Chapter 185-2: Extremely odd

Mo Qianni drove the car at normal speeds. Although there was very little traffic on the highway, she still took forty minutes to reach the resort Lin Ruoxi referred to.

After entering the resort, Lin Ruoxi’s secretary, Wu Yue, who had arrived much earlier led the attendants out to receive them.

“Boss Lin, Department Head Mo, your rooms have been prepared, you may rest at any time.” Wu Yue’s expression was as cold as ever, as if she was another Lin Ruoxi.

“Help Yang Chen arrange dinner, and give him a room too.” Said Lin Ruoxi.

Wu Yue looked at Yang Chen with slight astonishment, she didn’t understand why Yang Chen had come, but she still nodded, “Alright.”

Yang Chen found this even more ridiculous, it had to be known that though Wu Yue helped Lin Ruoxi with official matters, she wasn’t personally called in to do everything. Since Wu Yue had arrived at this resort a long time ago, she definitely hadn’t come here just to arrange rooms for them.

However, though Lin Ruoxi remained taciturn on the journey, she didn’t forget that he hadn’t eaten. This showed that she cared about him, which made Yang Chen satisfied.

After resting for a night in the neat and clean room, Yang Chen walked around the resort early in the morning.

The resort was quite a distance from Zhonghai’s downtown. Close by was a small village which was on the other side of the lake from the resort. There were short hills surrounding the resort, which made it scenic and secluded.

What made Yang Chen find odd was that the resort had very few cars and not many rooms. Rather than calling it a resort, it could even be called a vacation home, as the number of customers coming in was so few that it was pitiful.

When Yang Chen was planning to return to his room, a server called out to him from behind, “Mr. Yang, Boss Lin has invited you to breakfast.”

Yang Chen didn’t expect Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni to get up so early. When he arrived at the dining room, the two ladies were already seated face to face, eating salad and drinking vegetable juice while discussing something. Seeing Yang Chen come, the two ladies simply nodded.

Yang Chen grabbed a plate of rice noodles, then pulled over a chair to sit between them. With a smile, he asked, “You guys can’t truly be here for a vacation, right?”

“You’re someone who’s a part of this important project and have made great contributions to it, so I’m allowing you to watch a show.” Said Lin Ruoxi.

“What show?”

“You know the core contents of this collaboration, right?”

Yang Chen nodded, “Yu Lei and Changlin each invest five billion, while Muyun invests two billion and their research facility’s technology. The three parties will make use of a shared bank account to develop a new material. The set funds mustn’t be used for any other purpose, and can only be used to develop the product. When the product hits the market, Yu Lei is in-charge of marketing, and take sixty-five percent of the profits, while Changlin and Muyun will take twenty-five percent and twenty percent respectively.”

Lin Ruoxi casted a glance at him with a dull smile, “Sixty-five percent of the profits, which was privately agreed with Muyun. Although I’m very curious as to how you achieved such an outcome, I’d still say you’ve done very well.

“Is this considered a praise from a wife to a husband, or praise from a boss to an employee?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

“Is there a difference?” Lin Ruoxi frowned, she had a premonition that Yang Chen was going to make use of his glib tongue again.

“Of course there’s a difference. When a wife praises a husband she gives him a kiss, while a boss gives their employee a bonus.” Yang Chen seriously said.

Lin Ruoxi blushed. Mo Qianni was right opposite her and this fellow had begun to flirt. Clearing her throat she said, “Quickly eat, Xu Zhihong should be coming soon.”

“Hey, why did you suddenly change topics…… Wait, did you just say Xu Zhihong?” Yang Chen became even more perplexed, “Why is Xu Zhihong is involved too?”

Before Yang Chen could continue inquiring, a candid laugh was heard from the entrance of the dining room.

“Haha. Mr. Yang, when there’s such a fascinating show going to happen, this Xu definitely can’t be missing out.” Xu Zhihong who wore a white suit and red tie appeared. He looked like a handsome prince charming, and was followed by Hairy Ball whose hair was like a bird’s nest. They walked towards the three. Copyright 2016 - 2023