Chapter 130-2: Forgot to hide it properly

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“Ah?” Lin Ruoxi blushed faintly, speechless.

Yang Chen nodded, “We just got married not too long ago.”

Old Zhao laughed and said, “Lad, you’ve got good fortune marrying such a beautiful girl. However, you must also be pretty tired. Those books you’re carrying must weigh at least a hundred and ten pounds, I feel tired just by looking at them.”

Finally, Lin Ruoxi noticed the two book baskets Yang Chen had placed on the floor. They were piled full of books like little mountains. She had chosen that many books without noticing.

With a frown, Lin Ruoxi bent over to try picking up a basket. Who would have known that with all the strength she had in one arm, it didn’t even budge, and it was only when she used both arms that she was barely able to lift up the basket.

Putting down the heavy basket, Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen strangely. Once she thought about how this man had actually quietly followed her for over three hours while carrying such heavy baskets filled with books in both hands without a word…… Intense guilt rushed into her heart while she felt touched at the same time. With a complicated expression, she lifted her head to look at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen noticed this and smiled indifferently. To him, this was no big deal, but to an ordinary person, and a girl at that, this was way too heavy.

Once again taking up one basket in each hand, Yang Chen said, “It’s alright, I don’t find it that heavy.”

Old Zhao nodded with an expression full of praise, “Nowadays, young ladies only know to look for handsome and rich men. In my opinion, seeing you lift these two baskets like this, I think it’s much more valuable than those things. Young lady, you had better cherish this relationship. Don’t waste this great marriage.” When he finished saying that, Old Zhao waved with a wide smile, returned to his wife and slowly left while pushing her wheelchair.

Yang Chen noticed that Lin Ruoxi was still staring at him in a daze, and couldn’t help but laugh and say, “I know that you don’t acknowledge Old Zhao’s words, I think that I’m pretty handsome as well, right?”

Lin Ruoxi smiled faintly, and said in a gentle tone, “You should take the lift first, wait for me at the cashier. I’m going to get two more books before going down.”

Suddenly hearing his wife speaking so gently to him, Yang Chen almost thought that he was hallucinating. However, thinking about how two books wouldn’t take too much time, he carried the two baskets and went downstairs alone.

After he had waited downstairs for less than five minutes, Lin Ruoxi got out of the lift with two books held tightly in her arms, as if she was trying to hide them.

Yang Chen wasn’t interested in asking what books she was buying that she had to hide them from him. After placing the baskets at the cashier, he went to one side to wait for Lin Ruoxi to pay for them.

Fortunately, there were trolleys on the ground floor that they could use. Carrying close to a hundred books with plastic bags would have been a pain otherwise.

Quite a few people saw Lin Ruoxi buying so many books at once and whispered amongst themselves over this ‘lavish’ lifestyle. After all, books weren’t cheap, buying this many at once probably cost over a thousand bucks, yet Lin Ruoxi had just swiped her card without any hesitation.

Yang Chen pushed the trolley and walked alongside Lin Ruoxi towards the car. He couldn’t resist asking, “Darling Ruoxi, you bought so many books, can you even finish reading them all?”

Uncharacteristically, Lin Ruoxi gave a proper reply, “Actually, most of these books are reference materials. They don’t all have to be read. Besides, I like collecting all kinds of books.”

Yang Chen was baffled. Such a tranquil and gentle way of speaking to him wasn’t her style. He couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Darling, what’s up with you? Are you feeling unwell somewhere? The way you’re speaking doesn’t seem like you at all.”

Hearing this, Lin Ruoxi felt angry inside. Is there something wrong with speaking to him nicely? Therefore, she said unhappily, “Are you a damn pervert!? Do I have to scold you and ridicule you before you’ll be happy?”

“Oh; this is it! That’s the tone, you’re finally back to normal!” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him, she had lost all desire to talk to him.

When they went to the boot of the car to put the bunch of books in, they had to expend a lot of effort to put them in order, as the books could very easily be damaged if they weren’t placed carefully in the boot.

When they were almost done arranging the books, Yang Chen casually took a book from the trolley. With a single glance at it, he was frozen in place.

Lin Ruoxi was in the middle of thinking about something else when she noticed Yang Chen stiffen up while staring at a book. She looked over with a puzzled expression, and with one glance, she blushed up to her ears, causing her face to look as tender and beautiful as the autumn moon……

Crap! How did I forget to hide that properly!?

The book was one of the last two books Lin Ruoxi had chosen, and its title was:

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