Chapter 136-2: You can

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“You didn’t drive here?” Yang Chen bewilderedly asked.

“Isn’t it because of you? After that incident previously, the lock on my car was broken by those people and it can no longer be locked. I will be bringing it to the Audi service centre for repair during my break tomorrow. I was intending to take a cab home tonight.” Mo Qianni complained.

The incident which Mo Qianni was referring to was naturally the three ninjas from the Yamata Sect abducting her as hostage.

Yang Chen smiled apologetically. Since that incident, it seemed like the Yamata Sect no longer dared to touch Mo Qianni. This let Yang Chen put down the burden in his heart. If they really tried to act against her, he would definitely have to exceed his limits and use some tactics to force them to back off, and maybe even kill them. It was quite risky for him to act against them, as they weren’t normal people.

Previously, in the situation where he had gone up against dozens of gunmen, it was only when he had exuded large amounts of killing intent to suppress his opponents psychologically, did he get enough time to exceed his limits and act. In the end, it had caused him to lose control. Since it had been a normal massacre, it wouldn’t be as critical, but if he continued to exceed his limits, it would eventually cause some of his past ailments to flare up again.

This was precisely the reason why Yang Chen kept refusing to rashly use force against those three who found trouble for him, every time he would deal with them appropriately, and let them intelligently choose to leave themselves.

Yang Chen just hoped that those three would behave, or that the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade would meddle into this and send them back to their island country for him, saving him from future headaches.

But obviously, as long as the Yamata Sect doesn’t jeopardize Huaxia’s interests, the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade simply wouldn’t lash out against the Yamata Sect rashly. If they wanted to deal with the three ninjas, they would definitely have to pay a painful price.

Sending Mo Qianni home seemed to be necessary, as he owed her a lot. The two’s relationship wasn’t that close and she even got implicated into being taken as hostage. If Yang Chen didn’t send her home, he would feel extremely apologetic inside.

After getting in the car, he drove for over twenty minutes according to Mo Qianni’s directions and arrived at the condominium Mo Qianni stayed at.

This was a western building complex situated at the southern outskirts of the city. It had beautiful scenery, clean streets, and felt very middle class.

It was already midnight when the car stopped at Mo Qianni’s apartment block. Mo Qianni didn’t get out immediately. From the car’s dim interior lighting, her charming face showed an inquiring expression, “Where are you going?”

Yang Chen blankly stared, “Where else could I be going? I’m going back home.”

“It’s already late, driving from my place to Dragon Garden takes about half an hour.” Mo Qianni said.

“What else could be done? I can’t possibly be sleeping at your house, right?” Yang Chen playfully said.

“You can.”

Mo Qianni’s answer was sudden and left Yang Chen at a loss as to how he should respond. In the dead of the night, there was a lonely pair of man and woman. The woman was even a delectable sumptuous beauty. It was against his expectations that this beauty took the initiative to hint that he could spend the night in her nest……

Yang Chen wasn’t the kind to reject one night stands and such. Furthermore, her looks weren’t beneath him.

However, he remembered that Mo Qianni was Lin Ruoxi’s best friend. Seeing that her expression was rather calm, he hesitated and asked: “Miss Mo, I’m afraid that wouldn’t be good.”

“Don’t let your thoughts wander anymore. Even if you’re really hungry, you can’t pick what you eat. I just feel that since it’s already so late, you’ll just bother Ruoxi and Wang Ma from their rest if you return. Furthermore, you should be tired after driving to that place and sending me home. Being humane, I should repay you for your deeds. If you don’t want to, I’m fine with that as well.

Since she had already said it like this, if he continued mincing his words, then he wouldn’t be a man anymore. Yang Chen was indeed rather tired from driving. Although his body wasn’t tired, his heart was.

“Then okay, thank you for taking pity on me, Miss Mo.” Yang Chen smiled and turned off the engine.

Upon hearing Yang Chen’s agreement, a trace of delight appeared in the corner of Mo Qianni’s lips, but it disappeared just as quickly. She said: “Let’s get off then. My house is on the third floor.”

“Ah, wait a minute,” Yang Chen stopped Mo Qianni and said somewhat shyly: “Let’s agree upon it beforehand. When I’m sleeping, you can’t do anything illegal to me!”

Mo Qianni truly wanted to slap this shameless man. Gnashing her teeth, she said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a pig sleeping in my house. No matter how muscular the pig gets, I won’t look at him fondly!”

Yang Chen thought about it seriously before saying: “It’s not that Miss Mo can’t look at him fondly, it’s just that most women can’t stand pigs…”


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