Chapter 217-1: Mr. Gao

On the way up to the 27th floor, Yang Chen lost count of just how many security guards he had thrown off and kicked down. There were even several whom were the bodyguards of visitors, and they were all knocked into a sorry state with no exceptions.

The 27th floor was a floor for private business meetings, so the corridor was completely empty, but because the news of the chaos had spread up till here, the entrances to many rooms had several personal bodyguards tightly guarding it.

Under watch of the vigilant bodyguards, Yang Chen quickly walked around and found the private room labelled Knight. There were two well-built bodyguards standing by the door, and they looked fierce.

This time, Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered to waste his saliva. Before the bodyguards could speak, he gave each of them a punch at speeds that they couldn’t even see, so there was no point mentioning them blocking it. The two immediately fell onto the ground with their hands covering their stomachs.


Yang Chen raised his leg and kicked the beautiful locked safe door, causing the electronic lock to instantly raise the alarm, but despite the sharp sounds of it, it felt so powerless.

The situation inside the room was immediately revealed to him. Beside the desk lamp by the window sat two people. One was the astonished Lin Ruoxi, while the other was a middle-aged man who wore a purple suit.

The middle-aged man’s jet black hair was neatly combed to the back of his head, and he had numerous age spots on his face. It was obvious that his true age was older than what he actually seemed. Despite Yang Chen’s intrusion, he calmly remained seated where he was with knitted brows.

At this time, two robust bodyguards rushed out from the other room and nervously blocked Yang Chen’s path.

Lin Ruoxi finally confirmed that the man who broke in was indeed Yang Chen. As Yang Chen had been fighting and running, his originally unkempt appearance had worsened. He had a head of messy hair, face full of sweat, and blood stains from others on his clothes. Standing there in the doorway with his dark gray outerwear, he looked just like a young ruffian on the streets, the kind that was just in a gang fight.

“Who are you……” The man in purple suit asked in a deep voice.

Yang Chen ignored him, and carefully examined Lin Ruoxi. Seeing that she was just a little frightened and that she was physically fine without any anomalies, he became more at ease.

When Lin Ruoxi saw Yang Chen smiling at her, and she lost her ability to control her anger. She suddenly stood up and questioned, “Yang Chen! What are you doing!?”

“Miss Lin, you’re acquainted with this man?” The man in purple suit frowned and asked.

Lin Ruoxi rubbed her forehead like she had a headache, then turned to the man apologetically and said, “Apologies, Mr. Gao, I’ve brought trouble to you.”

“Miss Lin, this youngster seems to care a lot about you, he’s your……” Mr. Gao inquired.

Lin Ruoxi was stunned, then glanced at Yang Chen who was still standing there with a smirk. She sighed internally, then said, “He is an employee from my company, I’m not sure why he suddenly lost his mind.”

Employee? Lost my mind? Yang Chen’s smile became rather bitter, but he didn’t mind it much. After all Lin Ruoxi had been here for nearly four hours. Seeing her safe and sound made Yang Chen happy.

As for Lin Ruoxi’s assessment of him, he couldn’t be bothered with it for now.

Mr. Gao seemed to understand have instantly understood, so he frowned and said, “Miss Lin, I only came down to Zhonghai at the last minute on behalf of the friendship I shared with the previous CEO. I came to you for the collaboration with France’s Cherberyl Corporation without even considering the other large companies in Yanjing. The ways of this employees of yours has disappointed me very much. I simply cannot imagine why a big company like your Yu Lei International has an employee like this.”

“Mr. Gao, I apologize to you on his behalf, he… he usually isn’t like this… I don’t know why he’s like that today……”

Lin Ruoxi’s thoughts were in a complete mess. Just what on earth is this man trying to do!? Why did he suddenly appear without any notice!? It’s fine if he wants to come, but I’m in the middle of discussing business, why did he suddenly break in? Now it seems like the alarm and chaotic sounds were all because of him!?

Oh my goodness, just what kind of reckless person is this? He broke into the whole building by himself!?

Could it be that he did all of that just to kick down the door and silently smile at me!?

But right at this time, two policemen suddenly appeared by the door and shouted “Freeze!” They had their guns pointed at Yang Chen from behind!

Lin Ruoxi widened her eyes, she couldn’t believe that this fellow had even caused the police to come!

A slim and graceful policewoman entered the door. She had short black hair, and anger plastered on her face. Being called out for a task in the middle of the night for such a big ruckus would make anyone on duty unhappy.

“Let me see just who this amazing individual is……”

The policewoman walked to his front, saw Yang Chen’s face, and was dumbstruck.

“Bureau Chief Cai, you came pretty quickly.” Yang Chen shifted his gaze to Cai Yan and said with a smile. Copyright 2016 - 2023