Chapter 204-2: Assault

“Headquarters, surroundings are safe, over!”

Tsunami received Cannon’s message, then radioed Broken Blade who led the rest of the assault team, “Broken Blade, there are no traps in the surrounding, over!”

“Roger.” Broken Blade signaled the others with his eyes, then with a wave of his hand, he, Squall, Bigfoot and Sky Dragon charged towards the back of the temple.

They didn’t wear camouflage uniforms or carry high-tech equipment or machine guns like Cannon. They just wore tight and lightweight combat clothes.

They weren’t like Yang Chen who could ignore hails of bullets, but as the best of the best, ordinary guns were useless against them. This is because when a bullet is fired, the amount of time it takes for the bullet to fly to them was enough for them to evade it. In a small scale fight, firearms were a far cry from close combat weapons in terms of effectiveness.

The entire Coiling Dragon Temple was surrounded in smoke, while Cannon commanded the soldiers to continuously fire at the surroundings to seal off the area.

When Broken Blade led Sky Dragon and the others entered the temple, Cannon had the soldiers withdraw further away from the Coiling Dragon Temple and monitored the situation.

“They are turtling inside, be careful of traps.” Said Cannon while charging into the temple’s main entrance.

Broken Blade waved his hand, and the others stuck closely behind him.

In the tent at the canyon’s entrance, Leaf took off her earphones as she couldn’t see what happened in the temple. She asked Tsunami, “Is there still no news regarding Blue Storm?”

“Nope, there have been no news from headquarters at all. Previously, Captain Broken Blade was contacting with headquarters directly. If there’s any news, Captain Broken Blade would know first.”

“Could it be that Blue Storm’s people decided not to come because it’s too dangerous?” Leaf asked with a frown.

Tsunami had no answer, so he shook his head to express that he didn’t know.

By the entrance of the tent, Yang Chen kept trying to light up his cigarette, but due to the high altitude they were on, the lighter had difficulty lighting up. It took him a good while to light up his cigarette.

He blew a breath of smoke with pleasure, then sighed and said, “In my opinion, there’s no point keeping watch here. How about we go into the temple and take a look instead?”

“No can do, we can only control the situation on the outside by staying here. In the event that Blue Storm comes, we absolutely have to stop them from joining up with High Lama Dan Zeng and the others right here.” Tsunami said with a straight face.

Yang Chen sneered, “Is that something you can control? If Blue Storm wants to break in, they’d either come in by airdrop or an armed helicopter, can you stop them?”

“Stopping them is your mission, Sir Pluto!” Tsunami stubbornly replied.

Yang Chen tapped away the cigarette ash, “My mission? Alright, let’s leave it at that for now. But don’t you guys find it weird that High Lama Dan Zeng chose to stay in that Coiling Dragon Temple instead of escaping during the night?”

“They were frightened by us and didn’t dare to make reckless moves. Their only choice was to wait for reinforcement.” Abbess Yun Miao suddenly said.

“Those are just conjectures you guys arrived at.” Yang Chen helplessly smiled, “The only reason why you guys don’t dare to use powerful arms is because the Vairocana Dharma Body is more valuable than their lives and mustn’t receive any damage. They definitely know this as well. If I were them, being in a situation where I’m this close to the border, I’d rather make use of the protection the Vairocana Dharma Body offers and rush towards the border at night instead. Even if you guys could intercept them, you still wouldn’t wantonly make a move. This would be much better for them than waiting in the temple for you guys to catch them.

Abbess Yun Miao coldly snorted, “Utter bullshit. The moment they leave the temple, a sniper would take the opportunity to kill them. Furthermore, since they have contacted Blue Storm, they’d think that it’s safer to wait for them to arrive.”

“Oh Abbess……” Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Perhaps you haven’t been in a war and haven’t shot a gun, so you don’t know how it’s like to be a sniper. Many calculations and parameters have to be taken for a sniper to take a proper shot.

Night Wolf didn’t bring anyone to assist with the calculations. Purely with him alone, the chances of hitting the lamas who have deep cultivation levels is very low, especially when they are on guard. Besides, Night Wolf also has to take into account that he mustn’t damage the Vairocana Dharma Body.

As for the reinforcements, that makes even less sense. Before I came, all you guys could do was trap them in the temple, could it be that they didn’t know you guys can bring in reinforcements as well? Even if they chose not to wait for Blue Storm’s people, the situation wouldn’t change by much.”

After hearing his words, their expressions changed into one of deep thought. When looking at this way, the choices of the five lamas was indeed strange. Especially when they still haven’t made a move up till now.

The young nun Hui Lin on the other hand looked at them with curiosity. She didn’t seem to understand what was going on,

“Sir Pluto’s analysis does make sense, but the plan has already been executed, we mustn’t casually make adjustments.” Tsunami said with furrowed brows.

Suddenly, the image on the monitors shook and turned into complete darkness!

Everyone was stunned by this, Leaf immediately began tapping on the keyboard at lightning speeds, but nothing changed. Her expression darkened, and she said, “This is bad, a powerful electromagnetic interference has cut off all communications!” Copyright 2016 - 2024