“I love you, sweetheart, and there’s nowhere I’d rather take you than to our home.”


Law carries me into the house, and I can’t keep my hands off him. The passion between us has ignited and there’s no putting it out.

When I open my eyes to see we are in our bedroom, I hop out of his arms and start taking off my boots. “Get on the bed, Sheriff. I’m in charge tonight.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Law gives me a cocky smile, letting me know that he’ll play along. I know he doesn’t really let go of his control. He just lets me play for a while. I felt like a jerk for messing up his case, but on the way home he got a call from his partner saying that she was able to sneak a wiretap in his father’s office tonight and that she should have all the evidence to sink his ship very soon. Law didn’t seem to really care, but I was grateful that he hadn’t given up on all that work just because I got mad and didn’t hear him out. I’m quick to heat, and I judge fast. I should have heard him out. That’s what you do when you love someone. You give them a chance. This is all crazy new to me, but with Law on my side, we can make it through anything.

Once he’s naked and climbs onto the bed, he lays his big body in the middle, spreading his arms and legs.

His hard cock is pointing straight up, and I can’t help but clench between my legs in excitement. Goddamn, do I love fucking him. We have times where it’s sweet and slow, and sometimes it’s rough and fast. I think tonight I want a little of both.

I slowly strip off my clothes, letting him get his fill. He reaches down between his legs, stroking his cock as I bend over to take off my panties, spreading my legs wide and letting him see all he’s about to get.

“Fuck, baby, I don’t know how long I can wait.”

Once I’m completely naked, I slowly crawl from the foot of the bed, up his body. I straddle his leg and rub my wet pussy up his thigh, letting him feel my heat and teasing us both. I rub back and forth, grinding on his hard muscle and feeling the friction of the hair he has there against my clit. It’s so good that I reach down and spread my pussy lips further apart, wanting all of me against him.

I grind down as I watch him stroke his cock, pearls of cum beading at the tip. He smears his pre-cum down his shaft and uses it as lube as I rotate my hips back and forth. My pussy is soaked, and I can hear the sticky sound of me against his skin, and it turns me on more.

“Please, Josephine.” I look up to see the desperate need in Law’s eyes, and I move up, straddling his cock, placing his thick tip at my opening.

“I love you, Law.” Slowly lowering myself down onto his wide cock, I feel him spread me open in the most delicious way.

“I love you, too, my sweetness.”

When I reach the root of his cock and I’m unable to take any more of him, I slowly pulse up and down. Gently wetting his length and trying to stretch my pussy to accommodate his big cock.

Even after all the times we’ve made love, I still have to get used to his size. I feel myself leaking down his cock, and I clench tighter with need. I think my body was so worked up from the stress earlier, and now I’m so relieved that everything is okay that I just need a release.

I rub circles around my clit as I start to move up and down Law’s cock. He grabs my hips, thrusting up into me, and I close my eyes and moan. After just a few thrusts, I feel him sit up and latch onto one of my nipples. He’s even deeper at this angle, and I can’t hold back my shout of surprised ecstasy.

“I’m close.” I barely get the words out as his teeth find my neck, and I use my free hand to grip his hair. My other hand is still on my clit, inching me closer and closer.

“Let go, Josephine. I’m right here to catch you.”

His words of trust and love send me over the edge, and I cum on his cock, releasing all the tension I’ve been holding on to. I melt into him and move up and down, riding out my orgasm and making it go on longer. He grips my hips and makes me grind down on him as he thrusts deep and fills me up. I feel his cock twitch inside me as his warm cum spreads through my pussy.

“I love you, baby.” I smile against his skin because I can’t stop saying it. I feel so silly and shy because I keep repeating it, but it just keeps coming out. I’m officially head over heels in love with this man of mine.

I hear him whisper the words against my neck, sending chills up and down my back. I move against him a little and feel that he’s still rock hard inside me. There’s not usually a time we are together that he isn’t hard, and if he isn’t, it only takes a wiggle of my ass to get him there.

“Marry me, Law.”

He pulls back fast, grabbing my face and looking into my eyes. “Say it again.” It’s a demand, not a question. His look is intense, and I can’t tell if I’ve upset him or made him happy.

I take a deep breath and remind myself that this is what love is. Everything out on the table and heart wide open.

“I said, marry me, Law. Will you marry me?” I bite my lip and think that he may have wanted to do the asking. But he should know by now that I’m not a conventional girl, and this isn’t a conventional relationship. I’m different, he’s different, and that makes us different.

He closes his eyes tightly for a second and then opens them to look back at me. His big eyes are a little watery as he nods his head.

“You will?” My voice goes up on a squeak on the last word, but I’m too excited to care.

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