Chapter 148-1: Twilight

Yang Chen who had returned to the business class side returned to his seat to rest. The half an hour he spent making love left him very satisfied, but in a small space like a toilet, he was practically doing what he enjoyed while standing most of the time, and that made his waist ache.

But right at this time, a pair of eyes which had a gaze filled with coldness shot towards him.

Yang Chen shivered for a moment, he looked up and it turned out that Mo Qianni had taken off her shades and looked at him with a gaze full of killing intent.

Clear as to why, Yang Chen made an embarrassed smile, and shifted his butt like he was sitting on pins and needles.

The remainder of the flight was very peaceful, around noon time, the plane landed at Hong Kong International Airport, and as business class passengers, they alighted first.

When walking out of the cabin, An Xin who was neatly dressed like in the beginning gave Yang Chen a sweet smile, unwillingness to part clearly showed in her eyes, and she secretly blew a kiss to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen swallowed his saliva, he could tell that this woman was definitely the reincarnation of a fox spirit!

Mo Qianni who saw this scene sneered, and left the cabin in big strides, as if she couldn’t be bothered to walk alongside Yang Chen.

Yang Chen winked at An Xin, then helplessly increased pace to catch up with Mo Qianni and Lu Tao.

“Hey, Miss Mo, what’s up with you now, have I offended you again?” Puzzled, Yang Chen softly asked.

Mo Qianni sneered, “The taste of an air stewardess should be pretty good, right?”

Yang Chen was stunned, but he didn’t deny, “How did you know?”

Seeing that he admitted it openly, Mo Qianni became even angrier, this man was too shameless, “How did I know? When everybody had their seatbelts on, you went to the lavatory, then that air stewardess also went to the lavatory. The two of you went for over an hour before coming back, do you take me for a fool?”

Looking at the furious Mo Qianni, Yang Chen’s thought quickly, and playfully said, “It can’t be that our Department Head Mo is jealous, right?”

“Jea… jealous!?” Mo Qianni’s pretty face blushed, and she quickly denied, “For me to be jealous of you? Don’t think so highly of yourself! I am just feeling sorry for Ruoxi. She has a lecherous and shameless husband like you, it’s truly sad that she has to spend the rest of her life with someone like you.”

The two spoke while walking towards the airport’s exit. There were passengers walking in different directions all around them, and it was noisy, so nobody was able to clearly hear their conversation.

Yang Chen laughed and said, “It’s not like you’re me or Ruoxi, how do you know if we want to spend the rest of our lives together?”

“What? Could it be that you want to divorce Ruoxi and look for that vixen!?” Mo Qianni furiously inquired.

“Hey, why are you so agitated? I didn’t say anything, even if I’m going to have a divorce, it’s not with you. I’m just casually saying it.” Yang Chen didn’t expect that she would have such a huge reaction.

Mo Qianni stared straight at Yang Chen, “You with the surname Yang, let me tell you, you better not act recklessly. If you harm Ruoxi, I will not let you die peacefully!”

Seeing this woman’s pretty eyes that were filled with killing intent so close to him, Yang Chen waved his hand with a stiff smile, “How can that be? I love her so dearly, how can I possibly hurt her?”

“That had better be the case.” Mo Qianni said, “According to my understanding of Ruoxi, she doesn’t say it verbally, but she’s the type who wouldn’t turn back on a decision even in death. Since she chose to marry you, she definitely wouldn’t change her mind. If you dare abandon her for another woman… even if it’s for the previous CEO, I will make your life worse than death.”

Mo Qianni’s words were incredibly fierce, her sharp gaze reinforced her seriousness, causing Yang Chen to feel a chill on his back.

However, from the beginning till the end, Mo Qianni didn’t say that Yang Chen wasn’t allowed to have another lover, she only said that he wasn’t allowed to hurt Lin Ruoxi. The meaning contained in her words were quite profound.

They walked past immigration and to the exit, and at the planned gate, the four saw signboards that had the words ‘Yu Lei’ and ‘Changlin’ written on them. There were several men in suit and tie with dignified faces awaiting them.

When they walked closer, they noticed a young man wearing a navy blue suit with a red tie. He had a handsome face and was over 1.8m tall. With a genial smile he welcomed the four. This man was obviously the leader of the group from Muyun assigned to receive them.

“We’ve been expecting you, friends of Yu Lei International and Changlin Media. I’m Muyun Corporation’s Vice-CEO, Li Muhua. My father, Li Deshen was unable to make the trip down due to sickness, so I am welcoming you on his behalf, and also express his apologies.”

Pleasantly smiling, Li Muhua shook hands with Lu Tao, then with Yang Chen and Mo Qianni. Lu Tao’s assistant was directly skipped, which showed that he had good judgement in identifying importance.

Lu Tao modestly smiled and said, “It’s unexpected that the Young Master of the Li Family came to welcome us in person, I’m already overwhelmed by favor, how could I possibly expect for Mr. Li to come in person?”

“I never expected to be received so warmly, sorry to make you wait.” Mo Qianni apologetically said.

After all, the Li Family’s people were all dressed in formal attire, while the four were in casual attire.

Li Muhua quickly stated that he didn’t mind, “According to our data, you must be Miss Mo. Miss Mo, please do not brood over this, your’s is a fashion company after all, we can understand.”

Li Muhua seemed very amiable. After getting to know them, he led the four out of the airport. Their escort came as a pack of BMW 7-series cars, and they got into a luxurious stretched Cadillac limousine, it was very grand.

The cars got on the road without a hitch. In the stretched limo, Li Muhua personally served the four with glasses of Lafite red wine that was stores in the car’s refrigerator, and tasted it with the them.

Li Muhua didn’t have the slightest bit of haughty temperament that was expected of children from influential families, this made the four feel extremely comfortable. Even Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel that this fellow was almost as dashing as him. Copyright 2016 - 2024