“It's every girls duty to get married, you will learn to love and care for him, I promise”

We go to the center of the village where everyone is dancing and happy, it felt good knowing that everyone is happy even though it was the end of my life, but everyone was happy and pleased. I look at my husband to be and his nervous, I feel sorry him, is a price of a different village, we uniting our kingdoms and becoming one, his tall and skinny, his dark and very weak looking, not my type of man, but he is my soon to be.

“Are you pleased with your woman to be?” My father the chief asks him

“Yes sir I am, I will love, respect, cherish her until we die” he says

The elders give us time to get to know each other, they lock us in a hut, but funny enough my dad does not approve.

“So what is your name?” I ask

“My name is Mokwena, I am named after my tribe, and your name is Bontle everyone speaks about your beauty in all different kingdoms”

“Well thanks I guess” I say

We sit in silence and look at each other, but for some reason I cannot help thinking about the boy I saw in the forest today, maybe if I got there tomorrow I will find and maybe we can get to know each other, I mean it’s months before my wedding anyway I need to keep myself distracted and something not worry about.

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