Chapter 115: Bad Clay

The incident that happened in front of Yu Lei International’s entrance didn’t make as much of an impact as expected, perhaps it was because of Yu Lei’s fine work culture, causing many workers to accept these weird matters indifferently. To be more accurate, in a large city like Zhonghai, an incident like this was no big deal.

When Mo Qianni entered the Public Relations Department, many ladies sent consoling and inquiring gazes, this made Mo Qianni feel warmth inside. When she assigned tasks to these colleagues, she spoke in a much more warm and gentle manner than before.

Zhao Hongyan watched as Yang Chen returned to his seat. She sized up Yang Chen with a weird smile, “Have you really caught Department Head Mo?”

“I wish I could catch you.” Yang Chen winked at her.

Zhao Hongyan blushed, she hit Yang Chen, “I’m being serious! Don’t joke with me!”

“Try and guess.” Yang Chen rolled his eyes at her, a woman’s innate gossip cells were indeed powerful.

Zhao Hongyan seemed to have concluded that Yang Chen and Mo Qianni’s relationship was ordinary, then asked, “Is Department Head Mo alright?”

“You think there’s something wrong with her?” Yang Chen pointed at Mo Qianni who was explaining something to the other colleagues. She looked as enthusiastic and confident as before.

Zhao Hongyan sighed in relief after feeling that there was nothing wrong with Mo Qianni, and said, “Actually, us sisters have already discussed the matter earlier, it wasn’t really a big deal. From a glance we could tell that the man didn’t have good intentions, he definitely did something horrible towards Department Head Mo first. Department Head Mo can be as fierce as she wants, as long as she treats us nicely.”

“She treat you guys well? Why do I feel like she keeps giving you all work like a foreman?” Yang Chen asked and laughed.

Zhao Hongyan gave him a look of disdain, “A newcomer like you who only knows how to play games wouldn’t know this. Right now, amongst large companies, which one of them isn’t maximizing the work done by their labor force? However, while maximizing the workload, if they provide enough rewards, then the employees would work willingly. Let me tell you this, ever since Department Head Mo took office, the allowance and bonuses of our PR Department have been the highest in the company, we also have priority in welfare. Many of our sisters had been bullied when discussing business with customers, and it’s always Department Head Mo who seeks justice for our sisters. She has argued with the company’s stubborn executives quite a number of times over this.”

“How tyrannical, does nobody complain?” Yang Chen thought that Mo Qianni was only ‘fierce’ to him, he never expected that she was actually unbiased.

Zhao Hongyan chuckled, “Department Head Mo was selected by the previous CEO, and could be considered an elder in the company, In private, she’s also close friends with Boss Lin. Boss Lin would definitely support Department Head Mo. Those bad fellows can’t step over our heads even if they wanted to. Moreover, Department Head Mo also has powerful connections, otherwise, when Boss Lin went to recuperate in the hospital, how could Department Head Mo be allowed to take up the post of Vice-CEO?”

After hearing Zhao Hongyan’s explanation, Yang Chen understood more about this company’s structure, but he was just listening and wouldn’t think much about it. After casually chatting for a while, Yang Chen gave his all to his gaming career.

He just played two rounds of Concentration, then his phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, he saw that it was that girl, TangTang who called.

Picking up the call with a smile, he heard TangTang’s sweet voice from the other side of the line, “Uncle! I miss you to death!”

“I don’t miss you.”

“Hmph, as emotionless as ever.” TangTang complained, then asked, “Uncle, what are you doing? For the whole day, I’ve been writing computer programs, that thing is too idiotic. I finished it and handed it in, now I’m boring to death.”

“If you’re bored, then find something to do, I’m working.”

“Working?” It was as if TangTang had found the New World, she asked, “Uncle what do you do at work?”

“Play games.” Yang Chen honestly replied.

TangTang giggled, “So Uncle is the slacking type of office worker, what games are you playing? WoW? EQ? Miracle or some villager game?”

Yang Chen pondered for a moment, he honestly didn’t know what to classify Concentration as, so he gave a vague answer, “A high-IQ game.”

