Chapter 19: Objects Like Bullets

At the break of dawn, only a wolf-fang like moon hangs in the sky, but at this moment the fanged moon, seems scarlet.

On a quiet street in the Western region, an exhausted figure fiercely flees out of an alley, she wore tight leather clothes that outlined her perfect curves, at this moment there were several cuts on her arm, with dark red blood seeping out.

She holds a cold dark dagger tightly in her hand, which looks grim yet bright under the moonlight, the residual blood on it is proof that it recently stabbed into somebody’s flesh.

“Miss, there’s no need to run anymore……” a deep voice was transmitted from the warehouse in front of the woman.

At the same time, the woman stops her tracks and warily stares at the numerous shadows walking out, there are at least ten of them.

The leading man’s head is bandaged, with a very rough face, wearing a big black coat, toying with a locally made Glock 37 pistol in his hand, blocking the road ahead without hurry or delay.

“Miss, your skills are indeed terrifying, having never missed a bullet, killing off thirty of our brothers all by yourself, and still able to flee until here……..” The man slowly said emotionlessly: “However, Miss, the ambush we specifically set up for you, has long anticipated this, so we waited for you to run out of bullets, and so now we have appeared.”

“Blackbear, I’ve treated you well in the past, why must you collude with my father to go against me?” The woman breathlessly pants, after consecutively killing tens of enemies, her subordinates were already wounded or dead, and she too is completely spent.

The man code-named Blackbear laughs out loud, “Miss, it doesn’t matter what disputes happened between you and Boss. I, Blackbear’s life was given by Boss, naturally I would loyally do Gang Master’s bidding. Big Miss has been kind to me in the past, but from the moment Big Miss left West Union Society to establish Red Thorns Society, Miss has become Boss’ enemy. Therefore, you are naturally my enemy, and there’s no space for affection left.”

“My father is autocratic, and does business devoid of conscience, even the underworld is ashamed by him. He also doesn’t treat all of you well, in his eyes, all of you are just the dogs he is raising, so many elders and brothers are willing to quit with me, why are you so persistent and stubborn?” The woman knows she already no longer has the strength to withstand the gunfire of more than ten people, and could only make her final attempt to persuade them.

Blackbear shakes his head, expression as cold as before, “Miss, before I send you off, I’ll give you one sentence —— a triad can be inhuman, but still must be loyal…….”

The moment the words were spoken, Blackbear stretches out a finger ahead, the many men behind him raises their firearms, with their muzzles pointing at the woman ten metres ahead.

In that life and death moment, at the time when all gunners are ready to pull the trigger, a ghost-like magnetic male voice appears in everybody’s ears……..

“Hey bros, it’s fine that you all were disturbing me watch the moon, but you can’t possibly be intending to have more than ten men shoot at a girl right? When it comes to men shooting women, other than the gun below, you’re not supposed to casually use any other, everybody look! She’s so beautiful…….” within the words, is a voice full of regret.

“Who are you!” Blackbear vigilantly looked all around, yet he couldn’t even find a shadow.

The woman who originally awaited her death suddenly widened her eyes, watching at the space above in disbelief!

A figure falls from the sky like a ghost in front of the dozens of gunmen, just like a vampire in European myths, in the enchanting moonlight, quietly opening their huge black bat wings, and extending their sharp claws.

This is a young man with a face that seems a little lazy, a little jocular, a little curious, but most of all, is disdain.

Blackbear doesn’t like this type of gaze, but his bones produce a trace of fear, “What are you!?”

The young man does not reply, and instead turns his head to ask the woman, “If I help you take care of them, can you promise me one thing?”

“I can, no matter what it is……” The woman’s pale face from blood loss turns a little red at this moment, she could imagine what a man would want after saving a woman, including sacrificing her own body, but right now she doesn’t have any other choice. Even she does not understand why she believes this strange unarmed man can save her feeble life from the dozens of gunmen!

“It doesn’t matter who you are, you must die…….” Blackbear was angry, he hates being ignored, and was the first to point his gun at that man.


At the same time the gunfire appears in the muzzle, the man disappears. When he reappears, one of the man’s hand is already gripping onto Blackbear’s head, and he lightly twists it……..


Blackbear feebly falls to the ground, with both eyes angrily open, full of disbelief and dissatisfaction……. He did not even have the time to react, and his neck was already broken!

All the other black-clothed gun wielding men were frightened, the society has numerous skilled people, Blackbear, who emerged from the underground boxing world, was mysteriously killed while pulling the trigger!

“How did this stupid bear say it earlier, that’s right…….I’ll give you people one sentence, something like bullets, is only effective against weaklings……”

The moment the man finished speaking, his body once again turns into a blur, charging into the dozens of men in the dark. Every time he nears one, he hits one! His hand might be smacking the head, or pinching the neck, or even punching the chest, as long as a man is hit, that man instantly falls to the ground.

The woman watching this scene close by struggles to understand what was happening, only by looking at the wounds of these thugs, they unexpectedly all died instantly by inhuman deaths, either by crushed heads, broken necks, or shattered chests!

If at the point of this man’s arrival the woman imagined this man in front of her as a hero saving a beauty, then at this moment, this man in front of her is simply the god of death!

That’s right, she has been saved by a death god-like man, and even agreed to whatever he requests!

In fact, at that moment this woman was thinking, even if she did not agree in the beginning, she still felt that she couldn’t resist against him, a human may say “No” to other humans, but can’t say anything close to “No” to a “God”!

After ending this battle without any suspense in breath, the young man claps his hands and slowly walks towards the woman, under the moonlight, he grins, as if he does not feel anything he should from the slaughter he just did, “My name is Yang Chen, what’s your name beautiful?”

“Rose…….” Rose said absentmindedly.

“Rose……. Good name” Yang Chen laughs, scratching his head with an embarrassed expression, “Err…….Miss Rose, I’m going to state my request…….”

“Please…… Please speak…….” Rose lowered her head, preparing herself for getting slaughtered, with her heart involuntarily beating faster.

Yang Chen seriously said: “Miss Rose, I hope……. You don’t speak to anyone about what happened today, I don’t want to get into trouble with a gang, I beg you……..”

Beg? He is begging me?

Rose raises her head in shock, in this moment, as if the world froze over, only the man in front with the awkward smile is left, with a trace of honesty, and a trace of warmth…….. Copyright 2016 - 2024