When I make it to Tammy’s, I pound on the door, not giving a shit how loud I’m being. I know Scott’s inside; his car’s parked in her driveway. I also know it was Tammy who made that call to my girl last night. I don’t give a fuck if she’s a woman. I’ll bury her right along with the Mayor and Scott. I called the number back on the phone, and when she picked up, I recognized her voice. I just hung up, and another thing clicked into place. I wasn’t going to have it out with her on the phone. No, I wanted to do it in person so she and Scott could see how much I wasn’t fucking around. That I’m not playing games.

When she answers the door, her face is surprised, but it quickly turns to what I think is supposed to be seductive. She pouts her lips and lets her robe fall open, revealing she only has on underwear. I glance past her to see Scott sitting on the sofa, not even looking this way, his eyes on the TV.

Who the fuck would let their woman answer the door after midnight dressed like that? “Close your fucking robe. You’ve got nothing I want to see.”

Scott jumps off the sofa after hearing my voice. I can tell he’s about to say something, but I cut him off.

“I don’t know what you’re fucking playing at, but either of you do another thing to hurt my woman and I’ll fucking kill you. I got a lot of land, and bodies aren’t that hard to hide.”

Tammy takes a step back, wrapping her robe around her tighter after hearing my warning. Scott still stands there and isn’t getting the fucking message.

“You can’t—” I shoot him a look, taking a step into the house, and he retreats, shutting his mouth. It’s the smartest thing he’s done yet.

“My lawyer will be in contact with you tomorrow, Scott. Penelope and I want to see all the paperwork on her family’s estate and the will. I don’t trust you, and if he finds even one thing out of place, anything that indicates that you and that fuckhead Mayor were doing something you shouldn’t have been doing, then you’d better hope Law gets his hands on you before I do.”

With that, I leave. No point arguing with him. I don’t want to hear what he has to say because it doesn’t matter. All that matters is getting back to my girl, making her something to eat, and climbing back into bed with her before she wakes.



She grinds her pussy down on my face as I grip her ass with both hands. I hold her tight so I don’t grab my cock and stroke myself as she takes her pleasure from my face—something I’m more than willing to give her.

“You like your throne, Duchess?” I rub my beard against her pussy, which makes her moan and push back into my face. Fuck, I love how much more open she’s become over the last two weeks. My cock isn’t so sure, because she always has him in a constant state of need. I’ll dump one load inside her only to have her start trying to get another one out of him. And right now he’s begging to release one, but I won’t let him. I want him deep inside her cunt before he gets his. I’ve been filling her with every drop I can, trying to get my baby inside her as soon as possible.

I look up as she rides my face, her hair falling all around her as she leans forward to grip the headboard. Her big tits bounce with each slide back and forth across my face. It makes cum leak down the head of my cock and drip down to my balls.

Waste of good seed if you ask me, but I’ll hold back the rest. Gripping her hips, I halt her movements, sucking her clit into my mouth. I’m going to fucking cum all over myself if I don’t get into her soon. She jerks against my face as I suck her orgasm from her body and drink it down my throat.

When the pulsing in her cunt stops, I flip her over and have her facedown on the bed. Using my knees to spread her legs, I thrust my thick cock home.

“Paine.” She moans my name, making a spurt of cum spill inside her. Fuck. Not yet.

“You like this? When I take over? Do whatever I want to this body now that it belongs to me?” I slide in, harder this time, my cock touching her womb. She grabs the headboard tighter to help her little body brace for my thrusts. She begs me for more and for me to fuck her harder. My dirty girl.

I drop down further onto her, giving her some of my weight as I use my knees to spread her even wider. I want in her as deep as I can get. My chest fully covers her back, and I grab a handful of her hair, turning her head so I can put my teeth on her neck. I bite and kiss her there, then work my way to her shoulder. I’ve learned her favorite spots and what to say. My little Duchess loves when I talk filthy to her. One night I was playing with her nipples, telling her all the things I was going to do to her, and she came without me so much as touching her pussy.

I spanked her ass for wasting an orgasm that my mouth or cock didn’t get to taste. Then I tied her to the bed while I cleaned it up with my mouth, and then made her give me two more to lick off her pretty pussy. I didn’t know a pussy could be so fucking pretty, but she proved me wrong.

“Say it,” I grunt, as I thrust over and over into her tight cunt, making the headboard knock the wall, the smell of our sex filling the room. I’ll have to fix that shit when we have kids. Maybe just nail the thing to the wall because there’s no way I’ll ever stop fucking her pussy like this. It’s begging me for it, gripping onto my dick with each thrust like it’s worried I’ll leave it. It should know by now I won’t leave it until it’s overflowing with me, my cum dripping out of her, spilling onto the bed.

“Please, Paine, cum inside me. I need it.” My fingers tighten in her hair. I can feel her try to lift her ass to meet my thrusts, but I have her pinned beneath me as I press harder and deeper into her.

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