Enzio looked into the red albino eyes of Dom Cross. “Lucius, I know you are married and you raised children in this lifestyle. How do you do it?”

“You know my wife, correct?” Dom Cross asked.

“Grand Mistress Sapphire? Only through reputation.”

“Sapphire and I met in the Master’s Society and it was love at first strike.”

Dom Cross stood up and walked around his desk before lightly touching Enzio’s shoulder. “Dom Enzio, please follow me.” They walked out of the office and into a large hall with paintings that dated back to the early eighteen hundreds. They turned into another hallway and the further they walked, the more the surroundings changed. It became more homey, more family oriented. The colors on the walls were soft and the pictures were filled with class photos of Dom Cross’s children, vacation photos, and priceless moments. “My wife and I raised four children in this house. Only one followed in the… family business. While growing up, we told them what we did when they were ready to understand, and eventually they understood.”

He looked at Enzio and wrapped his arms around him. “Let me ask you a question, Dom Enzio. Now that you have the woman of your dreams, are you planning to still have sex with your clients? In this lifestyle there are temptations around every corner. How would you suppress that, and are you willing to?”

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