Chapter 21: Stupid Woman

After about an hour, the couple finally calmed down after rolling around the big bed, they used a big blanket to cover the mess, and snuggled with each other.

It seemed that Rose had yet to recover her senses as her whole body leaned weakly onto Yang Chen’s chest, her two lumps of tender flesh squeezed each other, displaying an erotic sight.

The woman who experienced the humid rainfall at that point seemed extraordinarily enchanting, she gently clawed at Yang Chen’s chest, and somewhat coquettishly said: “So it turns out doing this thing is this tiring, it’s better not to do it in the future.”

“Up to you,” Yang Chen grabbed onto the rare beautiful shoulders, and evilly said: “If you won’t do it, I can still find other ladies to do.”

“You have no conscience, mentioning other women right after tormenting me!” Rose doesn’t know to laugh or to cry and gave Yang Chen a slap, then immediately followed with a question of curiosity: “By the way, the reason you came here today, can’t truly be to……. to do that right…..?”

Yang Chen stretched out a hand and pinched Rose’s tender face lightly, “You could say it’s a yes, yet also say it’s a no.”

“What do you mean?” Rose considered herself intelligent, yet she couldn’t understand what was going on in the mind of the man she loves.

Yang Chen got up from the bed, flipped his pants around and drew out that pack of poor quality cigarettes, lit up one of them and enjoyed blowing a few smoke rings, then comfortably smiled and said: “The reason it’s a yes, is because you indeed attract me, yep……. Since long ago I’ve wanted eat up the free little fat sheep you are. But you know, because your background is a little troublesome, eating you up is the equivalent to the end of my normal and relaxed lifestyle. Therefore, I had to forcefully endure my hunger.”

Rose nodded her head in understanding, “I know, you aren’t willing to get involved with the West Region underworld conflicts, while I’m the Red Thorns Society’s president, getting together with me, is the same as going against the entire West Union Society. It is only natural that you aren’t willing to accept me, but why have you now……. could it be now you plan to…..?”

Seeing Rose’s hesitant way of speaking, Yang Chen laughed and said: “You don’t need to think so hard, that’s right, because of some distasteful behaviors, I am now extremely disgusted by your dad’s West Union Society. Or you could say, it’s a few members in the West Union Society causing my days become a headache to pass, and so I thought, rather than hiding around like the other old guys, why not turn the entire West region into your territory. Although that would take some effort, and have several minor repercussions, but…….” At this point, Yang Chen greedily swept his gaze onto Rose’s sexy figure, licked his lips and said: “But, since I could wipe out those pests, and also eat up a stupid woman like you, I’m more than happy to.”

Being called “stupid woman” by her lover, made Rose unable to endure from rolling her charming eyes, “So there’s such a reason, seems like you came here today to claim down payment…….”

After finding out Yang Chen’s aim, Rose didn’t ask Yang Chen what his plans were, and wasn’t worried about him either, as of that moment, Rose had already determined that the end of the battle between the two big societies of the West Region is near.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why Yang Chen likes this woman so much, if she was merely a beauty, then Rose would be the same as the other girls he played with, and he would end the relationship after intercourse. However, Rose is obviously a woman who knows how to make a man happy. She believed in Yang Chen’s abilities, things that Yang Chen does not want to say, she wouldn’t ask, if Yang Chen wants to keep the listener in suspense, she would conform to him by appearing interested.

When Yang Chen does not come to meet her, she would not disturb Yang Chen for no reason, and would only silently await for him at a quiet place. When Yang Chen comes to see her, she would then passionately throw herself at Yang Chen, letting her man know, how much she missed him……

The more Rose holds herself back like this, without any desires or demands, the more difficult Yang Chen finds it is to part with her.

The truth is Yang Chen also pondered whether the situation with Chen Feng was merely an excuse he convinced himself with. If the status quo continued a little longer, perhaps even if West Union Society did not offend him, he would likely destroy them just because of Rose, for she is his close confidante and lover.

After the two shared another hot kiss, the skies outside have darkened, and the lights of the city began lighting up.

Seeing that it was about time, Yang Chen no longer procrastinated, and got up to put on his clothes.

Rose originally wanted to help, but did not expect the moment she stood up, a sharp pain made her crease her eyebrows instead. She bit her lips, and said with a weird voice: “It’s all your fault, you’ve made me all swollen.”

“Hey……” Yang Chen awkwardly laughs and says: “I saw that you didn’t bleed, and thought you were alright, it can’t be that this was your first time?”

Rose was so angry that her face turned white, “That hymen of mine was accidentally torn while I was doing splits in my childhood, what about it, you think I’m loose?”

“No no no…….” Yang Chen hurriedly laughed and said: “My dear darling Rose, I was just wondering how you normally curb your demands. That part of yours is so tight I can’t even pull it out, how could it be loose, hehe……”

After hearing Yang Chen’s embarrassing words, Rose felt like laughing yet also felt angry, so she simply pulled the blanket over her face and no longer cared about Yang Chen.

Yang Chen lifted the blanket and smiled in satisfaction, and while quickly walking towards the door he seemed to have remembered something important, and asked: “Rose darling, my wife wants me to go find a job, and it must be an upright one. I’m thinking of choosing a leisure and unconstrained job, but I’m not familiar with the companies in Zhong Hai, which would you say is suitable?

“YOUR WIFE!?” Rose’s head popped out of the blanket like a bullet, with a pair of huge eyes, “Since when did you have a wife?”

“Sigh, a living buddha, with a poker face all day, we just got the marriage certificate today, the circumstances aren’t convenient to speak of, but I am now married.” Yang Chen shook his head in distress.

Rose’s expression changed ten thousand times in a single moment, and said with an aggrieved tone: “Although I’ve never thought of being the legal wife, but you don’t need to strike me so hard right? I’ve become the mistress so fast.”

“You don’t want to be the legal wife? Why?” Yang Chen curiously asked.

“Being the legal wife is not suitable for me, after all I’m someone who lives in the dark, and cannot openly appear in public, also……… I don’t look like a good wife and a loving mother at all, am I right? My good hubby……..” with that, Rose glamorously rolled her eyes at Yang Chen.

“You alluring evil spirit,” Yang Chen nearly wanted to draw his gun to battle again.

After delicately laughing for a while, Rose didn’t seem to mind Yang Chen’s marriage too much, she thought for a moment, and suggested: “If you like to see beauties, and want freedom, then go to Yu Lei International, they specialize in the fashion industry and cosmetics. Within Zhong Hai, and within the entire country, they are considered a huge company. I saw on the news that Yu Lei International’s Public Relations department is hiring, and is accepting both male and female applicants. I heard many males are even rushing to apply.”

“Public Relations department? Men applying?” Yang Chen understood in a flash, and hurriedly asked: “So it seems this Yu Lei International has plenty of beauties huh?”

“Yep, good treatment, good welfare, and most importantly Yu Lei International is considered the company with the most beauties in the entire Zhong Hai, after all they do fashion and cosmetics, I think this is what you want hubby…….” Rose revealed a “I know you very well” expression.

Yang Chen wasn’t embarrassed, and nodded in gratification, “Great suggestion, great suggestion, the salary isn’t important but the environment is, yep……. I’ll go do some research and apply tomorrow.”

When Yang Chen walks out of the room, Rose who is on the bed watches the door close and sighs. What Rose doesn’t know is, when Yang Chen walked a short distance from the room, he smacks his chest, and whispers in relief: “How dangerous, keeping a mistress makes my heart tremble in fear.” Copyright 2016 - 2024