“High-IQ game? What game is that?”

“It’s Pokemon Concentration, I can complete many rounds!” Yang Chen had no choice but to reveal the name of the game.

TangTang remained silent for some time, then suddenly erupted in laughter, the ‘haha’ sounds from the phone transmitted unceasingly, it was obvious how crazy her laughter was even from the phone.

Yang Chen was depressed. Is it so funny? No matter how you look at it, it’s at the top of the ranks for flash games! I am someone who rides along with the trend!

TangTang took a long time before she was able to control herself from laughing again. She said, “Uncle, you’d be looked down upon like this. For a dashing hunk and wise warrior like Uncle, it’d be a joke for you to be playing a game like this that is meant for little girls and aunties!”

“What should I play then?” Yang Chen enjoyed hearing such compliments, they were the truth after all!

“There are many games, it’ll have to depend on which type Uncle likes to play. There are real-time strategy games, sports games, first person shooter games, role-playing games, and even business management games.” TangTang said a bunch of genres which were foreign to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen was no moron, he was able to roughly understand the meaning of those words, he’d be too lazy to play the sports movement and gun shooting games, he had been through enough of those in real life. There was no need to experience them in games too. As for the manager games, save it, he’d rather do nothing!

“I prefer real-time strategy, are those part of the war genre?”

“Yeah, it’s fighting against other people or the computer. You play by first building structures, then train some soldiers, and when you have an army you move around the map to fight.”

“That sounds pretty interesting, what’s the name of the game?” Asked Yang Chen.

TangTang thought about it, then said, “Uncle, how about this, I’ve got nothing going on in the afternoon, so come pick me from the school, then I’ll bring you to a place where I can introduce some fun games to you, and teach you at the same time!”

“Don’t you have school? How can you come out to play games? Don’t try to trick me.” Yang Chen had the face of an adult teaching a lesson, he didn’t even think about the fact that his degree was a fraud.

TangTang acted spoiled as she said, “Uncle you’ve got to believe me! I really don’t need to attend classes, it’s all computer classes today. I have completed all of the projects, and can leave anytime. It won’t affect my studies!”

There was an itch to play this war game in Yang Chen’s heart, he had always envied those generals when he was overseas. With one command, all their units followed the command to perform a large scale combat. Although he himself could command some people, most of the time he worked alone. Moreover, the people he could command weren’t as orderly as a unit, the feeling was a lot more inferior.

“Alright then, I’ll come to your school to pick you up at 1PM.” Yang Chen agreed.


Lin Ruoxi who had just been discharged from the hospital naturally heard of what happened at the company’s entrance in the morning, and calmly assessed the anomaly in this matter. At the very least, the way ‘Mo Qianni’ handled this matter was totally different from her usual style.

But Lin Ruoxi didn’t rush to ask the person involved. Only after handling a bunch of complicated documents did she personally give Mo Qianni a call in the afternoon, asking Mo Qianni to come to her office to talk.

Mo Qianni wasn’t in a bad mood, she even wore a sincere smile. When she entered the office, she sat on the large sofa at the side in a relaxed manner, turned her head to look at the indifferent Lin Ruoxi, and joked, “Boss Lin, once you were discharged you began to work yourself to the bone How are we, the employees supposed to react?”

Lin Ruoxi, this soul-shaking beautiful CEO, who wore a moon-white blouse now had a more youthful aura, and she easily gave others the impression of being a young lady who was just over twenty.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Mo Qianni with concern for some time, “Qianni, are you alright?” Although she was very worried, Lin Ruoxi’s character made her question sound very monotonous.

Mo Qianni pursed her lips into a smile and shook her head, “Do I look like I’m having troubles?”

“That’s good then.” Lin Ruoxi nodded, then seemed to accidentally blurt out, “What you did in the morning was very unusual of you.”

Mo Qianni wasn’t surprised, the two had known each other privately for so many years. Lin Ruoxi understood her just like she understood Lin Ruoxi. Perhaps others wouldn’t be able to see through the fake Mo Qianni, but Ruoxi would naturally notice the anomaly.

