Chapter 165-2: The most valuable


Yang Chen who had left the villa wasn’t totally filled with anger like Lin Ruoxi had thought.

Once he stepped out, Yang Chen took a deep breath. The words he said earlier made him shake from apprehension inside. After all, when he first met Lin Ruoxi, that chick had an unyielding character. She’s a woman who could jump from a building without any hesitation, if he managed to lose his wife just by speaking a few sentences, he would really be the champ.

However, there’s no way around that. In Yang Chen’s opinion, Lin Ruoxi was overwhelmingly intelligent in most ways, but when it came to EQ, she was pitifully and lamentably weak. She had to be taught a lesson, or she would just be an intelligent pretty face that’s empty inside.

It goes without saying that Yang Chen couldn’t return after leaving like this, even if it’s for his own face. Therefore, he hopped back into his car, and left Dragon Garden to head towards ROSE bar where Rose resided.

Rose didn’t have a stable schedule for work and rest. When Yang Chen entered her sweet smelling chamber, she who had dealt with the West Union Society and became the beautiful underground queen of the west region was lying on the bed watching TV.

The translucent black flowery nightgown covered her graceful figure, she lied on the leather sofa, appearing languid yet charming.

Seeing Yang Chen suddenly enter undoubtedly made Rose pleasantly surprised, she leaped from the sofa and into Yang Chen’s bosoms.

The scent of body soap entered Yang Chen’s nose, and he kissed Rose’s neck, “During the past few days that I left, has everything been well?”

“Why are you asking this so suddenly? In the past, even if you were in Zhonghai, you would frequently stop contacting me for a week.” Rose calmly said.

Yang Chen blushed with shame. This woman’s EQ is too high! With just one sentence, she filled me with guilt and pity, and make me can’t help but want to love her better.

There was no point in speaking more, so Yang Chen decided to do what’s important before discussing about other things.

Hugging Rose’s well-developed and soft body, he charged into battle hundreds of times, and the nightgown which Rose wore had been tossed away to god knows where.

The seductive flower stuck onto Yang Chen’s chest, with her eyes half opened as she panted. The pair of soft flesh on her chest was squeezed into half spheres, and the two tiny grapes at the tips rubbed against him, giving him great pleasure.

Although Yang Chen had Mo Qianni for company for the past few days, their relationship was still in the early stages and they were on a business trip. He couldn’t possibly sleep with her so casually. Mo Qianni also couldn’t easily cross over the gate named Lin Ruoxi, so he had been suppressing the desires inside.

After he had finally achieved climax from Rose’s body, Yang Chen comfortably leaned against the bed. He stroked Rose’s soft hair and felt a little drowsy.

Rose was tired from being tormented, but she was in high spirits, and asked why Yang Chen thought of coming to see her right after he returned.

Yang Chen didn’t conceal anything, and narrated the matter of him returning home and giving that ice-cold CEO a lesson.

When Rose heard all of it, she couldn’t help but chuckle and turn over to the side. Her shapely snow-white legs lashed out on the bed enticingly, which made Yang Chen swallow his saliva.

“I was under the impression that a woman like her would have brilliant ideas and would be extremely mature. From what you’re saying, she seems like a sixteen or seventeen year old teenager, hubby.” It was as if Rose had found the new world.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes at her, “You’re exaggerating. She isn’t like you. Although the both of you have lived independently since childhood, your environment allows you to have extremely good understanding of the ways of the world. The environment Lin Ruoxi grew up in made her good at managing a company, and compete in the business world, but in terms of family and matters of emotions, she’s a total mess.”

“That kind of women are usually very pure, and makes one want to love them. In other words, because of ignorance and silliness, they awaken men’s desire to protect.” Rose playfully said.

Yang Chen frowned, “You’re exaggerating, she’s just a little silly.”

Rose shifted her leg, and the heel lightly touched against the round flesh of her butt, causing a wave on her body…… With both her hands on her chin, she said, “Hearing you say that makes me feel like meeting her……”

“That isn’t something that is fun.” Yang Chen said with a pout.

“It isn’t anything serious, it’s not like I am a threat to her position, I just want to meet this innocent and cute legal wife.”

As the two spoke, Yang Chen looked at the perfect curves on Rose’s well-developed body, and his little brother began to show signs of hardening again.

Realizing that the situation was taking a bad turn, she who couldn’t bear much more torment immediately thought of distracting him by changing the topic, she said, “Hubby, during the few days that you were gone, someone had come here to look to for you.” Copyright 2016 - 2024