A Passive Date

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When the working hours almost ended, Tang Wan called over once again, to ask Yang Chen out to a street in the east of Zhonghai. Although Yang Chen hadn’t been there before, he could briefly understand the place by simply searching for a map on the internet, making him end the call excitedly.

Since he wasn’t going home for dinner, Yang Chen immediately thought of giving Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma a call. He promised Lin Ruoxi to always inform her if he ever wasn’t planning to go home.

After dialling Lin Ruoxi’s number, the call got picked up within a few seconds.

“What is it?” Lin Ruoxi asked. She seemed like she was occupied.

“I’m calling to inform my wife that I’m not coming home for dinner. Someone’s treating me to a meal,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi paused and thought for a few seconds. She said, “Is it Tang Wan?”

Yang Chen got rather shocked. How does she know that? he thought. However, after recalling for a bit, Lin Ruoxi seemed to have heard Tang Wan when she offered to treat him to a meal a while ago. Lin Ruoxi had even asked him to stay away from Tang Wan, to get near any woman in the world except Tang Wan.

Without trying to hide anything, Yang Chen said awkwardly, “Yeah. Since I promised her back then, I need to go today.”

Lin Ruoxi sighed before saying, “At the end of the day, you still don’t want to listen to me. Is the woman really that attractive to you?”

“Don’t say it that way. I really just want to have a simple meal with her. The development of our friendship isn’t that advanced yet. Hehe,” Yang Chen said as he got more and more guilty. Actually until this day, Yang Chen would still get very heated up whenever he thought of the time where he tried to convince Tang Wan by the river into doing something at night.

On that day, Yang Chen noticed that Tang Wan had a child studying in high school, which made him feel rather disappointed since he indeed had some interest in her, but splitting families apart wouldn’t be a good idea in any case. However, Yang Chen concluded that Tang Wan should be a single mother, judging from how she usually reacted.

Ever since Tang Wan took the initiative to express her feelings, Yang Chen had been having more and more thoughts. He didn’t think that he was a closed-minded person when it came to matters between a guy and a lady, he was very interested towards the high-quality milf. Actually, the men who wouldn’t lay a second thought on Tang Wan were either cowards without a pair, or had an unusual fetish. Yang Chen was a perfectly fine man, and was also courageous when it came to matters like this. He didn’t plan to hide anything.

At the other side of the phone call, Lin Ruoxi kept quiet for a while as she contemplated. She said, “Alright, understood. But you don’t have to inform me in the future when you’re not coming back for dinner.”

“Huh? Why?!” Yang Chen got anxious.

“I’d feel disgusted!” Lin Ruoxi shouted before ending the call.

Yang Chen pouted before smiling bitterly. He wasn’t the type of man who would give up an entire forest for a single tree. Although he had to get despised by Lin Ruoxi once again, Yang Chen wouldn’t put that in his heart. As a matter of fact, this wife of his was indeed decent. If other women found out that their husbands were cheating, they would absolutely cry, make a fuss or hang them up. At the very least, an argument would arise. However, this wasn’t the case for Lin Ruoxi, she would just talk sarcastically, or ignore you for a while. The days would still go on!

Lin Ruoxi still hadn’t fully accepted the idea that Yang Chen was her husband.

Upon getting off work, Yang Chen drove to the neighborhood that Tang Wan asked him to go to. As he stopped his car, Yang Chen noticed that this old street was from the early days of Zhonghai. It had different kinds of ancient construction designs, including stone bungalows that wielded the breath of 1930s, making the alleged well-developed streets of Zhonghai look much inferior. This place was like another city within a city.

After spending minimal effort to look around, Yang Chen discovered Tang Wan who had been waiting for him since a while ago.

She wore a black collared coat, with a white cotton sweater within. On the lower body, she wore a short skirt with a gray tone, together with extraordinarily charming black-laced stockings and a pair of fresh-red high heels that would reflect light when shone upon. Her untied long hair smoothly scattered on her shoulders, her glossy face exerted the mature feeling of a woman from the east while her skin was white and flawless like that of a baby.

