“Law, this is crazy. Tonight is just…it’s insane.” Her dark eyes search mine for guidance. She’s desperate for someone to take the reins, and lucky for us, I’m okay with that.

Cupping her neck with both hands, I rub my thumb across the bottom of her jaw. “Aren’t you tired, Josephine?” She looks at me questioningly. I lean in, just a hair’s breadth away from her lips. “Aren’t you tired of holding up all those walls? Let go, love. I’ll be here when they fall.”

I press my lips to hers, and she opens for me, letting me in. Her arms go around my waist, pulling me to her as my tongue sweeps in.

Her taste is so sweet, I have bite her bottom lip. I want to devour her body, starting with her lips.

“Law,” she whispers, her words like a balm to my aching body. I feel her let out a breath, and I pull back to look into her eyes. “I’m not…experienced.” She looks away and then looks back at me, clenching her jaw. “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know if that matters to you or not.”

I pull her to me with one arm, letting every curve of her body melt against mine. With the other hand, I reach up and start to undo the buttons of her blouse.

“It doesn’t matter to me who you’ve been with and what you have or haven’t done before me. All I care about is that I’m your last.” Once her blouse is open, I trace my fingers along the edge of her black lace bra and up the middle of her cleavage. “All I care about is that nothing comes between us tonight. Just you and me. Skin…” I lean down, kissing between her breasts. “…On skin.” I say the words against her lush tits, needing to suck on her more.

I let go of her waist, unzipping her skirt and taking off her clothes. She’s standing before me in her black lace bra, panties, and her blood-red high heels. She’s covered in ink, and she looks like a fucking rock star goddess. I burn the image into my brain, wanting to remember this when we are a hundred, and I remind her about the first time she gave me her body.

Reaching around her back, I unclasp her bra and let it drop to the floor. Her tits bounce free, making me lick my lips. Dipping my fingers into the waistband of her panties, I pull them down her thighs, down to her ankles. She goes to take off her shoes, but I touch her leg, stopping her movements.

“Leave those on, love. They’re beautiful and delicate, just like you.”

Kneeling down in front of her, I look up to see a deep blush spread across her cheeks. I help her step out of her panties and then stand back up to relish the sight of her completely naked. I grab my chest and try to breathe.

“Jesus Christ. My will is on my desk in my office if I don’t make it through tonight.”

Josephine laughs, and I snap out of my daze, removing my dress shirt and slacks as well. When I’m in front of her in my boxer briefs, she walks to me, putting her fingers in the waistband, pulling them down my hips. She kneels down in front of me as I did her as I step out of them. She stays on her knees in front of me, eyeing my cock. A drop of cum beads at the end of my dick, and she licks her luscious red lips.

I reach down and grab her arms, pulling her up from the floor and taking her over to the bed. “Not yet, love. Tonight is all about you.”

Laying her down in the middle of the bed, I crawl between her legs, spreading them wide. She’s a little tense, and I’m sure it’s because she’s shy. “Relax, Josephine. I’m going to make friends with your pussy for a little while. After that, we should all be better acquainted.”

I see the smile spread across her lips as I kiss the inside of her knee and work my way up her thigh. I lick and nibble between her legs, feeling her soft flesh against my tongue. When I get to her cunt, I nuzzle the short, soft curls and smell her sweetness. Goddamn, she smells so sweet. Sucking her fat lips into my mouth one at a time, I close my eyes and moan at her flavor.

I can’t decide if her cunt tastes better than her kisses, so I lick her clit to see. I feel her legs fall open farther, and her hands come to grip my hair as I eat her sugary sweet pussy.

Her warm juices run down my chin as I take up residence between her legs. I start humping the bed with every lick, envisioning my cock instead of my tongue in her pussy.

“Law, more. Please, I’m so close.”

Hearing her voice as she grips my hair tighter is enough to send me over the edge. I growl against her pussy as I cum on myself and the sheets, making a mess. I can’t control myself when it comes to her, and I want to make sure this first time is good for her.

Gripping her thighs harder, I suck on her clit, making it my job to pleasure her. I flick the hard bud with my tongue over and over, feeling her tense up. I don’t stop. I keep the same rhythm as she arches her back off the bed and screams my name.

I feel a splash on my chin and realize she just came so hard she squirted on me. I moan against her cunt, wanting to bathe in her orgasm. I feel like a goddamn superhero. I feel like her cum on my face is my trophy, and I want to scream to the world what she gave me.

Kissing up her body, I wipe my cum off my stomach and bring it up to her pussy, rubbing it against it. I want all of me on her. After it’s all smeared across her clit, I move between her legs, my dick at her opening. My cock is an angry purple color, like I didn’t just cum two minutes ago.

Leaning down over her body, I hold her face and kiss her lips. She has a sleepy smile on her face, and she looks like a woman that just had a hell of an orgasm.

“That feel good, love?” She mumbles a yes against my lips, pulling me to her. “This part may sting a little, but I’ll take care of you.”

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