Chapter 141-1: I want

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Li Jingjing and President Cha noticed Yang Chen’s strange action, and also stopped in their tracks.

They noticed that he was entranced by a photo on the wall, so President Cha said with a smile, “This is Madam Guo Xuehua, the founder of our New Hope Orphanage. Up till now, she has founded over a hundred orphanages, her portrait could be found in every single one of these orphanages, expressing the respect everybody has towards her.”

It was also the first time Li Jingjing heard the name Guo Xuehua, she raised her head to look at the woman who looked over thirty years old. This person had a bunned up hairstyle, with glossy and round cheeks. While looking graceful and high-class, she also looked friendly and dignified, as if she had the temperament of a powerful family. While invoking closeness, she also gave off a feeling like she shouldn’t be stared at for too long as that would be disrespectful.

“Big Brother Yang, what’s up with you? Do you recognize Madam Guo?” Li Jingjing curiously asked.

Yang Chen lightly shook his head, he smiled, “When seeing a beauty, a man spends more time staring, that’s how we are.”

Li Jingjing rolled her eyes at him, she didn’t mind what he said.

As they followed President Cha in, the portrait was still stuck on Yang Chen’s mind, he felt like he had seen that woman somewhere before, but he just couldn’t figure it out. This feeling was difficult for Yang Chen to bear, so he decided to temporarily stop thinking about it.

When they entered a large hall, they finally saw a large bunch of children, they all wore bright clothes, both boys and girls opened their deep brown eyes widely as they watched Li Jingjing walk in, they revealed childish expressions of joy, and dropped what they reciting and rushed forward!


“Jingjing-jie I wanna play games!”

“I want to see you draw!”……

A bunch of children immediately surrounded Li Jingjing, requesting all kinds of innocent little requests. Li Jingjing also happily smiled back as she accepted them one by one, she was being pulled all around by them. Luckily, these children weren’t strong, otherwise, Li Jingjing’s clothes would definitely be torn apart.

Yang Chen felt his scalp going numb, but it wasn’t right for him to directly run away, so he put down the boxes and opened them. Inside, he found books that were full of illustrations, what made Yang Chen even more intrigued was, Li Jingjing had also brought quite a few intellectual type of jigsaw puzzles. Just one of these jigsaw puzzles would be enough to stall the children for a long time, which meant that Li Jingjing was also goofing off in a way.

Time passed by quicker than Yang Chen had expected, other than having a simple lunch, these children knew not of exhaustion as they surrounded Li Jingjing. They wanted to hear Li Jingjing tell them stories, and wanted Li Jingjing to teach them how to make watercolor paintings.

Halfway through, Li Jingjing’s throat couldn’t manage anymore, so she had Yang Chen take over in telling stories, but when the children listened to Yang Chen’s dry and hoarse voice, they all sulked, expressing their discontent.

Yang Chen dejectedly got off the stage, and could only continue his pathetic role of an assistant. This made Li Jingjing and the other personnel of the orphanage laugh out loud.

Only when it was almost evening time did the children listen to President Cha’s suggestion and let Li Jingjing off, they will wait for her to come back again to play. As for the boring Yang Chen, he was neglected.

Walking out of the orphanage, that bunch of children kept saying goodbyes to Li Jingjing, several little girls were even tearing up. It was a scene that makes one want to show tender affection.

While waving her hand at the children, Li Jingjing forcefully held back her tears and smiled.

When they returned to the car, Li Jingjing immediately took out a tissue to wipe her eyes, she sobbed for a moment, and said, “Every time I bid farewell to the children, I feel like crying. They’re still so young, and no longer have a father or mother…… Big Brother Yang, it must’ve been rough for you during your childhood.”

Yang Chen smiled at her, “It’s no big deal once I’m used to it. Sometimes, many things can help me forget about the matter of my parents.”

When you’re treading on the line between life and death everyday, you won’t have time to even think about parents and relatives…… Yang Chen thought inside.

Li jingjing said in a sad manner, “I just hope that by telling these children stories and giving them presents, they would be a little happier. Although I was very poor during my childhood, I had Dad and Mom with me, and that made me feel like the happiest child in the world. They definitely envy other children who have parents, it’s a pity that they can’t have what they wish for.”

Yang Chen saw the grieved expression on the girl’s face, so he thought for a moment before asking, “Today, our Teacher Li has given so many presents to the children. Well then, what does Teacher Li herself want?”

Li Jingjing pouted, “Big Brother Yang, please stop joking, I’m no longer a child.”

“Children aren’t the only ones who have the rights to desire presents, you worked hard all day today. For your effort, I, your Big Brother Yang has decided to reward you.” Yang Chen earnestly said. Copyright 2016 - 2023