Chapter 205-2: True men die honorably

Sky Dragon coldly snorted, and his joints began to make cracking sounds like popcorn. An invisible aura surfaced all over his body, “Although the Mahakasyapa First was taught by Dharma, it isn’t invincible. Let’s see if you guys could resist my Shaolin Marrow Cleansing Scripture first!”

“True Qi on the outside, you’re already at the peak of Houtian huh……” The Dharmaraja Great Treasure mumbled without even batting an eyelid.

Sky Dragon roared, and once again pounced towards Great Vehicle and Great Wisdom. This time, when the three’s fists met, there was immediately a blunt slamming sound like an earthquake, causing invisible shockwaves.

Broken Blade and the others had to take action. Broken Blade and Squall charged towards the remaining two Dharmarajas, Great Treasure and Great Compassion, and they were evenly matched.

On the other hand, Cannon raised his heavy machine gun, and begun to shoot at the woman from Blue Storm!

Facing this rain of bullets, the blonde lady didn’t cower, she instead stretched her hand out and an invisible shield was formed in front of her. This shield completely stopped all bullets when they were one feet away from her, and they just fell onto the ground!

“God dammit! What kind of superpower is this!?”

“Let me!” Bigfoot roared in a deep voice. He mustered his strength, took a few large steps forward, and performed a tornado kick!

The blonde lady took out a unique silver pistol that had three muzzles while her other hand maintained her shield. There was a chilly look in her eyes.

Bigfoot’s tornado kicked up a gale, and his leg which contained a lot of internal energy slammed on the shield. It created an obvious ripple on it, then with a sound like air tearing apart, the shield was broken!

The blonde woman was about to fire at Bigfoot, but Cannon who noticed what she wanted to do had taken this opportunity to shoot past Bigfoot and at the woman’s head!

She helplessly gave up her intention to shoot as she had to dodge this barrage of bullets, and hid behind a pillar!

Bigfoot glanced at Cannon with an expression that said “good job” and chased after the blonde woman. He executed a chain of powerful kicks, which forced her to continuously dodge without any space to fire her gun.

Cannon judged that Bigfoot would be fine for now, so he pointed his gun at High Lama Dan Zeng. He knew that he had to act now, and didn’t hesitate.

But before Cannon fired his machine gun, there was a powerful force of attraction upwards which made it impossible for Cannon to take aim.

“Come on!” A man’s voice was heard from the beams on the ceiling, he spoke English.

Cannon’s machine gun ended up being pulled off his hands by that powerful force of attraction, end it flew into the hands of a man with ginger hair!

This man wore a blue leather shirt with stars and stripes and also a tornado on his left chest. He grinned at Cannon, “Your gun now belongs to me!”

“Motherf**ker!” Cannon was enraged, but he wasn’t a member who could only depend on weapons. He charged towards towards a pillar, ran up on it, and flew up onto the beam!

“Whew!” The white man jumped down to the ground, making Cannon go up for nothing. The man whistled and shouted, “Andy! Punk! Carlos! It’s time for the show!”

After his shout, two large black men who also wore blue shirts walked out from the side room. They wore black sunglasses and had a wide grin on their faces.

There was also a white man with brown sunglasses who had a relatively smaller physique. He suddenly appeared close by to the blonde woman, and Bigfoot was caught off guard by this man who appeared out of nowhere!

The man performed a sweeping kick, so Bigfoot attempted to block it with his leg. However, before their legs met, a blue electric current was seen on his leg!

Bigfoot hastily withdrew his leg and retreated by flipping backwards, and barely dodged!

The shoes the white man was wearing turned out to be made of metal to transmit electricity!

“That’s dangerous……” Bigfoot broke out in close sweat. In a showdown where he didn’t know his opponent’s cards, he had no way to guard against their methods.

Squall and Broken Blade were evenly matched against Great Treasure and Great Compassion, while Sky Dragon who was significantly stronger than either of the other two lamas couldn’t find any way to beat them within a short period of time as it was one versus two.

Cannon and Bigfoot grouped together. Looking at the five Blue Storm members who appeared, they were stunned.

“What the hell, weren’t there only three of them!?” Cannon stayed on guard as he watched the five close in on them.

Bigfoot pressed on the radio button on his earphone, but all he heard was the distorted radio noise. His face immediately turned ashen, “Communications have been cut, there’s no way to call for help!”

Cannon tried it himself, and that was indeed the case, but he didn’t panic. He took out two large caliber automatic handguns from his back, spat a mouthful of saliva and shouted, “A true man dies honorably, let’s put in all we got!” Copyright 2016 - 2023