Chapter 184-2: Wait for you to pounce

Bringing along a bunch of police officers who were prepared for a battle, Cai Yan led the way as they charged back upstairs. Only one thought was on her mind; is he okay!?

When they arrived at the floor where she ran down from, Cai Yan and her subordinates were shocked.

There were corpses all over the stairway! Their fresh blood had dyed the ground red, and the men dressed in black had all died with queer expressions, as if they had seen something incredibly terrifying right before their deaths.

Cai Yan didn’t see Yang Chen amongst these people, which made her relieved. She directed them to the floor above, opened the fire exit, looked inside, and was once again shocked.

On the carpet of the corridor were bodyguard-like figures dressed in black lying disorderly on the ground. These people all held their guns to their deaths, and every single one of them had a bullet hole on their heads! Blood and white viscous liquids flowed out from them.

Amongst them, there was also a man who Cai Yan would never forget, it was the man who attempted to shoot her rope with a Desert Eagle. At this moment, he also laid on the ground lifelessly.

Yang Chen wasn’t here either!

There was only one goosebumps-inducing explanation left in Cai Yan’s mind. In the gunfight earlier, that man had actually killed all of these people by himself!?

Cai Yan had no way of understanding how a person could actually achieve this, for he had practically faced them empty handed, what they possessed were real bullets……

At last, Cai Yan understood why her secretive sister was so serious in warning her not to provoke this man……

“Chief! What should we do now?” A subordinate asked Cai Yan, they were already at a loss as to what to do in this situation.

Cai Yan sighed, calmed her mind down, then said, “Cordon off this area, send people to immediately clear the scene. What happened here today is confidential. We will tell the public that these people died from infighting.”

The policemen were bewildered by this, but since Cai Yan had always shown proper leadership and had a powerful background, they tactfully chose not to ask any further. They then carried out her instructions.

Cai Yan gazed at the corridor filled with bodies, thought about the perilous scenes that they went through, and before she knew it, she was smiling and said to herself, “Scoundrel, you didn’t even let me know before you left, I was so worried for nothing……”

At the same time, Yang Chen whom had taken the elevator down to a spa center in the middle of the building was being led to a private room by the boss who wore a red cheongsam and had a good figure.

Ever since he had become a millionaire, Yang Chen had also become rather casual about his expenses. Although he was alone, he still chose to book a double room. The reason was because a single room would be too small, while he wouldn’t be comfortable with others around.

Although that battle seemed rather easy for Yang Chen as those people were just thugs who weren’t even at the standard of special forces, he had killed over a dozen people after all. Feeling jittery inside, he decided it was best if he called a girl in to give him a massage.

If it wasn’t because he had to participate in the contract signing later, Yang Chen would have gone over to Rose for some physical and speech interaction. That chick who trended more towards violence would definitely love to hear him narrate what he had done.

But before he walked out to the corridor, there was someone familiar who stood in the way.

With a loose silk shirt and black flax trousers that looked old fashioned but high quality, this man’s dressing gave the impression of a classical Chinese. With a smile on his face, he looked like a random grandpa.

The man that appeared was none other than Zhou Guangnian whom he had met once. This person was the boss of Dongxing who had to leave the event early because of Zhou Dongcheng.

“Mr. Yang, you’re also here for a massage! You seem to be in great spirits?” Zhou Guangnian was very amiable as he spoke with a wide smile.

Yang Chen didn’t intend to greet him. Truthfully, his presence here was practically a confirmation that he was connected to that bunch of people earlier, but Yang Chen didn’t care about that, that was the police’s business, he was only here for a massage.

“Mr. Zhou, aren’t you going to collect the corpses?” Asked Yang Chen.

Zhou Guangnian seemed to be bewildered by this question, “Corpses? What corpses?”

“Oh, my mistake.” Yang Chen smiled and turned to leave.

“Hey,” Zhou Guangnian called out to Yang Chen, and with an indifferent expression he said, “Mr. Yang, there’s something I’d like you to hear.”


Zhou Guangnian moved a little closer and said, “Leave some leeway in everything, everyone should just mind their own business.”

“These words of yours don’t rhyme and can’t connect.” Yang Chen feigned distress as he spoke.

“It’s fine as long as its meaning is conveyed.” Zhou Guangnian calmly said.

Yang Chen showed a slight smile, “I thought you’d say something like becoming a dog recklessly pouncing due to desperation.”

“That isn’t impossible either.” Zhou Guangnian’s expression turned slightly sour.

“Then I’ll wait for you to pounce.”

Done speaking, Yang Chen turned away and left.

A man who stood beside Zhou Guangnian with a malevolent expression asked, “Chairman, that brat doesn’t know his place and ruined our business. He even killed our client and dared to treat you like this. Chairman, why won’t you let me get rid of him with my gun!?”

“Are you able to get rid of him?” Zhou Guangnian expressionlessly asked.

The man stayed silent, for he knew that he was indeed incapable of that.

“This young man isn’t simple, to deal with him, it must be done in one fell swoop.” Zhou Guangnian grimly smiled and said, “Let’s go downstairs, the ones who died were all foolish swines, and isn’t worth thinking about. We should just cooperate with the police investigation. I, Zhou Guangnian am a businessman who abides by the law. Copyright 2016 - 2023