As her alluring eyes gazed around, she suddenly seemed like she blended with the background, the street which was filled with ancient yet delicate construction buildings. She seemed like a beauty slowly walking out of an archaic scroll.

Upon seeing Yang Chen, Tang Wan let out a vivid smile as she waved at his direction.

Yang Chen gulped as his heart started racing. Comparing this to the first time he saw Lin Ruoxi, he didn’t get this excited and overjoyed.

The most beautiful part regarding this woman who had gone through countless life experiences wasn’t her appearance, but was the aura she exerted the moment she raised her hand. To the young Yang Chen who had seen endless joys and sorrows, this type of woman was an absolute poison!

Sigh, you are the abyss that would tempt people to commit a crime… Yang Chen exclaimed deep down his heart.

“You’re late, this doesn’t seem like what a gentleman with an attitude would do,” Tang Wan said smilingly.

“Do I look like I have an attitude, or a gentleman?” Yang Chen asked.

Tang Wan contemplated for a while before saying, “Oh, I almost forgot. You don’t have too good of an attitude, but you’re probably wild. You may not be a gentleman, but you’re absolutely a pervert.”

Yang Chen knew that Tang Wan was referring to the few times they met earlier. Not only did he provoke her, she also witnessed him bringing various women in front of her. It was evident that Yang Chen was disloyal in her eyes.

“Since you know me so well, why do you still dare to treat me to a meal?” Yang Chen asked with a bitter smile.

Shaking her head lightly, she said, “I’ve also been thinking about it. When I called you earlier, I had been asking myself deep down in my heart, on why I’m offering to treat a perverted and disloyal fellow a meal. Even if he has saved my life, I need not risk my body. However, I’ve already invited you out when I finished thinking. So as a lady, I decided to do as I promised.”

After speaking, Tang Wan pointed at the old-fashioned street behind her. “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to the meal today. You mustn’t have tried something truly delicious,” she said.

Yang Chen felt particularly fresh. Comparing Tang Wan to other women, she seemed surprisingly calm. She didn’t try to hide her real intentions and Yang Chen could feel that she had a good feeling towards him. Possibly due to her age, Tang Wan didn’t care much about a woman’s shyness and pride. She wasn’t afraid to express her thoughts that she had in mind.

Together with Tang Wan, Yang Chen walked to a street where both sides were filled with mini shops and booths. The pedestrians would look at the two once in a while. Although the guy looked really ordinary, the lady appeared to be extraordinarily stunning.

Tang Wan didn’t chat with Yang Chen about other stuff. She was just busy introducing the various kinds of shops on both left and right of the street. She also knew about what historical messages from different places and the family matters that some shop owners had, including what their children were working as.

Curious, Yang Chen asked, “Do you reside here?”

“Nope I don’t. But my grandma’s house is here. This place is also my mom’s hometown. I loved coming here when I was young. This street is the only place in Zhonghai where historical figures are maintained, because some of these stone buildings became relics. Although my grandparents and my mother passed away, I’m really lucky that I can come here often to recall their appearances,” Tang Wan replied.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but to say, “You don’t sound like what a mother with a child in high school would say. Your reasoning makes me think that you’re only in your twenties.”

Tang Wan covered her mouth as she smiled. “My daughter doesn’t like this place. She has always felt that this place is lifeless. I tell her that it’s only because she doesn’t understand the accumulation of the culture here due to her age.”

Tang Wan didn’t feel the slightest awkwardness as she talked about her daughter in this situation.

“Then did you possibly think that I would understand, that’s why you brought me here?” Yang Chen asked smilingly. “I’m also in my twenties.”

“You can, for sure,” Tang Wan said confidently.


“On that day when you rescued me in the bank, I saw from your eyes that you held the emotion that someone in his twenties shouldn’t have. Although it was only temporary, I unexpectedly felt secure,” Tang Wan said as her expression turned unnatural. “You are the first man that I’ve seen, that gave me the feeling of security. Therefore, you must be able to understand this place.”

The first man that… gave her the feeling of security?

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