Chapter 159-2: Left hand

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Mo Qianni faced her head downwards, and her thin flowery lips kissed the center of Yang Chen’s palm.

The moist and soft touch made Yang Chen quiver, this action that couldn’t be more gentle was like a heavy hammer smashing on Yang Chen’s heart!

She, kissed my hand!

This hand that showed her death and fright! This hand that made her lose consciousness from shock! This hand that has taken away countless lives! This hand that has been stained by countless sins!

This sinful hand that has been shrouded in darkness!!!

The woman’s kiss wasn’t just the holy light that expelled the rotten sins, it was also an irrefusable warm current, trickling into Yang Chen’s closed heart……

Penetrating, moist.

The smile on Yang Chen’s face gradually dissipated, a perplexed expression replaced it.

Why? Shouldn’t she be afraid, fearful, and disgusted? Like many people from the past, fleeing far away from me, or feigning respect while maintaining distance? Why would she kiss this sinful hand that reeks of blood!?

After the kiss, Mo Qianni took a breath in front of Yang Chen’s palm, then slowly raised her head. With a lovable smile, she said, “There’s an oily smell, it’s unhygienic to not wash your hands after eating y’know?”

“Why……” Yang Chen didn’t care about her joke, and straightforwardly asked.

Mo Qianni nonchalantly smiled, she leaned her supple body forward, and caressed Yang Chen’s face with her hand, with a gentle look in her eyes.

“I like you, Yang Chen…… I may not know when it began, and we’ve only known each other for a short period of time, but I just like you…..”

“Although you always make me angry, although you’re always cold and indifferent to me, although you’re always perverted, although you… are my best friend’s husband, I just like you…..”

“I don’t care who you were in the past, I don’t care what identity you have now, I couldn’t care less about who you would be in the future……”

“All I’m trying to say is, the man I like is named Yang Chen. When I was feeling helpless, he pulled me out of my predicament. When I was lonely, he accompanied me and chatted with me. When I was in danger he would protect me from any harm……”

“The one I like, is the owner of this hand, it’s you……”


Yang Chen didn’t believe in any religion, he didn’t believe in any god, but in this moment, if god really existed, then he wanted to thank god for creating women.

Women, a creature that fascinates men……

Originally, he thought that after seeing a part of his true side, this woman would no longer be intimate with him, would gradually distance herself, and even avoid him……

Although his firm mind could ignore all of this, dripping water can break rocks, the pain would eventually make its way into his exhausted heart.

But unexpectedly… the outcome was instead……

Yang Chen lowered his head, blinked a few times, then raised his head back up with a bright smile, “Little Qianqian, this is how I will address you in the future.”

After saying a string of confessions, Mo Qianni felt like she had a burden released. Hearing this form of address, she nearly spat. Coquettishly looking at him, she said, “That’s so corny!” But inside, she felt sweetness and warmth.

“That’s nothing, I’ll give you a little more corniness!”

Yang Chen nefariously smiled and suddenly grabbed Mo Qianni’s soft body, pulling her into his embrace. Then, he kissed Mo Qianni’s rosy lips!


It was so sudden that Mo Qianni simply couldn’t react, her jaws were relaxed, allowing Yang Chen’s nimble tongue to dig into her warm insides and stir up havoc.

As this was her first time receiving a kiss, Mo Qianni appeared very passive, her soft and tender tongue was teased without anywhere to hide. Gradually, the man’s thick breath and wild kiss made her lost within the strong flames of love……

After some time, Yang Chen who had sampled the woman’s exquisite liquids reluctantly parted his mouth from hers.

The Mo Qianni of this moment had a strong blush as she gasped for breath. Her lips looked a little swollen, and her pair of limpid eyes were incomparably charming, like an abyss that baited one to commit crime, difficult to resist.

Yang Chen looked at the lady’s charming appearance like she was free for the picking, and heat began to accumulate in his manhood. But he knew that this wasn’t the time, so he could only forcefully suppress his desires. He reached over to Mo Qianni’s plump butt with his hand and smacked it, the feeling of the soft flesh was incredibly satisfying.

“Little Qianqian, you couldn’t possibly be thinking of getting me to push you down now, right?”

Mo Qianni only returned to her senses now, panic filled her eyes and she immediately struggled free from Yang Chen’s embrace. Covering her bashful face, she hastily ran into the toilet barefooted.

Soon, sounds of pouring water was heard from the toilet. Mo Qianni had finally remembered that today was the official day of the business talks, she had to quickly shower, clothe, and put on makeup.

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