Chapter 225-1: In case

Seeing Yang Chen suddenly appear in front of her, Lin Ruoxi forgot to breathe, and immediately after, her cheeks blushed deeply and she stared at Yang Chen with emotions of happiness and anger. She snorted and said, “So you’re alright.”

“Thank you for caring, my wife. Although I encountered some troubles, I am fine.” Yang Chen grinned with satisfaction.

Damn it! What was Yanyan mouthing off about getting shot? This meanie is completely fine! It’s all over now, he definitely heard what I said earlier, how am I going to face him in the future? I’m dying from embarrassment!

The more Lin Ruoxi thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became. After she received that strange phone call from Xu Zhihong, she called Cai Yan who was on duty for help as she had no context of the situation. Earlier on, Cai Yan suddenly received orders from the Yuan Family and Fang Family for the police force to provide protection to the Second General Hospital, so she informed Lin Ruoxi about what happened.

When Lin Ruoxi heard Cai Yan mention that someone had been shot, she immediately cut the call and rushed over, but she didn’t expect that due to her impatience, she didn’t clarify who was it who was shot, which caused this scene.

“You… why are you looking at me like this.” Lin Ruoxi found Yang Chen’s smile really weird, his gaze on her made her uncomfortable.

Yang Chen took a step forward, and Lin Ruoxi immediately took a step back and was on guard as she looked at Yang Chen.

“It’s not like I’m going to eat you. Come here, since you’re so concerned and worried about me, I’m willing to give you a free hug, albeit reluctantly, darling. If you want to kiss, that’s fine as well, but you will have to let me kiss you back.” Saying that, Yang Chen straightforwardly opened his arms with a righteous face.

The two nurses saw this, and hid at a corner to snicker at this couple.



Hearing such a joke in front of other people made Lin Ruoxi red to the ears. Fuming, she glared at Yang Chen, then turned and walked away while swinging her handbag.

Yang Chen had a gloomy face, he wondered why he was always scolded with this word. Perhaps he needed to widen Lin Ruoxi’s scolding vocabulary? He looked towards the two nurses and said, “What are you snickering on for? You scared my wife away!”

Saying that, he ignored the two nurses who wore innocent expressions and chased after Lin Ruoxi.

He chased all the way to the hospital’s entrance where Lin Ruoxi had parked her red Bentley. Seeing that she was about to get in the car, he quickly went up and blocked her.

Lin Ruoxi had regained her usual frosty countenance and stared at Yang Chen, “Move away.”

“I will give way, but due to the concern you had for me, I feel like I should tell you just what happened.” Yang Chen helplessly smiled. It seemed like he had overestimated his place in her heart, for a simple joke had caused her to become hostile towards him.

“I don’t want to listen, I have no interest in your matters. I only came to confirm whether you’re dead, since you aren’t, I will go back for my meeting in the afternoon.” Lin Ruoxi coldly said.

Yang Chen sighed, and no longer invited a rebuff. He let Lin Ruoxi get into the car.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t even look back as she closed the door, started the car and drove off.

Yang Chen shook his head with a bitter smile, then took out his phone and called Rose……


At the same time, in a stretched Cadillac limo, Yang Jieyu was on the phone.

“…… Ge, that’s what happened, so I need you to make some military orders to the navy and infantry to seal off Zhonghai during the later half of the night.” Said Yang Jieyu.

On the other side of the phone, was a masculine male voice, “I have no problem with that, but you need to attain Dad’s permission.”


“Dad likes his grandson Little Ye very much, I’m sure he’ll agree.”


“Aye, even if it’s not for his grandson, he hates forces like that the most, is there anything else……’

“Ge, there’s one more matter, but I’m not sure if I should say it……” Yang Jieyu hesitated.


“Jieyu, we’re brother and sister, what is there that you need to conceal from me?” The man was displeased.


“That’s not it Ge, I… I bumped into a young man today, his… his name is Yang Chen.”

The man on the phone became silent, then said, “Is that so? What about it.”

“He looks very much like you when you were younger, Hewei had the same impression as me……” It seemed to take a great toll on Yang Jieyu to speak these words.

This time, the man spent even more time in silence before saying, “I got it, don’t tell Dad about this for now. When Dad gives his approval, send me a message, I’ll order the navy to seal off the sea, then seal off the roads out of Zhonghai.”


Yang Jieyu sighed in relief, agreed, then hung up the phone. Copyright 2016 - 2024