Chapter 17: Even A Pig Is Cuter Than Him

Lin Ruoxi untied her bunned up hair and let the soft and smooth hair fall on her incomparably beautiful and tender face. However, on that beautiful face was a pale and exhausted expression that arouses pity for her.

Watching Yang Chen enter, Lin Ruoxi raised her head with complicated emotions, she did not ask how Yang Chen handled Lin Kun, and instead showed a smile of self-ridicule: “I’ve become a joke to you, that’s right, I have such a father, I have such a joke of a family, do you find me very pitiful, are you sympathizing with me in your heart? Do not sympathize with me……. I do not need anybody’s cheap sympathy, especially yours……”

“Who says I pity you?” Yang Chen laughed, drew out a cigarette from his pocket, and enjoyed a breath of smoke.

“You’re not allowed to smoke in front of me.” Lin Ruoxi frowned, and unhappily waved her hand to dissipate the smoke in front of her.

Yang Chen turned a deaf ear to her, and lied on the big sofa at the side, raised his head to smoke and said: “I just want to advise/warn you, not to show me such a pitiful look. At the very least, you know who your parents are, and you have received love from your elders before. Although your family is not that warm, but at least you have a family.

Also, you’re born this beautiful, to the point of being the subject of people’s attention wherever you go, unworried about food or clothes since birth, driving luxury cars at such a young age, you have all that you want……. it is impossible for you to understand, someone who does not even know who his parents are, or where he is even from, someone who has nothing, and how that would feel……..”

Suddenly hearing such words, Lin Ruoxi is stunned, for the first time, Lin Ruoxi seriously gazed into Yang Chen’s pair of eyes, those eyes revealed melancholy and loneliness, making Lin Ruoxi’s heart unconsciously clench itself.

Yang Chen did not stop there, with a soft voice as if he was speaking to himself, he said, “Since young you’re always alone, when hungry, when cold, when bullied, when beat up, all alone…….. Without a father or mother, no family, no brothers or sisters, not even friends…….. To survive, you fight till you’re bleeding all over just for moldy biscuit, to fill up the stomach, you eat grass and tree barks till your intestines bleed……. Nobody would care about your life, nobody would pity you, because you are just a pathetic lifeform abandoned by the world, even a domestically raised dog has a higher status than you…….”

Listening to the man’s low and hoarse narrative, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes turned red again, not for herself, but for that pathetic lifeform.

“I’m sorry,” Lin Ruoxi lowered her head, and softly said: “I didn’t know your childhood was so tough…….”

Yang Chen lowered his head, and gradually revealed that usual undisciplined smile, “My good wife, I made it up, you actually believed it?”

“You……” Lin Ruoxi raised her head, she was just feeling sad for him, then this rogue actually said he made it up, Ruoxi immediately turned angry, “How can you be like that!”

“Hehe, look at you, this angry face is so much more beautiful than the crying face you had earlier.” Yang Chen praised.

Lin Ruoxi felt warmth in her heart, she understood that Yang Chen did it to divert her attention and clear away the unhappiness, but she was unable to say any words of gratitude. She looked at Yang Chen as if nothing happened, “Since you were lying to me, then where are your parents? Our marriage is only by contract, but if your parents suddenly appear, then things would get complicated.”

Yang Chen’s two fingers toyed around with the cigarette butt, and he plainly smiled, “There was one thing I did not lie to you about previously, I really do not know who my parents are, I was separated from them before I was five years old, this name is all I could remember, I’m an orphan.”

Hearing Yang Chen casually mention that he is an orphan, Lin Ruoxi felt sour in her heart, she suddenly thought of consoling him, yet doesn’t know how to, struggling internally, she nodded, then remained silent.

After the two shared silence for a while, Lin Ruoxi finally spoke: “Yang Chen, there are some things I need to make clear to you, after all we signed a contract, you have the right to know the reasons this situation came to be.”

Yang Chen frowned and said: “Are you talking about the matter regarding that stupid pig of a father forcing you to marry?”

“You are not allowed to call my father a stupid pig……..” Lin Ruoxi was a little peeved, “If he is a pig, then ain’t I also a pig.”

“Hehe, my family’s little Ruoxi is so pretty, even if she is a pig she would be the cute and sweet-smelling kind.”

“You are the pig……..” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes, without any anger, she returned to the original topic saying, “My father holds 30% of the company’s stocks, and is a major shareholder, second only to me, but this isn’t the main point, after all before my granny passed on she handed 60% of the stocks over to me, I have absolute control over the company. However…….. in my father’s hands, there is the ownership of an old villa….”

“Is that old villa important to you?” Yang Chen doubtfully asked.

“Extremely important…….” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes revealed an expression of beautiful reminiscence, “In my childhood, there was only my granny and mother to accompany me, I grew up there. My mom and dad’s marriage was merely for money and profit, my dad didn’t love my mom, he is a playboy, up till now he is still the same…….” After saying all this, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes showed traces of abhorrence, “Although he is never at home from day to night, he is still the owner of the house. Naturally, when granny passed on, he never allowed me to return, and because he lives a life of debauchery, his finances are nearly depleted, and he’s preparing to sell off the villa…….”

“What does this have to do with our marriage?” Yang Chen boringly asked.

Lin Ruoxi coldly rolled her eyes at Yang Chen, “I want to take back the villa from him, but he isn’t willing to give it to me, I offered much higher than the market price, and he still isn’t willing to sell it to me. He only has one condition, which is to have me marry Xu family’s young master. He clearly has received benefits from the Xu family………”

“The father even needs to use coercion to make the daughter marry, in my opinion he is no stupid pig, even a pig is cuter than him.” Yang Chen seriously shook his head.

Lin Ruoxi did not care about Yang Chen’s reaction, and continued with: “The Xu family’s Xu Zhihong has always been pestering me, but I’m not willing to go against the Xu family, after all the Xu family is one of the top five strongest families in Zhong Hai, we can’t afford to offend them, therefore…….”

“Therefore you decided to marry me, getting rid of that Xu family’s brat from having any more ideas, first getting through that obstacle, then thinking of a way to take back the real estate from your stupid pig of a father?”

“That’s right……..: Lin Ruoxi wearily nodded, in recent days, her mind has been boggled over this problem. A young lady merely in her twenties, already carried such a heavy burden.

Yang Chen sighed and said: “Geez, this idea of yours cures the symptoms but not the disease, in the end you still have to face pressure from the Xu family and your father, that…… that indecent thing.”

“I’m not able to care about that, I can only take a step at a time…….” Although Lin Ruoxi’s voice was very soft, her tone was incomparably determined.

Yang Chen stood up, picked up his brand new phone, and quietly headed towards the door.

Lin Ruoxi frowned and said: “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to a bar, to look for women…….” Yang Chen looked back, with a face full of seriousness. Copyright 2016 - 2024