Chapter 151-1: Waiter

All guest rooms in Twilight Villa used traditional metal locks and keys; they looked extremely old-fashioned without those modern magnetic locks. The main reason was the resort’s simple and classic style. Furthermore, on a hilltop resort like this which was well-guarded, they had never encountered the trouble of theft.

Currently, in the guest rooms area, along the long corridor, a handsome man who wore the Twilight Villa’s waiter’s uniform pushed a cart. There were all kinds of cleaning tools on the cart, he pushed it slowly, stopped in front of a door, looked left and right, then stopped.

He knocked on the door closest to him and received no response, but the waiter still knocked another two times to double check. Seeing that there was still no response from the inside, the waiter simply stuck his ear against the door to check if there was any activity inside the room.

After about half a minute, the waiter was convinced that the guest inside was sleeping soundly.

A slim yet flexible lockpick appeared in the man’s hands like magic, the man began to shape it in the lock with a grim expression, he also took note of the rubbing and colliding sounds from the lock. Only an expert could differentiate the meanings behind those subtle sounds.

After about half a minute, the sound of the door being unlocked was heard. With a crisp sound, the door which was locked from the inside had been opened!

The waiter calmly placed the metal rod back into his pant’s pocket, and was about to enter the room when someone had suddenly tapped on his shoulder from behind!


The waiter instinctively turned around while shifting to the side as he nervously looked at the person who tapped on his shoulder.

This was an average looking man who had a smile on his face and wore the Twilight Villa’s guest pajamas. This person was precisely Yang Chen who quietly walked out after hearing unusual sounds.

The waiter immediately revealed an awkward and respectful expression. He remorsefully bowed and said, “My apologies, sir. I had such a big reaction because you gave me a fright.”

“I frightened you?” Yang Chen rubbed his chin, then said with a weird smile, “Your metal lockpick is the one that frightened me. This skill isn’t something that can be mastered in a year or two.”

The waiter revealed a confused expression, “Sir, I have no idea what you’re saying.”

“It’s alright if you don’t understand, if you hand over the lockpick in your pockets for me to play, then everything will be fine.” Said Yang Chen.

A chilly glow flashed past the waiter’s eyes, he wore a smile and said, “Alright then.”

The waiter stuck a hand into his pocket, with his head lowered, he gradually pulled out something from it.

“Go to hell!!”

Suddenly, a sharp and gleaming small dagger was pulled out of his pocket, and it charged towards Yang Chen’s throat the moment it was revealed!

Yang Chen was prepared long ago, he calmly struck the waiter’s dagger-gripping hand. His strength directly made the waiter’s hand go numb, and the dagger flew far away before dropping onto the ground.

“What I want is the lockpick, I’m not interested in the dagger.” Said Yang Chen as he watched the waiter who retreated while holding onto his hurt arm, and gave him a dull smile.

The waiter’s originally handsome face suddenly turned malevolent and fierce. He suddenly pulled out a Type 54 handgun from the cleaning tools, and pointed it towards Yang Chen to shoot!


Before the trigger was even pulled, the handrail of the cart in front of the waiter suddenly struck his chest!

In the next second, the waiter felt an acute pain in his chest. He couldn’t grip onto the pistol properly, and it fell onto the ground. His body also curled up and rolled on the floor.

Yang Chen withdrew the leg he used to kick the cart with, clicked his tongue and said, “You pulling out a gun to shoot me still isn’t as fast as me directly using the cart as an artillery shell.”

With that said, Yang Chen kicked the pistol away, then squatted to grab the waiter’s hand to take a look.

After a short glance, Yang Chen frowned. Copyright 2016 - 2024