Chapter 192-2: It’s most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty

As before, the bar was mostly empty with only a few customers. However, the person behind the bar counter wasn’t Little Zhao, it was Chen Rong.

Chen Rong had cut her hair short, which made her seem even more like a neat and dainty lady. Under the guidance of Rose, she had gradually become more confident and fashionable. Her bright eyes were the same as ever, but Yang Chen could see strength underneath it now.

Seeing Yang Chen enter, Chen Rong was delighted, and sweetly greeted, “Big Brother Yang.”

It had been a while since Yang Chen had seen her brother, Chen Bo, so he asked, “Rongrong, how has your brother been?”

“My brother is doing fine, he’s now an author for a column of a magazine. I find that he’s a lot happier than he was on his previous job.” Chen Rong happily said.

Yang Chen was rather surprised, but it did made sense as Chen Rong was a scholar of Beijing University. Perhaps this was the occupation he had always wanted.

Seeing how Chen Rong was no longer as timid as she had been when she first arrived at Zhonghai and had even become a bartender, Yang Chen teased, “Looks like you’ve kicked Little Zhao away from his post, Rongrong. You must be doing pretty well.”

Chen Rong blushed, “Not at all, Little Zhao-ge has been sent to take care of a large territory. Now that Rose-jie controls the whole of the west region, she lacks manpower, that’s why I replaced him.”

“Are you able to get used to… everything?” What Yang Chen referred to naturally wasn’t just working in the bar.

Chen Rong paused, then nodded while smiling, “Actually, after getting used to it, I think it’s fine.”

Yang Chen was able to tell that Chen Rong was being honest, so he didn’t ask anymore. He gave her an encouraging glance, then walked towards Rose’s bedroom.

When he entered the familiar bedroom, Yang Chen noticed something he hadn’t seen here before.

Beside the table inside the bedroom was Rose who wore pure white dress and sat on the leather chair. Her hair was rather messy, and her natural complexion was slightly fair. She stared at a book with her glasses on, and wrote on it with a fountain pen. On the computer screen in front of her was various charts.

Noticing that it was Yang Chen who entered, Rose was pleasantly surprised. She put down her pen and glasses, and smiled, “Hubby, why have you come during the day, don’t you need to work?”

Yang Chen walked to Rose, and picked up the glasses that Rose took off. The glasses was just a frame with no lens, so he played with it and said, “Does it matter what time it is when I come to see my woman? I didn’t expect that you’ll have an office worker side to you, seems like you do suit the business style.”

“Where do you find a white collar worker who wears a nightgown to work?” Rose protested. She took back the glasses, and spoke in an embarrassed manner, “Actually, I’m just roleplaying to give myself a scholarly appearance. Otherwise, dealing with those accounts are too boring.”

“Why? Do you intend to turn your businesses legitimate like Zhou Guangnian?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

Rose shook her head, “No matter how much the money is laundered, money that is illegally obtained will still be illegally obtained. In this world, if there’s white, then there’ll be black. I don’t feel like being a part of the underworld is bad, but if a criminal organization doesn’t sell drugs, doesn’t do human trafficking, and doesn’t smuggle arms, then their basic income wouldn’t be enough. Therefore, I’ve decided to open some clean companies to make up for the lack of income.

Yang Chen agreed with her, he said, “Seems like my darling Rose has understood the essence of the underworld. There’s no need to actually compare the black and the white, for once they grow to become large scale, they’re both economies, and a part of society. For example, Japan’s society would be in chaos without the Yamaguchi-gumi, while half of Italy would stagnate without the mafia. As long as one doesn’t hurt the country’s bottom line, one can be as big and powerful as one wants.”

Rose’s eyes shone with vigor, she curiously asked, “Hubby, are the Yamaguchi-gumi and mafia stronger, or are you stronger?”

Yang Chen was stunned. He didn’t have any need to hide anything from Rose, but he didn’t want to be too specific, so he said, “I can only say that I am not on the same level as them. If I have enemies, it wouldn’t be them, and they won’t make me their enemy.”

“Just like how an immortal in the heavens won’t fight with an emperor on earth?” Asked Rose.

“More or less.”

Rose didn’t continue asking. She stood up from her chair, and stretched her back, “Hubby, wait here for a while, I’ll take a shower before keeping you company.”

“We were having a good chat, why choose to shower now? Isn’t better to shower after dinner instead?” Yang Chen asked with a bitter smile.

Rose was stunned, she turned around with a blushing face, and bewilderedly asked, “Hubby you… didn’t come here to do that?”

“Do what?”

“Do… do that kind of thing……” Although they knew each other well, Rose still found it hard to be direct.

Yang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Darling Rose, why would you think that way? When have I ever said that if I come here, it’s to bed you?”

With her head lowered, Rose softly replied, “Because you’ve always been like that in the past…… I thought you came here today for that as well, so……”

Seeing Rose’s reaction, Yang Chen felt a prick in his heart. The impression that he gave this woman was that he only thought of her when he wanted to have intercourse with her!

She had always been feeling that way, but had never grumbled at him, as if it was the way it should be. She also always gave him a passionate smile, and was willing to spend some time in this small room with him without any regrets.

Yang Chen suddenly recalled that he had never brought Rose out on a date before. The two have already had so many primitive exchanges, but had never even had a meal out, watched a movie, or even walked on the streets together like ordinary couples!

It’s most difficult to bear the kindness of a beauty. Yang Chen knew that he had made a grave mistake, he had let Rose down, and felt like giving himself two massive slaps.

Once he thought of this, Yang Chen made up his mind, and said with a warm smile, “Darling, change into whatever you want, let’s go out.” Copyright 2016 - 2023