I move my hips, dragging the thick vein on the underside of my cock across her sensitive clit. She moans at the movement, and I grab her wrists, holding her hands above her head. When I go to entwine my fingers with hers, I feel a ring on her finger. One that I sure as fuck didn’t put there.

Sitting up a little, I grab her hand and hold it up, seeing the diamond on her finger. “I wanna say a few choice words about this, but I’m thinking about how you jumped to conclusions with me, so I’m going to give you three seconds to explain this.”

She reaches up, taking the ring off her finger and putting it on the table beside the bed. “I was mad. And though I don’t have any intentions of marrying him, I thought it would make life easier if it appeared that way.”

I reach down between us, grabbing my cock and putting it at her entrance. I thrust hard inside her warm, willing cunt and fuck in and out of her. I grit my teeth and hold her legs open, letting her feel my need.

We lock eyes, and I reach up to grab her chin. “Nobody but me puts a ring on that finger. You got me, Duchess?”

She nods her head, and I keep thrusting hard, little moans escaping her. Her pussy is dripping wet and takes my fat cock easily. Her hips rise up a little, welcoming my dick deep.

“You feel me bare inside you, Duchess?” When she nods again, I hold her wrists down and lean in so her hard nipples rub against my chest. “I’ve never been raw with anyone until you. There’s never going to be anything between us. So don’t let people try to come between us, either. You got me? “

“I got you,” she whispers, and I take her mouth. I kiss her roughly, then break away to suck on her tit. She moans when I bite down on one, then lick it better. I can’t wait to breed her and have them dripping with milk.

Reaching down between us, I hold her hips with both hands, tilting them up a little so I can get a deep angle. I make sure I’m hitting her sweet spot when I bottom out, and I feel her pussy clench around my dick with every thrust.

When I feel her cervix kiss the tip of my cock, I hold it there and pulse in and out of her slightly. “I want you to cum like this so your body opens up to take my seed, Duchess. I’m gonna keep my dick right here, so when you cum, I can empty into you. Make sure I bred you good.”

She clenches at my words, and after just a few rocks against her, she cums. She has to pull a pillow over her face to muffle the shouts of ecstasy. Her hot cunt pulsing around my dick has me going off with her. I concentrate on shooting in her sweet spot, knowing I want my baby growing inside her.

After my balls are completely drained, and she’s come down from her peak, I roll us over so my cock is still inside her, and I hold her to me.

“I don’t want you to ever leave my side again.”

Penelope sits up and looks into my eyes, nodding her head. “Never again.”

I thrust lazily into her as she falls asleep on top of me. I rub her back with the tips of my fingers, finally calm now that we are back together.



Paine holds me to him, his arms wrapped tightly around me as I sob uncontrollably. I have no Idea what I would’ve done without him today. He’s been my rock through everything. Helping me move through the motions.

When I went to check on my grandma this morning, I found her unresponsive. The rest was a blur of red lights and the doctors telling me there was nothing they could do. She was gone. She had passed easily in her sleep sometime in the night.

It’s so eerie to be standing in a hospital, being told someone you love is gone. Then being told to go home. You just leave without your loved one. I don’t know why I thought this was so strange, but it hit me hard. I didn’t want to leave the hospital, it felt too soon and all too final. There was still so much more I needed to say as the nurses and doctors moved around me tending to other patients. But they were right. There was no reason to be there. But I didn’t want to go home.

“Let it all out, Duchess.” Paine strokes my hair as he slowly rocks me in his lap. We’re now back at his house, in his bed. I have no idea how long I’ve been in his lap now, but there’s nowhere else I want to be in this moment.

When the sobbing finally stops and I don’t think I can shed another tear, Paine lays me down in his bed, slipping me under the covers. “Baby, you need to eat.” The mention of food makes my stomach turn over, and I shake my head.

He drops down beside me. He gently pushes some of my hair out of my face, and I think how I could have ever believed that he’d hurt me. This man who’s been holding me together all day would never hurt a hair on my head. I want to kick myself for doubting him, which makes me cry even harder.

“The last conversation I had with her was filled with lies,” I tell him, confessing my mistakes. “I talked about that stupid wedding. I wish I’d told her about you. Should would have loved that so much. You should’ve heard the way she talked about my grandpa.”

“I did, Duchess,” he whispers as he places a red velvet box between us. I realize it looks familiar because I’d been holding it the day before. “How did you…” I reach out to grab it, but he snatches it back, giving me a sweet smirk. I didn’t know a man like Paine could have a sweet smirk, but it’s there on his face now, all soft and warm.

“She let me in last night.” He opens the box, pulling out the beautiful ring, a contrast to his rough, hard hands. “She knew she wanted you to be happy, and I told her I’d spend my life making sure you were. She knew a lot more than you think she did, and I think she saw in me what you do. Then she gave me the ring.”

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