Chapter 15: My Wife Is A Rich Woman

“Oh these cars, Miss usually doesn’t use them. They were all given to her by business partners, Miss has basically never driven them at all, Young Master, if you like any of them, you could just drive off with it.” Wang Ma happily recommended.

Yang Chen, curious about what his beautiful wife does for a living, refrained from asking Wang Ma due to embarrassment. After all, if he didn’t even know that piece of information, wouldn’t this marriage seem a bit too strange? Therefore, he planned to find time and ask Lin Ruoxi herself.

After looking around the garage, Yang Chen finally spotted a relatively normal sportscar, a milky-white BMW M3. However, in fact, this car is already considered one of the best in the city, with a top speed of 300kph.

Yet in Lin Ruoxi’s garage, there really aren’t any cars less eye-catching than this M3.

“This car will do.” Yang Chen said, while pointing at the M3.

Wang Ma a little doubtfully asked: “Young Master, why not pick a better car? This car seems to be the cheapest of the bunch.”

A 1.2 million dollar car was the cheapest, Yang Chen laughed and explained: “This car will do, an eye-catching car isn’t good, it is better not to flaunt wealth and maintain a low profile.”

“No wonder Miss is willing to settle with Young Master, Young Master’s character is really rare. Youngsters nowadays all want to flaunt their wealth, yet Young Master tries to hide it.” Wang Ma nodded in content, then went to the corner of the garage to retrieve the keys for the M3.

Yang Chen deftly got into the car, and the automatic garage door rolled up. Yang Chen then waved goodbye to Wang Ma as the car shot out of the garage like an arrow.

Wang Ma silently watched Yang Chen drive off, sighs and says to herself: “Youngsters nowadays are really difficult to understand.”

Although Yang Chen hasn’t driven in half a year, he didn’t feel that his driving skills had deteriorated. The M3’s excellent quality showed itself as it flew down Zhong Hai city’s expressway like a mirage. Weaving through the traffic as if there were no obstacles, constantly driving above 100kph, this is considered a shocking speed in the city. Occasionally, there would be a few traffic policemen who noticed Yang Chen’s excessive speeding, but before they could react he had already whizzed past them.

In less than half an hour, Yang Chen arrived at his own apartment. After going up the floors, Yang Chen found his apartment door open, and frowned. His first reaction was that someone had broken in, but peeking into the apartment, the person he found inside was actually the familiar Li JingJing!

Li JingJing wore a white blouse embroidered with flowers, a cool green short skirt, with her dark hair tied into a ponytail, and a few strands swaying along with the breeze flowing in, she looked youthfully elegant and refined.

At that moment, the girl was earnestly mopping the floor. Although Yang Chen’s apartment only had a few things, dust was something it did not lack. Seeing Yang Chen return home, Li JingJing revealed streaks of joy and a flushed face because of the exercise, like a refreshing teenager in summertime.

“Big brother Yang you’re home!”

Yang Chen felt a touch of warmth in his heart. Before Li JingJing left for university two months ago, she often came to help clean. Now after returning with a job, she still found the time to help him clean his apartment. With a heart full of pity and guilt for the girl, Yang Chen moved forward to touch Li JingJing’s ponytail and says, “JingJing, don’t come to sweep this place anymore, I’m moving.”

“Moving?” Li JingJing momentarily stunned, “Big Brother Yang are you leaving Zhong Hai?” The girl panically asked.

Yang Chen thought for a while, and chose to speak the truth, “No, I just got married, and am about to move in with my wife. I will still be in Zhong Hai though.”

Suddenly, Li JingJing’s face turned ashen white and some tears started to float around the surface of her beautiful eyes, yet she immediately pointed her head down to wipe it off. Just from her trembling shoulders, anyone would understand that she had lost her calm.

After the two shared some time in deep silence, Li JingJing raised her head with red eyes, and showed a strong smile, “Congratulations, Big Brother Yang…. sister-in-law she…. must be really beautiful…..”

Yang Chen’s heart also trembled a little, but short-term pain is better than long-term pain. Yang Chen believed that Li JingJing has to face this in the end, so he steeled his heart. Listening to Li JingJing’s words, Lin Ruoxi’s beautiful face flashed across his mind and he subconsciously nodded.

A hint of despair flashes in Li JingJing’s eyes, and subsides. She then sourly smiles and says: “Big Brother Yang, you’re really awful, such a big affair yet you didn’t let me know. But I……. I still have to give the two of you my blessing.. I…. I’m leaving now….”

Watching Li JingJing tread down the stairs like a hurt little rabbit, Yang Chen felt terrible in his heart, and says in a hurry: “JingJing, in a few days I will go to Yi Zhong to visit you, work hard.”

(TL: Yi Zhong is the name of the school Li JingJing works at, called 1st Middle, but the author doesn’t specify if it is a high school or junior high or both)

Li JingJing momentarily paused her steps, softly complied, and ran down the staircase.

Waiting till Li JingJing had left for some time, Yang Chen then drew a cigarette out from his pocket, lit it up, and violently smoked a few breaths. The melancholy in his eyes gradually dissipated, and it turned to resoluteness.

Yang Chen was absolutely confident in his memory. When he left home he had definitely locked the door. This meant that the reason Li JingJing had been able to enter was because the door had already been forcibly opened by someone else.

However, who would barge into his house for no reason? Yang Chen thought of two possibilities: First, it could be China’s intelligence agency beginning to investigate him, but that seemed illogical, because if they really wanted to handle him, going directly to him would be more effective. Second, it could also have been Chen Feng who he had agitated two days ago. Since realizing that entire police force couldn’t take him down, thinking of another way would be inevitable.[TL: Chen Feng is the guy who was creating trouble for the street vendors]

“Really, not shedding tears till seeing the coffin…..” Yang Chen stoically says, then tosses away the cigarette and begins to sort out his belongings. Yang Chen rearranged the large chest in his house, stuffed some clothes into his large ragged bag, then proceeded to one of the white walls in the toilet. Yang Chen fiercely threw a punch towards it and a hole appeared in the wall.

Yang Chen retrieved a fist-sized black wooden box, and immediately placed it into the bag with the clothes.

Again speeding, Yang Chen returned to the villa at Dragon Garden. After parking the car, Yang Chen entered the villa from the automatic door. The moment he entered, he saw a beautiful figure lying on the sofa in the living room while a new Korean drama was playing on the huge TV.

With her hair tied up in a bun, and an exquisitely white jade neck that could give a person a thousand dreams, who else could it be other than the newlywed Lin Ruoxi?

Yang Chen revealed a playful smile, it was unexpected that my ice cold wife actually likes watching romantic Korean dramas. At the same time, finding this fun, the pent-up depressed mood turns for the better. He walked up and fiercely grabbed Lin Ruoxi’s shoulders, “My good wife, give hubby a kiss!” Copyright 2016 - 2023