Enzio undressed himself so that all he was wearing were his tight boxers, and he slowly dropped to his knees. Lana was surprised that both Enzio and Rachel insisted that she be present. Truthfully, she was hoping that she didn’t have to see this at all. For some reason she was fully prepared to share him sexually with another woman to cheer him up. She had gotten used to him being with other women, yet that was before they were seeing each other. However, seeing another woman discipline him with her in the same room… that was going to be a hard pill to swallow. She stared at Rachel as she casually picked up a pair of leather cuffs and tossed them to her. “Put these on him,” she ordered, and Lana hesitated, staring at Enzio as he placed his arms behind his back.

For a long time he had been the one disciplining her, telling her what to do and making her submit to him, but now seeing him like this was both arousing and terrifying for her. “Lana, place the cuffs on him!” Rachel snapped while she was rummaging through the large armoire. Again Lana hesitated. She didn’t ‘feel’ like a Mistress. She was wearing a thin black tank top that showed all of her cleavage and tight white sweatpants that did little to hide the black thong she wore, showing off her ass and legs. She wasn’t wearing what she dubbed her ‘uniform’ that allowed her to fall into the mindset of a Mistress. To her, when she was in her plain clothing, she was Enzio’s Sub. Even the times when she did impose her will on him, she was hiding behind a mask, and that made things easier for her. In the club she had no problem working without a mask on, but with him… it was a completely different situation.

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