Woody and Kendall were seated in the drawing room at Rose Hill. Half a dozen men in white overalls were taking down paintings from the walls and starting to dismantle the furnishings. ''s the end of an era," Kendall sighed. ''s the beginning,' Woody said. He smiled. ' wish I could see Peggy's face when she finds out what her half of my fortune is!' He took his sister's hand. ' you okay? About Marc, I mean.' She nodded. ''ll get over it. Anyhow, I'm going to be very busy. I have a preliminary hearing in two weeks. After, that, I'll see what happens."

"I'm sure everything will be all right.' He rose. ' have an important telephone call to make,' Woody told her. He had to break the news to Mimi Carson. ',' Woody said apologetically, ''m afraid I'm going to have to go back on our deal. Things haven't worked out as I had hoped they would." you all right, Woodyt '. A lot has been going on here. Peggy and I are finished.' There was a long pause. '? Are you coming back to Hobe Sound?", I don't know what I'm going to do.' Voody?' Her voice was soft. ' back, please.' Julia and Steve were out on the patio. ''m sorry about the way things turned out," Steve said. ' your not getting the money, I mean.' Julia smiled at him. ' don't really need a hundred chefs."'re not disappointed that your trip here was wastedt She looked up at him. ' it wasted, Stevet They never knew who made the first move, but she was in his arms, and he was holding her, and they were kissing. ''ve been wanting to do this since the first time I saw you. Julia shook her head. ' first time you saw me, you told me to get out of town!' He grinned. ' did, didn't I? I don't ever want you to leave.' And she thought of Sally's words. ''t you know if the man proposep"Is that a proposal?' Julia asked. He held her tighter. ' bet it is. Will you marry me? v ', yes!' Kendall came out to the patio. She was holding a piece of paper in her hand. ' ... I just got this in the mail.' Steve looked at her, worried. ' another. 9". I've been named Women's Wear Designer of the Year.' Woody and Kendall and Julia and Steve were seated at the dining-room table. All around them workmen were moving chairs and couches, and carrying them off. Steve turned to Woody. ' are you going to do TIOVOP ''m going back to Hobe Sound. First, I'm going to check in with Dr. Tichner. Their a friend of mine has a string of ponies that I'm going to ride.' Kendall looked at Julia. ' you going back to Kansas City?' When I was a little girl, Julia thought, I wished that someone would take me out of Kansas and bring me to a magical place where I wouldfind my prince. She took Steve's hand. ',' Julia said.

"I'm not going back to Kansas.' They watched two men take down the huge portrait of Harry Stanford. ' never did like that picture,' Woody said.

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