Kendall had been unable to get the conversation with Peggy out of her mind. Peggy seemed incapable of coping with the situation by herself "Woody's trying hard. He really is ... Oh, I love him so much!' He needs a lot of help, Kendall thought. I have to do something. He's my brother., I must talk to him. Kendall went to find Clark. ' Mr. Woodrow at homet ', ma'am. I believe he's in his room." you.' She thought of the scene at the table, with Peggy's bruised face. ' happened.?" bumped into a door ...'How couldshe haveput up with it all this time? Kendall went upstairs and knocked on the door to Woody's room. There was no answer. '?' She opened the door and stepped inside. A bitteralmond smell permeated the room. Kendall stood there a moment, then moved toward the bathroom. She could see Woody through the open door. He was heating heroin on a pibce of aluminum foil. As it began to liquify and evaporate, she watched Woody inhale t the smoke from a rolled up straw he held in his mouth. Kendall stepped into the bathroom. ' ... T He looked around and grinned. ', Sis!' He turned and inhaled deeply again. ' God's sake! Stop thatv ', relax. You know what this is called? Chasing the dragon. See the little dragon curling up in the smoke?' He was smiling happily. ', please let me talk to you. ', Sis. What can I do for you? I know it's not a money problem. We're billionaires! What are you looking so depressed about? The sun is out, and it-s a beautiful day!' His eyes were glistening. Kendall stood there looking at him, filled with compassion. ', I had a talk with Peggy. She told me how you got started on drugs at the hospital.' He nodded. '. Best thing that ever happened to me.". It's the most terrible thing that ever happened to you. Do you have any idea what you're doing with your li fet "Sure I do. It's called living it up, Sis!' She took his hand and said, earnestly, ' need help."? I don't need any help. I'm fine!", you aren't. Listen to me, Woody. This is your life we're talking about, and it's not only your life. Think of Peggy. For years you've put her through a living hell, and she stood for it because she loves you so much destroyin-gyhoeur'sre ''vnelygdoetstrooydiong your life, you, re something about this now, before it's too late. It's not important how you got started on drugs. The important thing is that you get off them.' Woody's smile faded. He looked into Kendall's eyes and started to say something, then stopped. ' . '?" He licked his lips. ' ... I know you're right. I want to stop. I've tried. God, how I've tried. But I can't.' Cof course, you can,' she said fiercely.

"You can do it. We're going to beat this together. Peggy and I are behind you. Who supplies you with heroin, Woody?' He stood there, looking at her in astonishment. ' God! You don't know?' Kendall shook her head. '.' 4peggy. Copyright 2016 - 2023