I bit my lip. He stopped everything and looked up at me, expectantly. I growled, “All of it.”

“You like watching?”

I nodded. It was a white lie, I didn’t like it, but it turned me on.

He shook his head, “I can’t hear you.”

I gulped, “I like watching.” My words were weak, desperate.

He sat up again, sticking a hand under me, tilting my angle by grabbing a handful of my ass. He thrust his fingers fast again, but maintained the motion he was doing. My eyes shut, there was no opening them. He fucked me, until I lost control and came for him. He rubbed his thumb over my clit as the pressure released. I clamped around him, twitching and trying desperately to not cry out. My ragged breath was interrupted by his lips.

He slid his tongue into my mouth, pulling his fingers out as my orgasm ended. He kissed me, taking my breath from me. His lips played with mine, toying with me with nibbles and bites.

I whispered into the side of his face as he kissed my cheeks, “I want you to fuck me, Loch.”

He shook his head.

I opened my eyes, “I want you inside of me.” I pleaded with my eyes.

He gave me a look, “No. This is non-negotiable.”

I pushed him on his back and climbed on his cock. I moved slightly, pushing my wetness against his rough jeans. He clenched his jaw, “Fuck off, Erin.”

I grinned at him and said it before I lost my nerve, “I’m going to fuck you then.”

He laughed, something like the bad guy in a movie would. It was dark and sinister. I slid his shirt up the way he had mine, so only his mouth was showing. His nose and eyes were covered, by the shirt up over his head. I leaned forward and sucked his bottom lip, biting it. I raked my nails down his inked chest and dropped my mouth onto his nipple barbell. I flicked it with my tongue as my hands went for his belt. Undoing his pants was hard, being on top of him and holding him down. He was trying to struggle with his shirt, “Jokes over. This is exactly what I want but, come on, not here. I promised your Dad, baby.”

I hopped off of him, grabbed a couple scarves from the rack on the wall and leapt back onto him, just as he was pulling his shirt down and giving me an evil look. I shoved his head back, wrapping a scarf around his wrist.

“Oh, you wanna play this game do you?” a darker smile crossed his lips. He tried to pull me off with the other hand, but I pushed his arms down with my legs. My bare pussy was close to his face. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. Well, I was sure, but I wasn’t letting myself think about it, or what I wanted to do about it.

I wound the scarf to the bedpost and grabbed the other one. I dragged his hand and tied it to the other post. He wasn’t fighting me anymore. His breathing was messy and his heartbeat was wild.

I sat back and looked at him, my prisoner. I smiled at myself, but then I didn’t know what to do next.

I wriggled my lips and looked back at the massive erection he was sporting. I got up and pulled his jeans and socks off. I dragged the boxers down and looked at him. Running my hands up his thighs, I dug in hard. He was soft with me, maybe too soft. I wasn’t going to be. I raked my nails up his inner thigh and grabbed at his skin. He sucked air.

I kissed his thigh, next to his balls. I didn’t have any dirty talking, so I had to work harder than he had. His singing and dirty talking was half the orgasm for me.

I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. He gasped again, making me grin. I kissed next to his cock, sliding my tongue along the shaft. He was writhing, “Put it in your mouth.”

As if by instinct I tugged his barbell. He moaned. I shushed him with a giggle. I kissed his belly right where the top of his cock was. He tried pushing to make it go in my mouth, but I moved again. I dragged my tongue down the other side of his cock.

I’d watched porn, I had something of an idea on what to do. I’d given a blow job before, but not to someone like him. I sat between his legs and grabbed his erection. It was strong and thick. I bent forward and licked the top. He bucked. I grabbed his barbell again, “Sit still, dammit.”

He grinned, “Suck it.”

I laughed. I liked the tone in his voice and the words he said. I bent more forward and put the head in my mouth. I licked my tongue all around, getting it wet. He was moaning and thrusting on his own, by the time I got it in my mouth. I could swallow back half of it. I wasn’t a porn star, just a porn Googler. I licked up and down the shift and put my mouth on it again, lowering as far as I could go. I stroked the part I couldn’t fit in my mouth. He was getting into a rhythm and I could feel his cock starting to tense in a funny way. I stopped instantly. He tried to push it at me, “Erin, you’re killing me. Come on. Finish me off, baby.”

I sat there with my hands on his thighs and an evil idea in my mind. Who knew I was such a deviant. I crawled up his body and sat on his cock. His breathing stopped. He struggled with the scarves and blindfolds, “Don’t you do that.”

