Chapter 157-1: Yang Chen’s test

Anger surfaced on Li Muhua’s face after he heard what Mo Qianni said. He stared straight at Mo Qianni and said in a deep voice, “Miss Mo, please watch your words, I’m the victim tonight, it was Li Mucheng who wanted to murder me. Fortunately, Li Meng and the others came in the nick of time and turned the situation around. I’m innocent……”

“Innocent? Do you think that our eyes are blind and our ears deaf? You’re more shamless than Li Mucheng, you aren’t human.” Mo Qianni sneered and said.

Li Muhua’s expression turned from bad to worse, his brows knitted together, and his forehead already had veins surfacing.

Yang Chen gloomily rubbed his head. What is this woman so agitated for? We can just speak amiably, isn’t it just internal fighting for wealth and property within a powerful family? Just like wars in ancient Huaxia, it’s the same for whoever wins, they are all snatching the same piece of meat, what is there to argue over?

He had initially wanted to settle this matter peacefully with the fact that it had no relation to them, but once Mo Qianni said such a thing, it was no longer possible.

“Miss Mo, I’m very disappointed that you said such a thing about me.” Li Muhua relaxed his brows, revealing a bitter smile, “Although I know that it’s rather sudden for me to say this, the fact is that I had thought of using this collaboration with Yu Lei International to become close friends with you, Miss Mo. Then, I’d be able to find a chance to develop our relationship into the next stage.”

Li Muhua’s words didn’t just surprise Mo Qianni, it also surprised Yang Chen. What does he mean? Is he confessing to Mo Qianni?

“Unfortunately, I never expected that Miss Mo would see what transpired here, so my dreams have been quashed.” Li Muhua regretfully said.

Mo Qianni bit her lip, “Li Muhua, don’t put on such an expression. The fact that you’ve had such thoughts makes me feel disgusted.”

“Miss Mo, did you know? I investigated your details before I decided whether or not I wanted to invite Yu Lei International to join our alliance. I believe that even if the two of you die, the alliance of our three companies would still happen, and would even turn our alliance more resolute when dealing with the Xu Family.” Li Muhua’s gaze turned cold as he spoke.

Yang Chen sighed, tapped on the nervous Mo Qianni’s slightly trembling hand, and gave her a reassuring gaze. He then smiled towards Li Muhua and said, “Do you know why I am here?”

“Why?” This was actually what Li Muhua had been thinking about, why was Yang Chen here, and how did Yang Chen come here? He had no way of theorizing this.

“Because I wanted to confirm if my hypothesis was correct.”

“Hypothesis?” Li Muhua became even more confused.

Yang Chen nodded, let go of Mo Qianni’s hand, then walked up to Li Muhua and said, “I’ve made the hypothesis a while ago that the so-called assassination, planted bomb, and extortion were all plotted by you.”

Li Muhua sneered, “Mr. Yang, since you won’t be in this world much longer, I’d like to hear how you managed to come up with such a magical hypothesis?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I believe that my plan was invulnerable.” Li Muhua proudly said, his countless successes had made this young CEO incomparably confident.

Yang Chen shook his head, he slowly took out a cigarette from his pocket, then slowly lit it up.

The low quality cigarette emitted a stinging smell, which caused Li Muhua who had been a part of high society since childhood to subconsciously take a step back.”

Yang Chen enjoyed a breath of smoke. Embarrassed, he said, “If I don’t take a smoke, I can’t say it clearly.”

“I’m all ears.” Li Muhua just thought of it as the final cigarette for a criminal on a death sentence. Since things had already progressed to this stage, Yang Chen and Mo Qianni were just fish on his chopping block, he wasn’t in a rush to butcher them. Copyright 2016 - 2024