Chapter 214-2: Honestly

Lin Zhiguo sighed, then fixated his gaze on Yang Chen and said, “You need not overthink things, I know of your vicious and greedy nature. If Hui Lin really falls into your hands, both of my granddaughters would suffer. The matter this time round is due to negligence on our part, we weren’t able to discover Broken Blade’s betrayal fast enough. It was all thanks to you that tragedies were averted, but this is also a good thing for you. The upper management has recognized your actions as friendly, and will not take the initiative to meddle with your personal life in the future.”

Yang Chen smiled, “That doesn’t affect me at all.”

“But it affects the people around you. No matter how powerful you are, you can’t protect all of your women at the same time, right?” Lin Zhiguo questioned.

Yang Chen’s smile turned cold, “Your people better not be thinking that way. It’s true that I can’t protect all of them at the same time, but I can kill all of you people! If you want the protective umbrella of Huaxia known as the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to be annihilated like Zero did, you can give it a try.”

“Are you threatening me!?” Lin Zhiguo’s eyes turned sharp, and he broke out a fierce and steely aura.

Yang Chen didn’t seem to mind that at all, “This isn’t a threat, it’s just a friendly message. I will not create trouble as long as you guys do not provoke me. Someone standing at a post as high as yours should be very clear that under the 《Treaty of Gods》, I’m not allowed to do anything to you guys as long as I’m not provoked.”

Lin Zhiguo’s expression went through various changes, then he nodded, “A helicopter is already prepared for you, you may leave at any time.”

“Many thanks.”


Yang Chen was in the middle of walking away when he turned back, “What is it?”

“If it’s possible……” There was a dispirited look on Lin Zhiguo’s face as he said, “If it’s possible, I hope you can help me persuade Ruoxi. As long as she’s willing, I can force the family to accept her, and she can return to the Lin Family instead of drifting outside all alone.”

Yang Chen’s lips formed a slight smile, “I’m starting to understand why my wife doesn’t like you. What she wants isn’t the acceptance of the family, what she wants is an elder that cares, that can be touched, and that can truly be a part of her life. Furthermore, she is no longer alone, for I am her relative.”

With that said, Yang Chen left the tent in big strides.

Watching Yang Chen leave, Lin Zhiguo seemed stunned. After a while, he sighed and asked, “Gray Robe, is what he’s saying true?”

Gray Robe who had been standing in the corner remained silent for a while, then said, “I think what he said does have an element of truth in it.”

“But Ruoxi doesn’t allow me to get close to her at all, how can I be her elder then?” Lin Zhiguo despondently said.

“Master, in the twenty-odd years since Miss Ruoxi was born, the amount of time you’ve spent with her does not even amount to an hour. I believe that that isn’t nearly enough time spent for her to even consider whether you sincerely care about her, right?” Said Gray Robe.

Hearing this, Lin Zhiguo fell deep in thought.

Outside the army tent, Abbess Yun Miao and Hui Lin were nowhere to be found, but the rest of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade members were standing by a military helicopter. Even the seriously hurt Cannon who was wrapped in bandages was here on a wheelchair, smiling towards Yang Chen.

“We’re here to send you off, thank you for your service to the country!” Tsunami who had become the new Captain said while extending his hand towards Yang Chen.

Yang Chen shook his hand and said, “In the future, don’t do silly things like blackmailing with poison.”

“That is Broken Blade’s plot, there will never be a second Broken Blade!” Bigfoot sternly stated.

“I hope that is the case.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Leaf shyly chimed in as well, “Big Brother Yang, apologize to Big Sister Mo and Auntie Ma on my behalf, I will apologize to Big Sister Mo myself if I have the opportunity to in the future, sorry to bother you.” After saying that, Leaf stepped forward and gave Yang Chen a hug, then quickly let go and stepped backwards.

Everyone laughed heartily, causing Leaf to blush.

Yang Chen bade farewell to them one after another, then impatiently got onto the helicopter and headed towards Kunshan Village.

After all, Mo Qianni who was at home was probably pacing back and forth in panic right now.

However, Yang Chen wouldn’t have expected that other than those of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade who were sending him off, there was also one more person hiding in a corner, sending him off with eyes that couldn’t bear to part…… Copyright 2016 - 2023