I rotated my hips, sliding my wet slit up and down his hard cock. He shook his head, “I gave my word.”

I leaned forward and lifted his cock, “Fuck your word. You gave yourself to me. So your word only matters to me.” I lifted his cock back and slid myself down the shaft. I moaned as he filled all the space there was, and even made some room. I lifted and sat back down.

His mouth was completely slack, as if frozen in shock. I could have clapped my hands, giddy with the control I had over him. He was big and strong, and yet, there he lay, under my thumb.

I rode him, slowly like he had me. I lifted right to the head and sunk back down. My breathing was starting to go nuts. I moaned and rotated my hips more. I sat forward sticking a nipple into his mouth. He sucked and I fucked. He sped up the flicking and sucking, and somehow it made me move quicker. I was about to orgasm a second time, but I stopped myself. I sat there, pulsating on his shaft. I made a hard decision. I slid up him slowly and let his erection lie back on his belly, covered in me.

He shook his head and tried to get out of the scarves. I leaned forward and kissed his lips, “Your word is intact, sir.”

He snapped at me, “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

I grinned against his face, “I don’t think you will be.” I ran my fingers along his chest, tracing his tattoos and laughing softly.

He flexed and ripped one of the scarves a bit. I saw how red his hand was from the blood pooling in it and wanted to help him get it off, but I didn’t. I sat back on top of his erection, resting it between my wet lips and giggling, as he struggled with it all. The shirt made moving his arms difficult, and the scarves were not easy to tear. In a hard tug he got one hand free. He pulled the shirt off his head; his eyes were black as night. He ripped the second scarf to shreds and growled. My heart was racing. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him with all my might. He sat up, grabbed my hips and positioned me for reentry. He thrust in, grabbing my hips and forcing me to ride him.

His thrusts were rough and angry. The sex was angry. I leaned back and he pushed me on my back. He shoved back inside of me, plunging deep and hard. He nestled his face into my neck and moaned into my hair when he came. He instantly took my hand and shoved it down between my legs, “Finish yourself off with me inside of you.”

I nodded. I was wild with the near orgasm. I started, fast and intense, I didn’t need a build up. I didn’t have to rub long, when I clamped down on his hardness. As I came, he gave me a few thrusts. I closed my eyes and smiled. “You’re sleeping here too.”

He nestled into my neck, “Yes ma’am.”

I almost came again when he said it.

We laid there a minute, wrapped in each other and completely disgusting. He kissed the side of my head, “I knew it. I fucking knew it.”

I gave him a confused look, “What?”

He laughed, “You almost sat on my face, which by the way, don’t hesitate next time, I love it. You tied me up, pulled my barbell, teased me into oblivion and forced me to fuck you.”

I shook my head, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He laughed, “You are not a nice girl, and I just want it noted for the record, Your Honor, that I said it from the beginning. Not a nice girl but a naughty girl.”

I laughed and blushed, “Let’s take a shower, and I can tell you all the things you didn’t do quite as well as the Brothers of County Claire.” I grabbed his hand and tugged him to my ensuite.

“I’d let those brothers fuck you, just to see it done better than that. That was some hot sex.”

I looked at him doubtfully.

He wavered, “Okay, I’d kill anyone who talked to you, but you get the point. Those lame-ass Claire brothers ain’t got shit on me.” He looked at my bathroom, “Seriously?”

I started the shower, “What?”

“Your own a full bathroom?”

I smiled, “Hey, I’m the princess, remember?”

He snorted, “I knew that about you too, the minute I saw you screaming and waving that mace at me.”

Chapter Thirteen

Night Life

The bar was packed. I scowled at Danny, “I wanted to go to Stormy’s Sledsters.”

He rolled his eyes, “Big D’s is more fun.”

“What’s a sledster?” Lochlan leaned in and whispered in my ear.

I laughed and gave him an amused look, “Winter sports are big around here. We get a lot of snowmobile enthusiasts. We call them slutters, instead of sledders but you get the general idea. They take their rings off, and they’re single for the weekend.”

He laughed, “It’s like Vegas for guys who like winter sports. You got college girls and horny men with cash.”

I nodded, “Yeah, but less like Vegas than you’d imagine.”

He snorted, “I can see that.”

The bar was nice, for Grand Forks. I’d been to Big D’s in Fargo and it was the same. We sat in the booth and ate Danny’s fries. He scowled at me.

I pulled my hand back before he stabbed it.

Gerry gave me a worried look, “So, should I be scared? It feels a little like Deliverance country here.”

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