the first time, you instantly get thirsty. The more you drink the more thirsty you get. I’m afraid that I.... I’m afraid that I would get more easily thirsty than an ordinary person…”

“What do you hope to know?” Yang Chen asked with a smile. Although this woman was rather mentally strong, she was a bit too farsighted. However, she looked particularly adorable at this moment. She seemed like an ignorant little girl who was too afraid of losing the candy in her hands.

“I want to know if you’re afraid… if you’re afraid that I’m much thirsty than any other woman,” Tang Wan said before biting her lips. Her eyes contained a different kind of fire. “You know it, I don’t have much time left.”

Yang Chen used his fingers to lightly hook Tang Wan’s chin before slowly lifting her head up, making the bright red lips seem like a panting red flower.

Yang Chen let out an evil smile before saying, “Regardless if it’s mental support or sex, the things that I want, are far more than your desires.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed forward to kiss her.

Being wet and cold while having tender and fragrant breaths, Yang Chen’s scalp immediately numbed.

Tang Wan’s hands got stiff for a while, before forcefully pressing on Yang Chen’s neck from behind as she aggressively leaned forward, like she wanted to force her lips into Yang Chen’s mouth, clumsily reacting to the kiss.

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