When they entered the bedroom, she admitted to herself that Dom Enzio was quite a handsome man and different, unlike the other Doms and Masters that came before him. He didn’t immediately impose his will upon her; in fact, he only watched her. It was like he was looking into her soul. “Hello, Grand Mistress Sapphire,” he spoke in a dark commanding tone, but they all spoke to her that way. However, there was a sincerity in his voice, and to her that was new. “Before we conduct this scene, I must know, what are your limits?” It was a question that none of the other people her husband brought before him had asked.

There was subtleness in the way he spoke. It was as if she was nothing to him. Not a prize to be gained or a potential conquered venture. All the others before him had that attitude. It was their opportunity to break the head of the disciplinary commission, and that annoyed her to the point that she ended up hitting them with a crop for wasting her time. Yet the way he was acting. The way he was looking at her. To him, she was just a slave and she liked that. She observed his sharp jaw, chin and cheekbone. On either side of his straight nose were two rich brown eyes, unhinged and bold like gazing into vast forest. All of it was framed by thick, warm dark chocolate hair. His smile curved gracefully as he waited for an answer, showing her the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body, strong arms, a firm chest, and although he was wearing a tight button down, she could clearly see his muscular abdomen. He was in every sense of the word an Adonis among other the men who failed in comparison.

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