Chapter 222-1: Selfish choice

In less than ten minutes after Xu Zhihong and his subordinate Hairy Ball left, one of the two black-clothed and sunglass-wearing men had returned. While wiping off his sweat, he entered through the doorway.

Yuan Ye and Tangtang saw that someone had returned, while Yang Chen was nowhere in sight. Their last inkling of hope had been extinguished, this was confirmation that Yang Chen had indeed been thrown into the sea!

They both knew that Yang Chen had incredible battle prowess, and hoped that he could miraculously survive despite having his limbs bound and the enemy holding guns. They wanted to believe, no matter how miniscule the possibility.

Yuan Ye and Tangtang exchanged glances, they both saw grief and remorse in each other’s eyes.

The man with long chin casually asked, “Old Fourteen, where’s Nineteen?”

The man addressed as Fourteen shook his head, then cleared his throat with strenuous effort, “He… he… he’s already dead……”

“What? Dead!? What do you mean!?” The man with long chin was stunned, and asked with a startled tone.

The surrounding men all looked at him, with confused faces.

At this time, a sunglass-wearing man who stood near Fourteen shouted, “Boss! He isn’t Fourteen! He is……”

Before that man could finish speaking, “Fourteen” strangely took out a submachine gun from his armpit and shot that man’s throat!

*Bang bang bang!!*

Bullets completely destroyed the silence in the warehouse……

Blood splattered!

“It’s Yang Chen!?” Yuan Ye finally recognized who it was, and shouted in excitement.

Tangtang also turned from tears into smiles, but she was so stirred up that she silently bit her lip instead of saying anything.

“Damn it! Kill him!!”

The long-chinned man immediately understood, this “Fourteen” was an impersonator and he was actually Yang Chen! As everyone wore the same clothes and wore large sunglasses, it was difficult to tell their face from so far away. Besides, he couldn’t even imagine how his two subordinates would suddenly be killed and replaced. Additionally, Yang Chen was even pretending to wipe off sweat on his head when he entered, which covered even more of his face.

However, to Yang Chen, it was no longer important whether he was exposed or not.

If he didn’t have a gun, then it would take more effort for him to deal with the remaining men. After all, he would need to be constantly dodging bullets. Though he could match the speeds of bullets, he would also need to be constantly calculating their trajectory.

Now that he had the submachine gun in hand, all he needed to do was to dodge at high speeds and make it impossible for them to keep up with his location, as for attacking, it was as easy as pie for Yang Chen.

Scorching hot bullets kept flying past Yang Chen’s body, causing the air around him to be heated up.

With the thick smell of smoke around him, Yang Chen held the submachine gun in one hand, and shot a series of bullets at seemingly impossible positions!

These criminals were appalled to realize that this man in front of them was like a phantom. Everytime they shot a bullet, it’ll only land at the spot he was at a moment ago!

On the other hand, the bullets fired from that man’s submachine seemed to follow where they went, and was fired exactly at where they were going to move to.

Everytime Yang Chen pulled the trigger, there’d be one or two criminals who fall. Even in death, they didn’t understand how they got shot at the back of their head when this man was in front of them!

Just about everyone in the warehouse had fallen in pools of blood, all that was left was the leader who had a long chin, and he was finally intimidated.

With the submachine in his hands, he seemed to be frozen in fear, and didn’t have the strength to pull the trigger. Looking around, his brothers who were alive seconds ago were actually all dead now!

A cold sensation was felt from his forehead, and with his eyes widened, he realized that a black gun barrel was pressed right against his forehead.

Yang Chen wasn’t even short of breath from all that, with a slight sigh, he spoke in a calm tone, “I’ve already gotten bored of things like guns.”

*Pew pew pew pew!!!*

A series of bullets were shot into the man’s forehead, causing red and white substances to splash about!

In a blink of an eye, the tables were completely turned, Yuan Ye and Tangtang watched as Yang Chen tossed away the submachine gun in and walk towards them in disbelief.

Looking at the two stunned youngsters, Yang Chen asked, “Yuan Ye, what’s your home phone number? The signal here has been cut off by them, and we can only use this modified phone. Make a call and inform your family of your safety.”

Yuan Ye didn’t seem to hear Yang Chen’s question at all, he asked, “How did you escape? Didn’t they throw you into the sea!?”

“You wish I sunk?”

“Of course not, I… I’m just curious……” Yuan Ye wore an honest smile.

Yang Chen helplessly stooped over and grabbed the alloy handcuffs on Yuan Ye’s hands and casually pulled……


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