“You’re going to take every drop of me.” It’s a command, not a question, and it’s enough to set her off. She cries out with a wild moan as she climaxes around my cock, gripping me in a vice-like hold. I keep thrusting, rocking her body against the mattress as her pussy pulls my own orgasm from me. It makes my cock swell even more, and a loud groan sounds from deep in my chest as I ejaculate inside her. Long jets of semen fill her as she continues to milk my cock.

Dropping to the side so I don’t crush her, I pull her into my arms so we’re both on our sides, my chest to her back. I wrap one leg around hers and spread her open, my cock still inside her. Reaching down, I spread her pussy lips and strum her clit, unable to stop touching her.

“I need you to cum again, baby. I want this pussy to clench up and pull all my cum deep inside you. You want that baby, don’t you? Your pussy has to suck all my cum deep so it can plant there.”

Just like always, her body jerks, cumming again, doing as I tell her. A little more cum spills from my cock, and her pussy takes it greedily.

She lies quietly against me, and I pepper kisses down her neck. Pulling out of her, I move and take her mouth in a soft kiss.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

She runs her finger down my cheek and into my beard. She gives me a sexy, satisfied smile that makes my chest warm, knowing I did that shit to my woman. It makes me proud to know I put that look on her face

“We’ve never said that before today.” She whispers the words, as if speaking loudly will make them go away.

“I just wanted you to know that, before we go to the lawyer today. But I do love you. I have from the first day I laid eyes on you. Knew you were different. Knew I’d make you mine.”

Her eyes water, and she blinks a few times to keep the tears from escaping. “I don’t know what would’ve happened if my car hadn’t needed fixing. What if I hadn’t found you? I don’t think I could’ve made it without you these past weeks.”

“I would’ve found you.” I say the words with all the confidence in the world, not wanting her to think that way. I may not have known it, but being alone all those years, I thought it was because I was busy and had no interest in women. Now I know I was just waiting for her and no one else would do. A part of me knew she was out there, and I just had to wait and I’d find her. “No way would I have missed you walking around this town. Hell, if you hadn’t come into the shop, I would’ve found you at the bar that night.”

“I know. That’s what was I thinking. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t find me at birth with your ability to track me,” she giggles, and the sound makes my cock grow hard again. Not that it ever went down. Her being naked against me makes that impossible.

“Don’t even think about it.” She jumps from the bed, running towards the bathroom. I hear the shower turn on, and I pull myself from the bed, too. We need to get a move on. We have an appointment with the lawyers in an hour, but maybe I can milk one more orgasm from her.

Looks like I got two from her. She gave me one in my mouth and another on my cock before I pulled her from the shower and we both quickly got ready.

Now I’m sitting in a room with three lawyers, Scott, Law, and the Mayor, and my head is all but pounding.

“I can’t believe you forged my name. I never signed any of this.”

“Me neither,” Law says, taking Penelope’s hand in his. They’d never been close, but over the past two weeks they’ve been working on being a family again. “But I had a feeling something weird was going on so I started digging around. Seems like when something didn’t say something you liked, you just changed it, whether it’s legal or not.” Law’s stare bores straight into his father.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. How dare you make those accusations! I’m your father.”

Law just runs a hand through his hair, not seeming to care. Both Penelope and Law have pretty much wiped their hands clean of him since the funeral. Their father tried to get them both banned and wouldn’t let them come to the will reading, saying their names weren’t listed in it. All bullshit, and they know it.

Scott stands, like he’s appalled at the accusations. “My client doesn’t have to entertain this line of questioning.” Maybe he should’ve been an actor instead of a lawyer.

“I’d sit down if I were you, Scott, because the Mayor’s hands aren’t the only ones that are dirty in this. Looks like you’re all over this, too.”

“We’re leaving.” Both of them storm out of the office, and I move to grab them, but Law stops me.

“They aren’t getting away with this. They signed my woman’s name on all kinds of documents. Saying she gave up rights to things she never did, and you’re talking like they got their hands into something else as well.”

“Two FBI agents are going to grab them before they even make it off the curb.” Law leans back in his chair, and I understand his easy tone. Still, I’d like to have gotten my hands on them before the feds did.

“Not only did they try to change stuff in Grandma’s will and give us a fake one, seems good old Dad has dabbled in some campaign fraud, too. I’ve been tracking it for a few months now.”

I hear Penelope sniff beside me, and I pull her into my lap. She comes easily, leaning into me.

One of the lawyers clears his throat, reminding us he’s still here.

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