Chapter 183-1: Seductive figure on a high floor

“Go home?”

“Yeah, to my home.”

Yang Chen looked at the excited Mo Qianni, and shyly said, “Isn’t that a little too fast? I know that a great man like me is one in six billion, but you shouldn’t be in such a hurry for me to go to your house…… I was just there a while ago, going there again so soon is embarrassing. Actually, if you want to do it, we could also go to a hotel…… But of course, I’m very open, if you want to do it in the wild, I also wouldn’t mind, don’t the ancient people do it on the ground with the open sky above them all the time? With cold winds blowing at the butt, their battle prowess can last even longer! However… going to your house isn’t a bad choice either, I just don’t know if the bed in your room is big enough. Your figure is considered well-developed amongst women, if the two of us roll about, a small bed might not be able to take it……”

Mo Qianni was able to follow what he said at the start, but as she listened, the words spoken became a little strange. In the end, she blushed and clenched her teeth, then said, “Yang Chen… who said I wanted to put out for you!? I’m telling you to accompany me to my hometown in Sichuan! I hope that you can come with me, and help me bring my mother to Zhonghai.”

Yang Chen’s jaw dropped, he murmured, “Speak clearly then, how am I supposed to know which home you are referring to?”

“Do you get it now?” Mo Qianni unhappily asked.

Yang Chen nodded, he remembered that back then when he dealt with her stepfather, Zhang Fugui, Mo Qianni had mentioned bringing her mother to Zhonghai then. Baffled, he asked, “I recall you mentioning that, but why do you suddenly want to bring me along?”

Blushing, Mo Qianni slyly said, “The last time I called my mother, she said that if I can present my boyfriend to her, she would consider coming to Zhonghai. In a few more days, things in the company would pretty much be done, so I plan to bring my mom here from my hometown.”

Yang Chen immediately understood. Her mother was worried about Mo Qianni remaining single. Mo Qianni wasn’t getting any younger, as her mother, it was natural that she was worried about Qianni marrying into a good family.

This problem could be big or small depending on how it’s being looked at. In the worst case scenario, if Yang Chen went with Mo Qianni, it would be bluntly telling Lin Ruoxi that his relationship with Mo Qianni, and their marriage might come to an end. The friendship between the two ladies might also collapse. However, it was also possible that with Ruoxi’s character, she might not even have much of a reaction, and might just coldly snort.

Mo Qianni apprehensively looked at Yang Chen, this was undoubtedly a difficult choice to make.

The thoughts of a woman can sometimes be very complicated, she knew that this could cause irreparable damage, but when love and friendship interweaves, she still desperately hoped that Yang Chen wouldn’t abandon her.

These were the feelings of this woman.

“Since that is the case, I’ll go with you.” Yang Chen didn’t think much of it, and agreed.

Mo Qianni’s thumping heart relaxed, she covered her mouth with a hand, and her eyes reddened as she smiled, “How do you intend to tell Ruoxi?”

“I’ll say it as it is, there’s nothing disgraceful about it.”

Yang Chen knew that some things couldn’t be kept hidden forever. Whether it was Mo Qianni, Rose, An Xin, or Liu Mingyu, he couldn’t make these beauties which he considered his hide in the darkness forever. He also didn’t think about hiding them. Perhaps people theoretically wouldn’t allow him to have so many wives, but when someone breaks free from the shackles of normality, this wasn’t something he’d care about much.

Mo Qianni rubbed her eyes, pursed her lips into a smile, then said, “I don’t even need to guess to know how Ruoxi would react.”

“How would she react?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

“She would definitely agree, and would never ask about our relationship.” Mo Qianni confidently said.

Yang Chen creased his brows, “Why?”

“Because, as long as she doesn’t ask, you won’t take the initiative to tell her. If you don’t tell her, then no matter how much our relationship progresses, it wouldn’t be publicized. She would forever be your only legal wife, and the queen of the house. You’d have to place her first in your heart.” Mo Qianni wryly smiled and said, “To be blunt, if she doesn’t say a thing, then a mistress will forever be a mistress, and will never show in front of her.”

“But this isn’t something that she has a final say on, I am the one who makes the decision.” Said Yang Chen.

Mo Qianni slanted her head and looked at him, then lightly laughed and said, “But would you divorce her for me?”

Yang Chen was stunned, this was clearly impossible. Although there was more than one woman in his heart, after all this time had passed, he was already used to treating the ice-cold Lin Ruoxi as his wife, and considered the villa at Dragon Garden his home. He also considered Wang Ma who took care of them as family. He was even mentally prepared to live this way forever. In a situation where Lin Ruoxi doesn’t say a thing, he wouldn’t even think about divorcing her for other women! Copyright 2016 - 2023