Early the following morning, Steve boarded a United Ilight for Chicago.

From Chicago's O'Hare Airport he took a taxi. ' to?' the driver asked. ' Reed Mental Health Facility.' The driver turned around and looked at Steve. ' you okay?". Why?" asking.' At Reed, Steve approached the uniformed security guard at the front desk. The guard looked up. ' I help yout '. I? d like to see Margo Posner." she an employeet That had not occurred to Steve. ''m not sure.' The guard took a closer look at him. ''re not sure?" I know is that she's here.' The guard reached in a drawer and took out a roster with a list of names. After a moment, he said, ' doesn't work here. Could she be a patientt 61 I ... I don't know. It's possible.' The guard gave Steve another look, then reached into a different drawer and pulled out a computer printout. He scanned it, and in the middle, he stopped. '. Margo."'s right.' He- was surprised. ' she a patient here?"-huh. Are you a relative?"

"No ..." I'm afraid you can't see her." have to see her,' Steve said. ''s very important.". I have my orders. Unless you've been cleared beforehand, you can't visit any of the patients."'s in charge here?' Steve asked. 61 am.1 ' mean, in charge of the hospital."

"Dr. Kingsley.' - ' want to see him."! The guard picked up the telephone and dialed a number. '. Kingsley,.this is Joe at the front desk. There's a gentleman here who wants to see you. He looked up at Steve. ' namet ' Sloane. I'm an attorney." Sloane. He's an attorney ... right.' He replaced the receiver and turned to Steve.

"Someone will be along to take you to his office.' Five minutes later, Steve was ushered into the office of Dr. Gary Kingsley. Kingsley was a man in his fifties, but he looked older and careworn. ' can I do for you, Mr. Sloaner ' need to see a patient you have here. Margo Posner.", yes. Interesting case. Are you related to hert ', but I'm investigating a possible murder, and it's very important that I talk to her. I think she may be a key to it."'m sorry. I can't help you." "You have to,' Steve said. ''s .. '. Sloane, I couldn't help you even if I wanted to." nott ' Margo Posner is in a padded cell. She attacks everyone who goes near her. This morning, she tried to kill a matron and two doctors."? ' keeps changing her identity and screaming for her brother, Tyler, and the crew of her yacht. The only way we can quiet her is to keep her heavily sedated.", my God," Steve said. ' you have any idea when she might come out of it?' Dr. Kingsley shook his head. ''s under close observation. Perhaps in time she'll calm down, and we can reevaluate her condition. Until then ... "

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