Chapter 228-1: Definitely not

In the living room, the bright lights illuminated the pale sofa, creating a gentle and peaceful atmosphere.

Yang Chen slowly entered. When he took a careful look at his surroundings, he was stunned.

He saw Lin Ruoxi who wore cotton pajamas curled up like a little kitten facing the door. Hair covered her cheek.

Although the living room had automatic heating, this warmth wasn’t anywhere near enough for sleeping.

As Lin Ruoxi was feeling chilly in her sleep, she wrapped her arms around herself, and her lips were pale from the cold. Her appearance gave one the urge to pity her.

Yang Chen felt warmth entering his heart. This sight gave him emotions of happiness and an urge to laugh. During the day, she was so firm and hostile, yet late at night she waited for him to return in the living room. The thoughts of this woman were too difficult to grasp.

Yang Chen walked up to the sofa deep in thought over whether he should carry her upstairs or bring down a blanket for her.

At this point, Lin Ruoxi seemed to have been awoken by the sounds he made. She drowsily opened her eyes, causing her beautiful face to seem even more graceful and elegant.

Lin Ruoxi quietly looked at Yang Chen who stood in front of her, seemingly trying to confirm whether this was a dream.

“Did I wake you?” Yang Chen apologetically smiled.

After remaining silent for a while, Lin Ruoxi sat up and took a look at the clock, it was 2AM.

“I fell asleep watching TV, I’ll go up to sleep now.” Lin Ruoxi secretly checked Yang Chen physically. As she could see that he was completely fine, she spoke indifferently and stood up, intending to go upstairs.

However, due to spending too much time curled up, the blood circulation in one of her legs was poor, so when she tried to stand up, her leg turned numb.


She was already feeling a little faint, with her leg lacking the strength to stand properly, Lin Ruoxi was about to fall onto the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Yang Chen promptly supported Lin Ruoxi by the arm, causing her to lean on his chest to avoid falling.

“Look at you, why are you in such a hurry? Don’t you know that you could catch a cold if you sleep on the sofa without a blanket?” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Resting on Yang Chen’s chest, Lin Ruoxi’s nose was assaulted by his masculine scent, causing her to soften inside and blush deeply.

However, following that, she keenly noticed a female scent lingering on Yang Chen’s body.

As he was in Rose’s room for a long time and had taken the same car as her, their bodies naturally were in contact with each other quite a lot. Yang Chen didn’t notice the lingering scent on his body, but Lin Ruoxi who was a woman was able to identify it immediately.

The sweet emotions that she was feeling instantly vanished, Lin Ruoxi felt a spell of resentment. She bit her lower lip, and her eyes became a little watery.

This fellow! I stayed up so late just to wait for him, worried that something might happen to him, yet he was actually having a great time with other women!

“Let go of me, I don’t need your concern!” Lin Ruoxi coldly said.

Yang Chen didn’t understand what he did wrong, why was it that when they were both in such a heart-warming situation, this woman became angry again? When she spoke those words, her tone was as cold as bone-chilling winter.

Yang Chen had no choice but to release Lin Ruoxi’s soft figure which gave off a sweet scent, and had a stiff smile as he watched her walk up the stairs.

“In the future, don’t wait for me if I return late. Nothing will happen to me, you’ll tire yourself out doing this.” Yang Chen was legitimately concerned.

Lin Ruoxi used the railing of the staircase as support and didn’t even look back as she said, “Don’t be so narcissistic, I’ve already said that I fell asleep watching the TV, no one is waiting for you.”

“You fell asleep watching the TV, yet remembered to turn it off?” Yang Chen had an awkward smile, this excuse was too lousy. What was there to be embarrassed about?

Lin Ruoxi’s feet came to a stop, she turned around, and her eyes were slightly red. With a cold smile, she snorted as if she was mocking herself, “That’s right! I’m silly! I don’t even know how to lie to you! What am I to you, what is this place to you? You have so many women out there, and I’m nothing in your eyes! You have warm and sweet places to stay, and have people who want to spend the night with you! You come back when you want to and leave when you want to, you don’t even leave a message when you’re spending the night out! You don’t even make a single phone call!

Why would I wait for you? It’s because I’m stupid, I already know that I’m someone who does not matter to you, and I still did such a silly thing…… Don’t worry, I won’t be lying to you in the future, because I won’t be waiting like an idiot for you again like tonight!”

Saying that, Lin Ruoxi willfully turned away, and bitterly walked up the stairs.

Yang Chen stood completely still, he was stunned by Lin Ruoxi’s words.

Come back when you want to, leave when you want to……

Looking at that figure that seemed to exhausted going up step by step, Yang Chen suddenly had an intense feeling of restlessness and worry, as if the place Lin Ruoxi was walking off to wasn’t the second floor of the villa, and was instead a parallel line where they would never intersect again!

“Hold on! Lin Ruoxi stop right there!” Yang Chen shouted. Copyright 2016 - 2023