Making my way out to my motorcycle, I hop on and drive past the Mayor’s place first. When I don’t see any cars or signs of anyone home, I head towards the old Anderson estate. I can’t believe that Penelope’s family has lived in the same town as me all these years and I’d never seen her before. There no way I wouldn‘t have remembered a girl walking around this town with hair and eyes like hers, no matter the age. Hell, I’d never met Law either until he came back to run for sheriff. Their father must have had them sent off to private schools their whole lives. Probably didn’t want them to see the fucked-up shit he does.

I’m sure he wanted to hide the fact that he fucks anything that moves. Mayor’s got a nasty reputation for not being able to keep it in his pants, even though he’s married to a woman who can in no way be Penelope’s mom. Unless she had her at five. I’ve also heard he likes his pills, too, but for all I know, that one could just be small-town gossip. Shit spreads like wildfire around here.

When I make it to the Anderson estate, I park my motorcycle outside of the north wall so no one can spot it or hear me pull up. Jumping the wall, I make my way up to the house. I’ve only ever seen it from a distance. My family was never invited to any of the charity events or parties that were held here. We didn’t meet a certain standard, so we weren’t allowed inside the gates. Seeing it up close, it looks like a fucking palace, making my Duchess’ nickname all the more fitting.

What’s the Mayor going to do when he finds out I’ve got my hooks so deep in his daughter they’ll never come out? I have a gut feeling things aren’t going to be easy after tonight.

When I make it to the front of the house, I say a silent thanks for her car being parked outside in the driveway. Bonus, the thing’s unlocked. Bad girl, Duchess. Popping the hood, I take out the ignition coil and disable it, ensuring someone’s going to need a tow right into my shop tomorrow morning.

You can run all you like, Duchess, but you’ll be tracking me down come morning. Quietly shutting the hood, I look around to see if I see Scott’s BMW. For all I know, it’s parked in the garage or outside Tammy Lean’s house. How the fuck did that slip my mind? Scott’s been nailing her since Butch peeled her off his dick.

Going back to my motorcycle, I head to the other side of town and release a breath when I see Scott’s car parked outside of Tammy’s. Thank fuck. I didn’t want to go kicking in the Andersons’ front door. Now I don’t feel so bad about stealing his girl. He doesn’t deserve her if he keeps dipping his dick into a viper like Tammy. Had to be something wrong with him, anyway, if he’d throw Penelope to the side so easily.

Glancing at my watch, I see that it’s already two in the morning. I head back to the shop, just deciding to crash in the apartment upstairs for the night. I want to make sure I’m there when she shows up in the morning.

When I get up into the apartment, I go over to the bed and flop back on it. Reaching down, I pull Penelope’s satin panties out of my pocket, then free my hard cock from my jeans. I bring the panties to my nose and breathe in her scent. Then I wrap them around my cock and slowly start stroking myself.

I picture her riding my dick and begging me to fill her with my cum. Her warm cunt would contract around me, sucking every drop into her willing body. The thought of her begging me to spill inside her has me cumming all over myself. Even after I’ve tried to get out every drop, it does nothing to lessen the ache in my cock.

Fuck. I’m never falling asleep.



I’m sitting at the front desk with my boots kicked up on the counter and sipping some coffee. I gave up on sleep and decided to just wait down here, hoping she comes in before the shop opens. I’ve caught up on paperwork, done the bookkeeping, and checked over all the work being done in the garage.

I have nothing else to do besides sit and wait, and it’s killing me. The need for her is like a living and breathing thing.

About an hour later, the phone rings. It’s Eddie, the local guy who does the towing in our town. He’s calling to make sure someone’s here to sign for a Porsche, and I grin from ear to ear when I give him the okay.

After his phone call, I start pacing the shop, the anticipation killing me. I’ve still got at least another hour before anyone shows up for work at the shop, and I’m hoping I have that hour alone with my Duchess.

After what feels like an eternity, I see a flash of light, and then I hear the sound of a tow truck pulling in. I can’t help my excitement as I stand at the entrance, waiting on them to pull up. I feel a little of the pressure in my chest release when I see a blonde in Eddie’s passenger seat. I wasn’t sure if she’d come or not, but I’m happy she did. I’m also happy Eddie is a happily married man with three kids, or I wouldn’t have liked her riding alone in a truck with him.

I make my way outside, and I see her open the truck door and jump out. I feel an ache deep in my cock at the sight of her. She’s wearing a flannel shirt with jeans and cowboy boots. Her blonde hair is in a messy knot on top of her head, and she doesn’t have a speck of make-up on. She looks like she just woke up, and I suddenly have the urge to throw her on the back of my bike and take her to my bed. My God, she couldn’t be more beautiful than she is right now. All sweet and soft.

Slamming the door of the truck behind her, she stomps over to where I’m standing. When she gets in front of me, she puts her hands on her hips, and it’s then I notice that she’s pissed. It makes me smile. Copyright 2016 - 2023