So as to not blow up this incident, she had already made the decision to keep the truth of this matter a secret. Mo Qianni wasn’t flustered, she explained with a smile, “I didn’t expect this as well. Perhaps I was extremely angry and couldn’t control myself then.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded, then changed topics, “You’ve known Yang Chen for a long time?”

This question was rather profound. When Lin Ruoxi heard that Mo Qianni and Yang Chen were intimate, and called an item, she didn’t question Mo Qianni about it. As Yang Chen’s legal wife, she instead questioned her with an innuendo.

A burst of guilt flowed into Mo Qianni’s heart, she couldn’t stop this feeling of guilt from arising once she thought of the word ‘would’ that Yang Chen said. After knowing that she couldn’t deny everything, she didn’t feel too awkward about it.

“Actually it hasn’t been that long, but it’s just a relationship of being colleagues. Ruoxi, you should know that I’m not a casual person.”

Mo Qianni didn’t affirm or deny it. A reply like this was already a clear declaration that she admitted to it.

She wasn’t a casual person, therefore, if it was true, then this was a serious relationship!

The two had abundant wisdom and innocent hearts. They were smart and proud women which one could tell from the way they spoke.

Lin Ruoxi felt uncomfortable inside. But did she get this feeling of jealousy because of that disappointing husband? That would be impossible. It was more on the line of feeling sad because her close sister had feelings towards Yang Chen.

What’s good about that man that even an intelligent woman like Qianni would get caught in a quagmire?

Mo Qianni was worried that Lin Ruoxi had gotten angry because of her when she saw remain silent,. While feeling a little ashamed, she softly added, “Ruoxi please don’t be angry, there’s nothing between us. Perhaps it’s just me being impulsive, he honestly hasn’t done anything to let you down.”

Lin Ruoxi found this funny. One of my few close sisters is actually attracted to my useless husband, and even became so fearful and apologetic for him. Would I get angry at a close sister for an incompetent man like that? Stop joke with me!

“Qianni, don’t get agitated, I’m not angry, I just hope that you can see the light, he’s not worth your energy.” Lin Ruoxi sighed.

Mo Qianni was stunned, she couldn’t understand how Lin Ruoxi, as a wife could say such words calmly. With a pained smile, Qianni said, “I know that as a person he’s very unreliable, but some things cannot be controlled by rationality.

Lin Ruoxi creased her brows, she could hear the sweetness in Mo Qianni’s words, and felt even more uncomfortable inside. She felt jittery and truly hoped that the man who brought her so much headaches would stand in front of them and make things clear. It would be best… best if he said that it would be…… impossible between him and this good sister of hers!

Lin Ruoxi pressed on a button on the desk, very soon, Wu Yue who wore a neat black suit with a strict expression entered.

“Boss Lin, is something the matter?”

“Wu Yue, call Yang Chen from the PR Department to come here. Department Head Mo and I have something to ask him.” Lin Ruoxi ordered.

The conscientious secretary Wu Yue had long guessed that Lin Ruoxi might call for Yang Chen, so she had already called the PR Department beforehand to understand the situation.

“Boss Lin, Yang Chen left the office fifteen minutes ago.”

“It’s still office hours, where’d he go?” Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni looked at Wu Yue with surprise.

Wu Yue expressionlessly said, “According to the information provided by the PR Department’s employees, Yang Chen has gone out to play games.”

Lin Ruoxi’s pretty face immediately had dark clouds cast over, while Mo Qianni had an expression of resentment for him failing to meet expectations.

“Bad clay can’t turn into a wall.” Lin Ruoxi sighed in disappointment. She even had the urge to throw something, but in the end, as if all of her energy had been used up in an instant, she shut her eyes with exhaustion, and signalled Wu Yue to leave with a hand gesture.

Seeing how agonized Lin Ruoxi looked, Mo Qianni felt that she was partly responsible for this, and lowered her head in silence, she felt more and more regretful inside…… Copyright 2016 - 2024