"I'm Dr. Westin. Do you understand that this conversation is going to be tape-recordedt ', doctor." you feeling calmer nowt ''m calm, but I'm angry." are you angry aboutt ' shouldn't be in this place. I'm not crazy. I've been framed."? Who framed yout ' Stanford." Tyler Stanfordt ''s right." would he want to do thatt ' money." you have moneyt '. I mean, yes ... that is ... I could have had it. He promised me a million dollars, and a sable coat, and jewelry." would Judge Stanford promise you thatt ' me start at the beginning. I'm not really Julia Stanford. My name is Margo Posner.' .,'When you came in here, you insisted you were Julia Stanford." that. I'm really not. Look here's what happened. Judge Stanford hired me to pose as his sister." did he do thatt ' I could get a share of the Stanford estate and turn it over to him." for doing that he promised you a million dollars, a sable coat, and some jewelryt ' don't believe me, do you? Well, I can prove it. He took me to Rose Hill. That's where the Stanford family lives in Boston. I can describe the house to you, and I can tell you all about the family."'re aware that these are very serious charges you're making?" bet I am. But I suppose you won't do anything about it because he happens to be a judge."'re quite wrong. I assure you that your charges will be very thoroughly investigated."! I want the bastard locked away the same way he has me locked away. I want out of here!" understand that besides my examination, two of my colleagues also will have to evaluate your mental statet ' them. I'm as sane as you are.". Gifford will be in this afternoon, and then we'll decide how we're; going to proceed.' ' sooner the better. I can't stand this damned place!' When the matron brought'Margo her lunch, the matron said, ' just talked to Dr. Gifford. He'll be here in an hour." you.' Margo was ready for him. She was ready for all of them. She was going to tell them everything she knew, from the very beginning. And when rm through, Margo thought, they're going to lock him up and let me go. The thought filled her with s atisfaction. I'll be free! And then Margo thought, Free to do what? I'll be out on the streets again. Maybe they'll even revoke my parole and put me back in the joint! She threw her lunch tray against the wall. Damn them! They can't do this to me! Yesterday I was worth a billion dollars, and today ... Wait! Wait! An idea flashed through Margo's mind that was so exciting that it sent a chill through her. Holy God! What am I doing?

rve already proved that I'm Julia Stanford. I have witnesses. The wholefamily heard Frank Timmons say that my fingerprints showed that I was Julia Stan- - ford. Why the hell would I ever want to be Margo Posner when I can be Julia Stanford? No wonder they have me locked up in here. I must have been out of my mindf She rang the bell for the matron.

When the matron came in, Margo said excitedly, ' want to see the doctor right away!" know. You have an appointment with him in '.

Right now!' The matron took one look at Margo's expression -'and said, "Calm down. I'll get him.' Ten minutes later, Dr. Franz Gifford walked into Margo's room. @You asked to see met '.' She smiled apologetically, ''m afraid I've been playing a little game, doctor."

"Reallyt '. It's very embarrassing. You see, the truth is that I was very upset with my brother, Tyler, and I wanted to punish him. But I realize now that that was wrong. I'm not upset anymore, and I want to go home to Rose Hill.." read the transcript of your interview this morning. You said that your name was Margo Posner and that you were framed.' Margo laughed. ' was naughty of me. I just said that to upset Tyler. No. I'm Julia Stanford.' He looked at her. ' you prove thatt This was the moment Margo had been waiting for. ', yes!' she said triumphantly. ' proved it himself. He hired a private detective named Frank Timmons, who matched my. fingerprints with prints I had made for a driver's license when I was younger. The)@re the same.

There's no question about it." Frank Timmons,.you sayt "That's right. He does work for the district attorney's office here in Chicago.' He studied her a moment. ', you're certain of this? You're not Margo Posner you're ulia Stanfordt '." this private detective, Frank Timmons, can verify that?' She smiled. ' already has. All you have to do is call the district attorney's office and get hold of him.' Dr. Gifford nodded. ' right. I'll do that.' At ten o'clock the following morning, Dr. Gifford, accompanied by the matron, returned to Margo's room. ' morning." morning, doctor.' She looked at him eagerly. ' you talk to Frank Timmonst - "Yes. I want to be sure that I understand this. Your story about Judge Stanford's, involving you in some kind of conspiracy was falset "Completely. I said that because I wanted to punish my brother. But everything is all right now. I'm ready to go home." Timmons can prove that you're Julia Stanfordt '.' Dr. Gifford turned to the matron and nodded. She signaled to someone- A tall, lean black man walked into the room. He looked at Margo and said,'I'm Frank Timmons.

Can I help you?" He was a complete, stranger.

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