Chapter 227-1: Stratagems

Slightly NSFW chapter

Guanglin Night Market in Donghai’s east region. This place had activity at its highest late at night, regular people and crooks filled the countless bars, clubs, and pubs, indulging themselves in an extravagant lifestyle. It goes without saying that there were also countless people who were here for a chance to be able to attain money to feed their families.

At a karaoke lounge named “Golden Age,” the dark gold theme of the whole place gave it a profound and mysterious feel. The pink and dim warm lights made it difficult to recognize the faces of those who walked around the place.

Due to the indistinctness, no man or woman was overly breathtaking, and no attire was too scanty.

In a luxurious private room, the song Spring Comes To The North was played at deafening volumes, the expressive singing was accompanied by a style of traditional pop melody that came from Japan, causing the room to be wallowing in trendy yet nostalgic feels.

On the tough black leather sofa, a middle-aged man who was balding and looked unhealthy hugged a beautiful woman with creamy white skin who only wore a pair of black lace bra and translucent black stockings.

The man had a hand kneading the woman’s glorious breast, and occasionally squeezed them into various shapes, causing the woman to moan loudly.

“Jian-ge you meanie, you’re pinching me and it hurts……” The woman seductively said.

The man addressed as Jian-ge drank the dry red wine in his wine glass, hearing the woman speak so weakly and alluringly, a vicious smile surfaced on his lips.

He casually threw the wine glass onto the carpeted floor, and the thick woolen carpet was immediately stained red.

“Okay… if it hurts, then I won’t pinch here… come… let me pinch you down there……”

While the woman tried not to comply and begged for mercy, Jian-ge forcefully pushed her down on the sofa. He used his legs to pry the woman’s legs open, then began to nibble all over her face and neck while one of his hands went towards the woman’s honeypot……

The music in the room covered up the woman’s vague screams, while Jian-ge became increasingly excited.


“Little vixen…… You’re bewitching the hell out of me… banging you everyday isn’t enough!”

While Jian-ge was about to tear away the woman’s stocking which she practically had to replace everyday, his phone which was on the coffee table rang.

Jian-ge was irritated and picked up the phone. Looking at the number of the caller, his anger was mostly quelled, he immediately picked up the phone, “Boss! How may I be of service!?”

“Ah Jian, return to your base immediately. I received information that Red Thorns Society are going to wage war against us.”

“What!? Has that girl, Situ Rose gone out of her mind!? Who are they to pick a fight with us!? Does she think we’re pushovers like her useless father!?”

“There are also the police and armed forces involved, quickly return, I will give commands.”


“Motherf**ker! They are trying to rebel!? Don’t worry, Boss, I will immediately gather all of my brothers to the base!”

Jian-ge hung up the call, then went to pick up his jacket with the intention to leave.

The woman bitterly hung unto Jian-ge’s back from behind, her beautiful arms clinged onto Jian-ge’s neck, and she seductively said, “Jian-ge, you said you’d accompany me tonight, why are you leaving! Meanie! You lied to me!”

“Ah… my little darling, how could I lie to you? It’s truly an urgent matter, I have to go!” Jian-ge gloomily answered.

“Don’t go, tell me what important business this is!” The woman continued clinging onto Jian-ge’s body.

Jian-ge had no choice but to speak while putting on his clothes, “Red Thorns Society’s Situ Rose has lost her mind, and is colluding with the police to fight us. I have to bring my brothers to get our firearms to show them who’s boss!”

“Jian-ge, I think you won’t be able to make it there tonight.” The woman dispiritedly said.

“Why?” Jian-ge subconsciously asked without even thinking.

“Because you have to die now……”

The soft arms that the woman hung on Jian-ge’s neck suddenly became like two steel rods, and instantly tightened on Jian-ge’s neck!

The moment Jian-ge realized this, he had the intention to strike the woman’s stomach with his elbow, but before he could raise his arm, the woman’s arms crisscrossed with force!


Jian-ge’s head was dislocated from his neck! It was an instant death!


The woman released Jian-ge’s corpse which had its eyes wide open from grievance. She coldly grinned without seeming any less alluring, then picked up her small pink phone on the coffee table and dialed an unsaved number.

“Hello, Big Sis? Dongxing’s White Tiger Hall’s Shi Jian is already dead, the White Tiger Hall is now just a bunch of sheeps without a shepherd.”

“Hai Tang, it has been hard on you, you’ve done very well, come back and be with our sisters.”

“This is my duty. Compared to what you do, Big Sis, this is nothing!”  

Hai Tang happily hung up the call, then picked up her black gown and jacket, wrapping her well developed body in them.

She walked out of the room, and the two men dressed in suits who guarded the door immediately gave her a flattering smile, “Miss Di Duo, where’s boss?”

“Shh, Jian-ge is drunk, I’m going to the toilet. Don’t disturb him, you both know that his temper is very bad when he’s drunk, I can’t help you if he gets angry.” Hai Tang flirtatiously said.

“Yes yes, thank you for your concern, Miss Di Duo.” The two subordinates nodded gratefully.

Hai Tang charmingly smiled, then walked towards Golden Age’s exit. Copyright 2016 - 2023