Chapter 156-1: Unrealistic rosy view

The moment the cold and firm muzzle touched his temple, Li Mucheng thought he was hallucinating.

Li Mucheng slowly turned to look towards Li Meng who was beside him, and saw a grim smile on the knife-scarred face of the man……

It’s no hallucination! The gun is pressed against my own head!! Not Li Muhua’s head!!!

Li Mucheng’s face thwarted, he gritted his teeth and asked, “Li Meng! Have you gone mad!? I ordered you to kill that fellow! Not point the gun at me!”

“I haven’t gone mad, the order I received was to kill Li Mucheng, not Li Muhua.” Li Meng smiled, revealing his teeth which were blackened due to smoking.

Right as Li Mucheng was feeling lost, Li Muhua suddenly leisurely coughed, “My dear Gege, I really have to thank you for cooperating with me on this show to the end.”

Li Mucheng angrily turned his body back, and stared at Li Muhua’s face. There was not a tinge of fluster or bitterness from before, he looked happy, like everything had gone according to his plan!

In the next moment, the two black-clothed bodyguards who stood on Li Mucheng’s side walked over to Li Muhua’s side, changing their target for protection without a word!

This was like a bolt out of the blue, causing Li Mucheng to nearly fall to the ground from the shock, he staggered back a few steps, and finally returned to his senses. With an expression full of disbelief, he shook his head.

“No… it’s not possible… you guys… you all are……”

“Just as you have seen, Li Meng and your bodyguards are all my men.” Li Muhua’s smile became increasingly radiant, just like the usual modest gentleman he seemed to be. “My dear Gege, did you really think that you had the capability to create such a perfect scheme? If it wasn’t because I dispatched Li Meng to cooperate with you, how could you possibly have acted in concert with my plans till today?”

Li Mucheng swallowed his saliva, his body began to tremble and sweat began to seep through his clothes. He gradually understood that all of this was a scheme that Li Muhua had planned several years ago! It’s just that today was the day that the veil had been lifted!

Even the flustered and fearful expressions that Li Muhua had shown earlier were an act! He was just toying around with him!

Li Mucheng had thought that victory was within his grasp. However, it turned out that everything was just an unrealistic rosy view, his enemy had always been watching him like he was a clown performing for him!

The cruelty of reality nearly made Li Mucheng forget to breathe!

Li Muhua straightened out his well-ironed suit, a relaxed smile filled his dashing face. He walked to Li Mucheng’s side and said, “It’s such a pity, you’ve practically been playing the fool all these years, and looked for every possible means to seize the company and family properties. You’ve really worked hard, it must have been really exhausting for you……”

“You bastard……” The words that were spoken were like a knife slicing through Li Mucheng’s heart. His eyes turned bloodshot, and he hysterically shouted. Abruptly, he got up, intending to tackle and beat Li Muhua up!

However, before Li Mucheng managed to come into contact with Li Muhua, he was suddenly struck by a roundhouse kick from Li Muhua!


Li Mucheng was directly sent flying from the kick. Dizzy, he couldn’t get up again, and just rolled around the floor in pain.

“My dear Gege, could it be that you’ve forgotten that we learned Taekwondo together since childhood? It’s a pity that you were never able to defeat me, then gave up soon after. On the other hand, I kept persisting till today, I’m already a black belt, what about you? I reckon that you’ve forgotten how to fight a long time ago…… Look, you’ve never been my equal since childhood, this outcome today is to be expected……” Li Muhua clicked his tongue and sighed.

Li Mucheng was torn inside, the schemes he painstakingly plotted were originally about to succeed, victory was within reach. But he had never expected that everything he had been proud of was just a mirage set up by the enemy!

He was just like a person who poured in his heart and soul, patiently suffering as he crawled towards what he envisioned as heaven, yet the people around him cruelly told him that he had crawled in the wrong direction. This wasn’t heaven, this was hell!

Li Mucheng’s usually jovial and rowdy appearance no longer existed. His domineering state of mind had also dissipated. All that was left was a heart that had been ripped to shreds and spiritless eyes.

“Actually, you’re not too stupid. That’s right, the investment that you made three years ago failed because of me, but so what? You were just guessing, and nobody could provide you with evidence. In the past three years, you intentionally feigned idiocy, hoping that I would slacken my chokehold of you, hoping that I wouldn’t be on guard against you, but you still underestimated how much patience I have……” Li Muhua paced around step by step and said, “Li Meng is someone who I had planted into the family when I was in college. He was first put to work by father’s side, then father had him assigned to you. However, from start to end he had only ever listened to my orders. Therefore, all this time that you spent feigning idiocy simply had no significance. Every sentence you’ve ever spoken to Li Meng has travelled to my ears. Remember this, every investment and plot you make are all in my grasp……. So much so that many plans you came up with Li Meng were actually things that I told Li Meng.”

“You……” Li Mucheng pointed at Li Muhua with a trembling finger, “You’re a devil… a devil……” Copyright 2016 - 2023